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July 3, 2011

By Jim Dutko


FRANKLIN PA.. On a very warm and sunny Sunday night the stars of the All Star Midwest Sprints and BRP Modified Tour would heat it up even more at H&H Motorsports Tri-City Speedway. Celebrating in Schaffer Specialized Lubricants/ 4 Your Car Connection Victory Lane was Andy McKisson (All Star Midwest Sprints) and Jeremiah Shingledecker & Kevin Bolland (BRP Modified Tour).

With the lights up and all eyes on the track the All Star Midwest Sprints would come to the speedway and fire of for their 30 lap $3,000 to win feature event. The field would be led to the green by Western Pa regulars Jack Sodeman Jr. and Andy McKisson. On the green it was Sodeman breaking out to a good lead while everybody was jockeying for positions. The field would be slowed for the first time on lap 6 for Fransis Sesco spinning off turn 4 with a busted front wing and ending his night. The field would realign for the single file restart but the field would be slowed again for a crash in turn 1. Third place driver Carl Bowser would loop the car and collect Kyle Sauter, Lindsey Enscoe, Gale Ruth Sr., and Cole Duncan who would have to be towed off the track and end his evening. When the racing resumed it was Sodeman breaking out to a big lead and everybody was ready to put his name on the check. That was until Andy McKisson and Greg Wilson started to close with a nice and
steady drive on the bottom of the track. By lap 23 the three cars would be nose to tail dicing back and forth trying to find something new. On Lap 26 McKisson would set up Sodeman by moving high off turn 4 and then crossing over to the bottom off turn 2, to take the lead. McKisson would lead the rest of the race to take the biggest win of his career. Rounding out the top 5 was Jack Sodeman Jr., Greg Wilson, Rob Chaney, and Rod George. The odds on favorite Bob Felmlee, who swept the last sprint show at Tri-City, lost an engine during the heats and ending his evening. Sodeman would take the $250 for quick time award sponsored by Spanky's Tobacco World at a 16.369.

Then it was time for the 24 ground pounders of the BRP Modified Tour to take to the track for their 35 lap $2,000 to win feature event. On the front row would be the "Reno Rocket" Les Myers, and New York Invader Brian Weaver with Weaver leading the first lap. His lead would be short lived as by lap 3 Jeremiah Shingledecker would take the lead and then Weaver would wrestle it back. The field was slowed for the first time by the spinning Don Brown. On the restart it was Brad Rapp on the move from his 8th starting spot to third by lap 5. Weaver and Shingledecker would trade the lead again dicing back and forth for the entire first half of the race. At the midpoint of the race the leaders started to move into very heavy lapped traffic, which were racing for position side by side. The leaders would have to time their moves just perfect but Shingledecker could not wait any more by threading the needle in turn 3 and breaking out on top. The last caution would come out on lap 20 for
the slowing Mark Flick. On the restart Shingledecker would break out to a commanding lead but the battle behind him was hot and heavy. Dave Murdick would make his presence known by passing Brian Swartzlander for third and then Weaver off turn 4 on the bottom for second. At the Finish it was Shingledecker taking the win by 3.39 seconds over Murdick, Weaver, Swartzlander and Rapp. Winning the heats were Rex King Sr. Kevin Bolland and Mark Flick. In Victory Lane Shingledecker said "This was great to come home and get a win at your track. I have to thank the new Tri-City management team for bring us back for these big paying events I love it here."

Before the evenings events started we had to complete a race from May 29 for the BRP Modified Kodiak Memorial Race. With the field aligned for the start it was Rex King Sr. leading the way. By lap 19 of the race it was Kevin Bolland in the lead after a fierce battle with King. The caution for Tommy Mattocks would slow the field for the first time during the event. During the caution Jeremiah Shingledecker would pit with a flat tire but make it out for the restart but would get another flat on lap 31 and fell to 16th at the finish. The last caution came out on lap 33 as Rex King Jr. took a bath in the water barrels in turn 1&2. At the finish it was Bolland followed by Dave Murdick, Rex King Sr., Brian Swartzlander, and Eric Gabany. Bolland picked up his 3rd Kodiak memorial win and his 34th win at Tri-City. "We came out here with the totally wrong set-up during hot laps but the guys fixed everything and here we are in victory lane! The track was great and always is here at
Tri-City so a special thanks to them."

Next Friday Night, July 8, will see a Meet and Greet the Super Late Models on the front stretch during intermission along with the FASTRAK Late Models, E-Mods, Open Pro-Stocks and Thunder Cars. Gates open at 5:30 Hot Laps at 6:45 and Racing at 7:30. General admission for ages 13+ is just $10 and Kids under 12 will be admitted FREE.

Tri-City Speedway is owned and operated by H&H Motorsports, which has promoted
racing at the popular facility since in 2009. In 2011, Tri-City will host Friday night
competition featuring the Super Late Models, FASTRAK Late Models, E- Mods, Open
Pro Stocks and Thunder Cars at the Venango County half-mile dirt oval. Tri-City is
located seven miles north of Franklin, Pa., off State Route 417.

All Star Midwest Sprints Time Trial Results: 1. Jack Sodeman Jr. 16.369, 2. Eric Williams 16.372, 3. Carl Bowser 16.392, 4. Todd Bauer 16.483, 5. Bob Felmlee 16.552, 6. Rob Chaney 16.631, 7. Andy McKisson 16.640, 8. Kyle Sauter 16.736, 9. Greg Wilson 16.952, 10. Jared Ridge 17.058, 11. Marty Perovich 17.075, 12. Rod George 17.088, 13. Brandon Spithaler 17.114, 14. Dan Shetler 17.220, 15. Cole Duncan 17.263, 16. Kevin Schaffer 17.348, 17. Todd Allen 17.644, 18. Lindsey Enscoe 17.998, 19. Gale Ruth Sr. 18.584, 20. Francis Sesco 18.914

All Star Midwest Sprints Heat #1: 1. Jader Ridge, 2. Todd Bauer, 3. Rob Chaney, 4. Jack Sodeman Jr. 5. Kevin Schaffer, 6. Brandon Spithaler, 7. Gale Ruth Sr.

All Star Midwest Sprints Heat #2: 1. Marty Perovich, 2. Kyle Sauter, 3. Dan Shetler, 4. Eric Williams, 5. Todd Allen, 6. Francis Sesco, DNS Bob Felmlee

All Star Midwest Sprints Heat #3: 1. Rod George, 2. Andy McKisson, 3. Greg Wilson, 4. Carl Bowser, 5. Cold Duncan, 6. Lindsey Enscoe

All Star Midwest Sprints Dash: 1. Jack Sodeman Jr., 2. Andy McKisson, 3. Eric Williams, 4. Carl Bowser, 5. Rob Chaney, 6. Todd Bauer

All Star Midwest Sprints Feature Results(30 LAPS): 1. ANDY MCKISSON, 2. Jack Sodeman Jr., 3. Greg Wilson, 4. Rob Chaney, 5. Rod George, 6. Jared Ridge, 7. Marty Perovich, 8. Dan Shetler, 9. Kevin Schaffer, 10. Eric Williams, 11. Todd Bauer, 12. Brandon Spithaler, 13. Todd Allen, 14. Kyle Sauter, 15. Carl Bowser, 16. Gale Ruth Sr., 17. Lindsey Enscoe, 18. Cole Duncan, 19. Francis Sesco, DNS: Bob Felmlee
Heat Race Winners Jared Ridge, Marty Perovich, Rod George

BRP MODIED TOUR FEATURE (35 LAPS): 1. JEREMIAH SHINGLEDECKER, 2. Dave Murdick, 3. Brian Weaver, 4. Brian Swatrzlander, 5. Brad Rapp, 6. Rex King Sr. , 7. Kevin Bolland, 8. Shannon Whaley, 9. Rex King Jr., 10. Mike Turner, 11. Skip Moore, 12. Mark Frankhouser, 13. Jeff Schaffer, 14. Chris Haines, 15. Eric Gabany, 16. Randy Wyant, 17. Les Myers, 18. Steve Feder, 19. Tommy Mattocks, 20. Carl Murdick, 21. Don Brown, 22. Shawn Fleeger, 23. Mark Flick, 24. Kevin Green, DNS: Kevin Hoffman, Randy Chronister
Heat Race Winners Rex King Sr, Mark Flick, Kevin Bolland

BRP MODIFIED KODIAK MEMORIAL MAKE-UP FEATURE(35 LAPS): 1. KEVIN BOLLAND, 2. Dave Murdick, 3. Rex King Sr., 4. Brian Swartzlander, 5. Eric Gabany, 6. Shannon Whaley, 7. Mark Flick, 8. Brian Weaver, 9. Chris Haines, 10. Jeff Schaffer, 11. Mike Turner, 12. Mark Frankhouser, 13. Carl Mudrick, 14. Billy Myers, 15. Rex King Jr., 16. Jeremiah Shingledecker, 17. Don Brown, 18. Shawn Fleeger, 19. Kevin Hoffman, 20. Steve Feder, 21. Randy Chronister, 22. Tommy Mattocks DNS Chad Homan

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