A Great Ending to the 2014 Racing Season at a Small Dirt Track in the Poconos

Date: 12/14/2014 7:51:02 PM

A Great Ending to the 2014 Racing Season at a Small Dirt Track in the Poconos

By: Alex Greenzweig

Snydersville Raceway, a local dirt track in the Poconos would finish the 2014 season with the Annual Awards Banquet. The 2014 Awards Banquet would be filled with laughs and racing memories shared amongst 143 fellow competitors, friends, and family. There would be great food, awards and prizes for all who attended. Snydersville would also invite a guest series, The Microstock Racing Series, to hold there banquet alongside Snydersville’s. It was a great night as everyone celebrated the amazing 2014 season at Towamensing Fire Company.

There were many special awards given to thank those who worked hard to make Snydersville a success. Randy Delp and Ed Stoudt would receive the prestigious Checkered Flag Fan Club Service Appreciation Award, for their hard work and time they put in to the track. The next award was named after Former Owner of Snydersville Raceway, Walt Smith; which would be named the Walt Smith Service Appreciation Award. Arthur, Amy, Scott, Sam, and Elloree Neary would receive this award for taking the time to make the grounds look beautiful at Snydersville. The last award that was presented by Snydersville Raceway was given to a man that allowed racers to bring their racing memories home. This person was Tim Krysiuk of Strictly Dirt Photography who would receive The Track Photographer of the Year Award.

The program would then shift to the Microstock Racing Series Awards. 10 Drivers would receive awards for running in the travel series. The final standings were: MSRS Champion: Alex Greenzweig, 2nd: Bob Wagner, 3rd: Kenny Dengler, 4th: Tyler Wagner, 5th: Larry Ealey, 6th: Walt Mueller, 7th: Walter Morrison, 8th: Roger Snyder, 9th: Wayne Krenn, 10th: Al Vanhart.

Finally the Snydersville Raceway Awards would be announced and given to the drivers of each division.

Snydersville Raceway’s Final Standings

Kid Karts- Katie Verwys, Brandon Walsh, JT Dembecki

Jr. Champ 1- 1st: Shelby McLaughlin, 2nd: Aidan Boucher, 3rd: Alex Kolonics, 4th: Kevin Wieand Jr.

Briggs Stock Light- 1st: Scott Neary, 2nd: Hunter Metzger, 3rd: Sam Neary, 4th: Greg Frace

Jr. Sportsman- 1st: Gavin Santee, 2nd: Sean Verwys, 3rd: Jayce Brown, 4th: Dylan Labar, 5th: Zachary Evans

Briggs Stock Heavy- 1st: Kevin Wieand Sr., 2nd: John Wolfe

AllStar Slingshots- 1st: Greg Zellman, 2nd: Kyle Herve

Microstock Animal 206- 1st: Ted Harris, 2nd: Jim Ackerman, 3rd: Ron Farber, 4th: Matt Ackerman, 5th: Roy Morris, 6th: Ron Counterman, 7th: Larry Ealey

Controlled Stock Champ- 1st: Bob Wilson, 2nd: Buddy Lord, 3rd: Lew Everett, 4th: Troy Snyder

Sr. Clone- 1st: Jason Fisch, 2nd: John LaRue, 3rd: Eddie Geiger, 4th: Emily Oswald, 5th: Wayne Fisch, 6th: Jonny Peters, 7th: Marty Boucher, 8th: Chad Balliet

Open Modified Kart- 1st: Joe Demott

Jr. Slingshots- 1st: Cody Motto, 2nd: Damion Dusheck

The Last awards that were presented are given to a Junior & Senior driver who has accumulated the most points among all the Junior Divisions and Senior Division in 1 class. This year’s Junior Overall Points went to Gavin Santee with 4215 points, making it his third consecutive Junior Overall Points. This year’s Senior Overall Points went to Ted Harris with 4090 points. This is his first overall point’s award in the 16 years he has been racing.

With the 2014 season now at a close, we start to count down to 2015 as we begin another racing season with new ideas and more racing fun to be had. Promoters Barry & Alex Greenzweig would like to thank the many sponsors who have supported Snydersville Raceway through the 2014 Season: Burris Racing, Carquest Auto Parts of Palmerton & Brodheadsville, Greenzweig’s Kart Shop, Snap-On Tools (Ron Killmer), Kevin Wieand Enterprises, Fishers Heating and A/C, Pocono Raceway, JPM Karting, R&S Collision Repair, Hill Side Vinyl, Mountain PC Repair, Forrest Inn Masonry, Kyle Kania Motorsports, Mazilla, Dales Concessions, Bardot Plastics, Bangor Steel, Catamount Ron Witt LLC., McLaughlin Family Racing, S&S Speedways, Target Distributing, Thor Oil, Dyno Cams, Azusa, Joe Demott Racing, Gary Anthony Racing, G-man Kart Works, Willie Rindgen, Pacovich Racing, Herve Motorsports and Pat Pio. Thank You Sponsors for all of what you have given to Snydersville and without it many of the great events wouldn’t have happened.

On behalf of Promoters Barry & Alex Greenzweig and the staff at Snydersville Raceway, we thank all who attended the banquet. We would also like wish everyone a Safe and Happy Holidays and we hope to see you in 2015.

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