Big Lap Money for Slingshot Tour Race at Snydersville

Date: 8/21/2008 11:06:28 AM


Big Lap Money for Slingshot Tour Race at Snydersville


For Immediate Release: “Going for the Gold at Snydersville Raceway”


    This Friday’s Slingshot by Tobias Gold Tour Race at the Snydersville Raceway has taken on a new light with the addition of over $1100.00 in lap money up for grabs in the 25 lap main event. Every lap of the event has been sponsored with the ˝ way leader grabbing a cool $175.00  


   Through the efforts of New Egypt Speedway Race Director Clay Butler, the Tour race has taken on a new light. Butler was instrumental in obtaining the lap sponsorship through his contacts and friends at New Jersey’s New Egypt Speedway. With $350.00 to win on the line, if a driver can lead every lap they can take home nearly $1500.00, A huge amount of money for an event at the Monroe County Oval.


   The evenings racing program sponsored by S&S Speedways, the Pocono’s Premier Indoor Go Kart Facility and Slingshot by Tobias Dealer, will be one round of heat races with the amount of qualified cars per heat to be determined by the amount of heat races needed. A total of 16 Slingshots will take the green flag in this now historical event.


   All other regular Snydersville divisions will be in action with gates opening at 4pm. Warmups will be promptly at 6pm. A drivers meeting will be held at 6:45pm. All drivers in attendance are required to attend the meeting.


   Snyersville Raceway would like to thank Clay Butler and all the “Going for the Gold” sponsors for their participation in this event. The Full list of Lap Sponsors for the Slingshot “Going for the Gold” race are as follows:



  1. Cradlerock Developers $25 ~ Mezzaluna Pizza $25
  2. Wean Racing (ARDC Midget) $25 ~ Godown Motorsports
  3. Deerfoot Auto Parts $25 ~ Bob Drayton Motorsports $25
  4. G&M Dill & Son Trucking $25
  5. Wall Tire
  6. Hoffman Bros. Speed & Performance $25
  7. Ron Jon Loczon Racing $25 ~ Snyder Star Co. $25
  8. Romano Horsepower Development $25
  9. X-Treme Graphics $25 ~ Tanner Properties $25
  10. Liedka Motorsports $25  ~ CTC Construction $25
  11. Bill Miscoski Racing $25
  12. Tanner Bros. Dairy $25
  13. Half Way Bonus Sponsored by: Jepo Enterprises $25 ~ Jim Mich $25  ~ E-Action Photos ( Lee Smith) $25 and Metal Fab Pro Race Shop $100
  14. Bill Miscoski Racing $25 ~ Willie Osmun Racing $25
  15. Infante Firewood $25  ~  Trash Racing $25
  16. Best Damn Push truck driver in Auto Racing $25
  17. E-Bay Seller “Tony 346” $25  ~ “The Pimp” Danny Serrano $25
  18. X-Treme Graphics $25  ~ Bob Drayton Racing $25
  19. Tanner Bros. Dairy  $25
  20. A-1 Racing Products $25
  21. X-Treme Graphics $25
  22. Cluttered Room Collectables $25
  23. Todd Cray Motorsports $25  ~ Robert Hoopes $25
  24. Mick Search Racing $25
  25. A-1 Racing Products $25  ~ Robert Hoopes $25   

   For more information on the Snydersville Raceway, directions and their remaining 2008 schedule, please visit their website at

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