A Thank You From Eric Kingsley And Family

Date: 7/25/2011 8:16:53 PM

A Thank You From Eric Kingsley And Family

I would like to thank all the fans, drivers and crews for all their support during our short time running the New Cayuga County Speedway in Weedsport, NY. We wished we could have continued but that is not possible any longer.

We were just getting the place rocking after we overcame rumors that the facility was being sold and a lot of back money owed that occurred long before we leased the speedway. It was really tough to get going with all the bad press the speedway was getting, we were just starting to turn the corner when other circumstances stepped in beyond our control to be successful, and that has been well documented.

We would like to thank John, Laura and Larry Wight, Tony Steiner, Cory Reed, Jeremie Corcoran, Dave Dixon, Jeff Duden,Dave Medler and Gary and Donna Spaid and all our other employees who stuck with us.

A big thank you to our weekly sponsors that included, Pullens Truck Center, E&V Energy, Pit Stop Convenience Stores, Coors and Original Pizza Logs. And to the sponsors who signed up for a weekly race event a thank you to you also.

Our family loves the racing business and is currently looking to stay involved with another racing facility under better circumstances. Our track record in years past at the Utica-Rome and Fulton Speedways has proven our ability in doing this in the past.

We might be down right now but we are far from finished in the sport we love.

Once again thank you to all of you involved from the Kingsley family.

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