Jimmy Phelps Open New Era At The New Cayuga County Speedway With Pizza Logs Big Block Modified Win

Date: 5/1/2011 11:32:30 PM

Jimmy Phelps Open New Era At The New Cayuga County Speedway With Pizza Logs Big Block Modified Win
WEEDSPORT, NY – May 1, 2011(By Dave Medler) – The Kingsley family opened a new era at the New Cayuga County Speedway Sunday night in front of a large opening day crowd. Committed to running an efficient and entertaining show, the first green flag flew right at 7:00 with the final event completed at 9:00.
In the Pizza Logs Big Block Modified Feature Jimmy Phelps out of Baldwinsville, NY one of the hottest drivers in 2010 took the lead on lap 10 of the 40 lap feature from Ryan Phelps and never looked back for the $2,000 win.
Other winners on Butch’s Automotive Night were Justin Wright Pit-Stop Convenience Stores Sportsman, Nate Peckham DIRTcar Stock Cars, Jerry Herbert BattleKarz, Zach Petrie Enduro and Dave Charczuk took the win in the Midstate Vintage Stock Car Club.
Ryan Phelps out raced Alan Johnson to lead the opening lap of the 40 lap Pizza Logs Big Block Modified Feature to open the 2011 season.
While Phelps and Johnson were battling back and forth for the top-spot, Jimmy Phelps who started 7th was coming to the front moving into the runner-up spot by lap 6 and then set his sights on the leader.
With Ryan Phelps running the bottom, Jimmy Phelps moved to the top of the speedway to quickly close the gap and taking the lead by a bumper at the line on lap 10. Danny Johnson, Alan Johnson and Rob Bellinger were in a tight battle for third through fifth.
By lap 15 Phelps opened a ten-car advantage on the field as Johnson started closing in on Ryan Phelps for second.
At the halfway point lap 20, Phelps started lengthening his lead as he started to put back markers between himself and Ryan Phelps and Johnson.
With 10 laps to go and no yellows to slow the field down, Phelps was still on rails building up a full straightaway lead on the rest of the field. Ryan Phelps and Johnson were still running bumper to bumper and side by side for second, with Bellinger and Alan Johnson showing in the top-five.
Over the final laps Phelps got quicker turning some of the quickest laps of the race to be the first under the checkers. Danny Johnson came on late for second followed by Ryan Phelps,Rob Bellinger and Brett Hearn to round out the top-five.
“This J&B Installations was glued down and was really good,” said Jimmy Phelps after exiting his No.99j Troyer Car. “I can’t thank the guys enough, we’ve been really struggling. Not real terribly, we’ve been a little off; hopefully this will get us moving.”
Tim Sears Jr. took the early lead in the 25 lap Pit-Stop Convenience Stores Sportsman Feature as he looked to add to his win from the night before at the Canandaigua Speedway. Just when it looked like Sears had the victory a caution flew on lap 15 that changed the whole race. Justin Wright took advantage of the restart as he drove around Sears using the top groove to blast into the lead. Once in front Wright cruised to a full straightaway win. Sears, Jeremy Pitcher, Ben Wheeler and Earl Rudy rounded out the top-five.
Over the second half of the 15 lap DIRTcar Stock Car Feature Mike Welch and Nate Peckham had a classic battle for the win with Peckham winning by less than a car length. Andy Fisk, Brad Steinstruck and Frank Burnell came home third through fifth.
In the Mid-State Vintage Stock Car Club Feature Dave Charczuk picked up the narrow win over Rich Applebee. Jerry Herbert and Zach Petrie took home the checkers in the BattleKarz and Enduro classes.
The New Cayuga County Speedway will take next Sunday off in honor of Mothers Day. The gates will swing back open on Sunday night May, 15th as “Wings” will be the order of the night as the Patriot Sprints and 60cc Micro Sprints will fill the pit area. Also on the card will be the Pit-Stop Convenience Stores Sportsman, DIRTcar Stock Cars and BattleKarz. Gates will open at 5:30 with racing starting at 7:00. For more information please go to www.newcayugacountyspeedway.com or contact Eric Kingsley at OutlawPromoter1@aol.com .
(PIZZA LOGS BIG BLOCK MODIFIEDS 40 LAPS) – JIMMY PHELPS, Danny Johnson, Ryan Phelps, Rob Bellinger, Brett Hearn, Alan Johnson, Matt Sheppard, Steve Paine, Billy Decker, Chad Brachmann, Larry Wight, Tim Currier, Tom Sears Jr., Mike Mahaney, Eric Fisher, Tony Steiner, Dave Rauscher, Adam Roberts.
(PIT-STOP CONVENIENCE STORES SPORTSMAN 25 LAPS) – JUSTIN WRIGHT, Tim Sears Jr., Jeremy Pitcher, Ben Wheeler, Earl Rudy, Jim Spano, Tom Juhl, John Juhl, Fran Hilton, Greg Mrzywka, Tim Schneider, Justin Thompson, Brian Freese, Colton Donath, Alan Fink, Sammy Reakes IV, Robert Humphreys.
(DIRTcar STOCK CARS 15 LAPS) – NATE PECKHAM, Mike Welch, Andy Fisk, Brad Steinruck, Frank Burnell, Dan Searles, Chris Fisher.
(MID-STATE VINTAGE STOCK CAR CLUB 15 LAPS) – DAVID CHARCZUK, Rich Applebee, Jim Hillmire, Ally Amell, John Applebee, Frank Blanchard, Ray Preston, Bill Holmes, John Walsh, Don Larmon, Norm Richardson, Bob Whipple, Paul Applebee, Ray Demolin, Chris Ketch.
( Battlekarz 15 laps) – JERRY HERBERT, Skip DeGroff, Nick Werner, Matt Dawson, James Werner, Ricky Breed, Tommy Prarie, Terry Royce.
(ENDURO 20 LAPS) – ZACH PETRIE, Matt Dawson, Ricky Breed, John Shumway, Jack Tesky.

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