Snydersville Raceway Results 5-9

Date: 5/13/2014 11:21:30 PM

Snydersville Raceway Results 5-9


Snydersville Raceway Results

Date: 5-13-2014

by Alex Greenzweig


What a nice Friday Night to race at Snydersville as the temperatures were ideal for racing. 50 cars would pack the pits with excitement for racing. The track made the night even better as it was slick and made a difference on how the cars would handle and it really made the drivers work hard. Everyone had a great night with lots of fun racing and excitement. Here are the results for the races Friday!


Kid Karts: 1st- Katie Verwys, 2nd- J.T. Dembecki


Jr. Champ 1: 1st- Shelby McLaughlin, 2nd- Cory Hunsberger


Briggs Stock Light: 1st- Hunter Metzger, 2nd- Greg Frace


Jr. Sportsman: 1st- Sean Verwys, 2nd- Gavin Santee, 3rd- Jayce Brown, 4th- Dylan Labar, 5th- Tyler Longacre, 6th- Jesse Strohl, 7th- Cadence Freeman


Rookie Jr. Sportsman: 1st- Jacob Goldt, 2nd- Cory Longacre


AllStar Slingshots: 1st- Chris Kurtz, 2nd- Kyle Herve, 3rd- Greg Zellman, 4th- Jackson Ring


Briggs Stock Medium: 1st- Jack Butler, 2nd- Rick Shive


Microstock Animal 206: 1st- TJ Kemmerir, 2nd- Ted Harris, 3rd- Roy Morris, 4th- Larry Ealey, 5th- Jim Ackerman, 6th- Ronald Counterman, 7th- Ron Farber, 8th- Walter Morrison, 9th- Matt Ackerman


Controlled Stock Champ: 1st- Troy Snyder, 2nd- Bob Wilson, 3rd- Steven Longacre, 4th- Duke Lasowski, 5th- Lew Everett, 6th- Buddy Lord


Sr. Clone: 1st- Eric Freeman, 2nd- Jason Fisch, 3rd- Greg Frace, 4th- Bob Wilson, 5th- John LaRue, 6th- Eddie Geiger, 7th- Scott Goldt, 8th- John Novak, 9th- Wayne Fisch


Open Modified Karts: 1st- Joe Demott


Jr. Slingshots: 1st- Gavin Santee, 2nd- Cody Motto


Animal Midgets: 1st- Jacob Balliet


Powder Puff: 1st- Stacy McLaughlin, 2nd- Terri Morrison, 3rd- Emily Ryan, 4th- Karen Collis


Thanks to everyone who came out this Friday. Thanks to all the ladies who ran the Powder Puff Race. See you all this Friday!

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