Snydersville Raceway April 25 Results

Date: 4/28/2014 9:13:55 PM

Snydersville Raceway April 25 Results


Snydersville Raceway Press Release

Date: April 28, 2014

by Alex Greenzweig


April 25 Results


Racing Friday Night would be a washout after 5 of 12 features. Racing that day was reduced to Features only to get the show in but Mother Nature would say different. The remain Features are going to be run this Friday immediately after practice. Here is the 5 feature results


Katie Verwys would take the win for Kid Karts.


Briggs Stock Heavy Money Race would be run immediatly to ensure that the race would be completed. Green would wave and Joseph Pacovich would take off into the early lead with Flip Voorhees following in 2nd and Jason Wolfe in 3rd. Pacovich would lead every lap of the feature and take the win for the money race, Flip Voorhees would finish 2nd, Jason Wolfe would finish 3rd, 4th was Kyle Kania, 5th was Jack Butler and John Wolfe would finish 6th.


Jr. Champ 1 would go out next. Shelby McLaughlin would take the win with Aidan Boucher finishing 2nd.


Honda 120 1/4 Midgets would have 3 cars go wheel to wheel on the 1/8 mile dirt oval. Macy Litchaurer would take the win with a Back to Back Feature wins, Austin Homan would finish in 2nd and Ryan Burkett would finish in 3rd.


The last class that was ran before the heavens opened up was Jr. Sportsman and Rookie Jr. Sportsman with a Strong race of 7 cars. Green would wave and Cadence Freeman would take off into the early lead with Jayce Brown in 2nd and Jesse Strohl 3rd. Jesse Strohl would then make a move into 2nd on lap 3 hoping to go for the lead but he would fall back to fifth on lap 5 which would allow Sean Verwys and Gavin Santee to move into the 2nd and 3rd positions. Gavin Santee would challenge for 2nd with 2 to go sending Sean Verwys to 3rd and then Gavin Santee would then challenge Cadence Freeman with 1 to go. Gavin Santee would make a move to the inside coming out of turn 4 and take over the lead. Checkereds would wave and Gavin Santee would go back to back feature wins, Cadence Freeman would finish 2nd, finishing 3rd was Sean Verwys, 4th- Jesse Strohl, 5th- Jayce Brown and 6th- Dylan Labar. Blaze Croop would take the win for the Rookie Jr. Sportsman Class.


It was a very short night for Snydersville but were able to get 45% of the features in. Remember the remain classes that didn't run this Friday: Briggs Stock Light, Briggs Stock Heavy & Medium, AllStar Slingshots, Microstock Animal 206, Controlled Stock Champ, Sr. Clone and Jr. Slingshots, will run this Friday Night after Practice. Thanks to all who came out this Friday and we will see you this week!

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