Snydersville Raceway Results 4-18-14

Date: 4/21/2014 11:35:20 PM

Snydersville Raceway Results 4-18-14


After 3 rain outs Snydersville Raceway was finally able to open its door on the 2014 season. 66 cars would pack the pit area on Friday as many were glad to get back out on the dirt track. There was a good amount of new people on opening night. We had a Briggs Light Money Race and Checkered Flag Fan Club Night for the first week which made it a big opening night. Heats would start up and would show that the track was going to be fun to race on.


Kid Karts would start us off for the first feature of 2014. Katie Verwys and J.T. Dembecki would take off once the green was out. Katie Verwys would lead every lap of the 12 lap feature to take the win with J.T. Dembecki finishing second.


Briggs Stock Light would start 6 cars for the regular points class. Joseph Pacovich and Taylor Santee would start on the front row. Green would wave and Pacovich would take off into the lead but a yellow would wave before completing a lap. They would line up again and take the green flag and Pacovich would take off into the lead with Santee following in 2nd and Tyler Evans in 3rd. A change for 3rd would happen on lap 1 as Scott Neary would pull into third with Hunter Metzger following him into 4th. Then on lap 6 Metzger would pass Neary for third. Joseph Pacovich would lead the entire race to take the win with Taylor Santee coming in second, finishing third was Hunter Metzger, Scott Neary would finish in fourth, and Tyler Evans would finish 5th, DNS- Greg Frace.


Rookie Jr. Sportsman would come out next for their feature. Green flag waved and Blaze Croop would take off into the lead with Cory Longacre and Jacob Goldt following. 2 laps in and yellow would wave on Cory Longacre. The race would resume and Croop would resume his lead with Jacob Goldt in the runner up spot but Cory Longacre would take on second back on lap 5. A few more yellows would hit the class but the field would remain the same after some battling. Blaze Croop would take his first Snydersville win, Cory Longacre would finish in 2nd and Jacob Goldt would finish in 3rd.


Briggs Stock Heavy would be on the track next. Green flag would wave and Jason Wolfe check out with the lead with his father John Wolfe following in 2nd and Kevin Wieand Sr. in 3rd. Jason Wolfe would be reeled in by John Wolfe but Jason would hold him off for the win, John Wolfe would finish in second and Kevin Wieand Sr. finishing in 3rd.


Briggs Stock Medium would follow the heavy’s class with 3 cars as well. Green flag would wave and Joe Morris would take off into the lead with Jack Butler and Rick Shive. The field would stay the same until lap 12 when Jack Butler would have an issue with his car ending his night. Joe Morris would see checkereds and take the win with Rick Shive finishing in 2nd and Jack Butler finishing 3rd.


Controlled Stock Champ would put on an exciting race with 5 cars. Bob Wilson would start on pole with Steve Longacre in 2nd. Green would wave and Longacre would take the lead from Wilson coming out of turn 1. Bob Wilson would try many attempts to get pass Longacre and wouldn’t succeed until Lap 9 when Longacre would wash up coming out of turn 4. Wilson would lead the rest of the way to take the win, Steve Longacre would finish in 2nd, Lew Everett would finish in 3rd, 4th was Buddy Lord and 5th was Troy Snyder.


Jr. Champ 1 would have 2 cars but always fun to watch. Cory Hunsberger would lead the entire race to take the win and Lil Miss Shelby McLaughlin would finish 2nd.


The AllStar Slingshots would put on a great race for the 1st week with 7 cars. Green would wave and Greg Zellman would take off into the lead with Kyle Herve in second and Mike McLaughlin 3rd. McLaughlin would make his move immediately for 2nd and put Herve to 3rd. McLaughlin would then move to the lead with Herve following sending Greg Zellman into third. The class would be slowed on lap 5 as Greg Zellman would get loose and spin out. This now put Billy Osmun in 3rd spot. Green would wave again and McLaughlin would take off into the lead and Kyle Herve would be in 2nd. Mike McLaughlin would lead the rest of the way to take the win with Kyle Herve finishing in 2nd, Billy Osmun would finish in 3rd, John Drake would finish in 4th and Greg Zellman would finish 5th, 6th- Tess Horvath, 7th- Jackson Ring.


6 Microstock Animal 206 would take the green. Ted Harris would take off into the lead with Jim Ackerman following in 2nd and Larry Ealey 3rd. The field would stay the same the entire race and Ted Harris would take the win, Jim Ackerman would finish 2nd, 3rd was Larry Ealey, finishing 4th was Ronald Counterman, and finishing 5th was Ron Farber, DQ- Matt Ackerman.


10 Sr. Clone would take to the track for a 15 lap main. Eric Freeman would lead them off with Jason Fisch in 2nd. A yellow would come out on lap 1 sending Jessica Sigley to rear. Green would come back out and Freeman would go back into defense mode to hold the lead and Jason Fisch following in the runner up spot. Another Yellow would come back out on lap 6 to slow the field once again. Green would come back out and Freeman would take the lead. Billy LaRue would make a move for 2nd on lap 8, then a big shift in the order on lap 11 changing the entire field except for the leader. Freeman would be able to hold the field off and take the clone win with Bob Wilson finishing in 2nd, 3rd was Billy LaRue, 4th was John LaRue, and rounding out the top 5 was Eddie Geiger, 6th- Jason Fisch, 7th- Scott Goldt, 8th- Richard Smith, 9th- John Novak, and 10th- Jessica Sigley.


Joe Demott would take the win for the Open Modified Class and running a best time of 11.737.


Aidan Svanda would take the win for the Jr. Slingshot class.


Briggs Light Money Race would have 7 cars start the race. Joseph Pacovich would take off into the lead with Joe Morris in 2nd but Morris would then be passes by Flip Voorhees for 2nd. Kyle Kania would move into 3rd on lap 4. The field would remain the same for the rest of the race and Joseph Pacovich would take the win and $250, Flip Voorhees would finish in 2nd to Pacovich, 3rd was Kyle Kania, Jason Fisch would finish in 4th, and round out the top 5 was Joe Morris, Scott Neary would finish 6th and DNS- Greg Frace.


Novice ¼ Midgets would take to the track and put on a heck of race between the two of them as they constantly battled for the lead. After 10 laps Dylan Kuronya would take the win and Tanner VanDoren would finish in 2nd.


Honda 120 ¼ Midgets would slice and dice for the lead many laps and Macy Litchauer would take the win with Austin Homan finishing in 2nd.


Kuronya and VanDoren would battle against each other once again in the Animal ¼ Midgets. Dylan Kuronya would go 2 for 2 and take the win with VanDoren finishing in 2nd.


What a great night for racing and many people were pleased with the track as it was smooth and not dusty and glad to get the itch out of them. We would like thank everyone for coming out Friday and hope you enjoyed every minute of the action.

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