Hamlin Speedway Quick Results July 21st On S&S Speedways Night

Date: 7/22/2012 1:01:49 AM

Hamlin, PA - Hamlin Speedway Quick Results July 21st On S&S Speedways Night
By: Steve Pados, GA Motorsports Media
All Star Slingshots: Jeff Cosgrove, Dale Kober, Troy Langendoerfer, Danny Buccafusca, Tyler Johnston, Henry Anderson, Richie VanOrden, Charlie Bodine, Joe Howey, Mike Fogler, Randy Johnston, Jimmy Johnston, Cody Kline, Del Howell, Tyler Treacy, Trevor Labagh, Brody Adamsky, Shaina Barker, Paul Ennes, John Pantis, Gary Dennis, Don Schmidt, John Rooks Jr
270cc Sprints: CJ Heinig,Tommy Kunsman, Gene Burd, Brayden Winters, Kendall Segar, Grady Johnston, Steve Walters, Kurt Bettler, Rick Casario, Zach Weidner, Kyle Rutledge, Ron Pierson Jr, Jeff Ubel, Paul Richards, Richie O'Neill, Chris Oraschin, Larry Hoagland, Makenzie Harper, Jacob Hendershot, Robbie Watson, Hayden Miller (DNS), Mike Casario (DQ)
600cc Wingless Sprints: Kyle Rohner, Brett Michalski, Eddie Strada, Dan Beacon, Jeff Hartman, Mick D'Agostino, Kyle Lick, Shelby Harper, Chad Sandt, Jordan Tittle, Chris Oraschin, Jason VanDoren, Tom Shearer, Brandon Azzalina, Bobby Butler, Joseph Smith, Rick Calvert, Don Colaluce, Larry Mekic, Rhett Long, Steve Yankowski, Tony Iudicello, Jay Hartman, Austin Ely
Stage One Modifieds: Joel Smith, Tim Manieri Jr, Tim Manieri Sr, Shannon Smith, Bobby Smith Jr (DNS)
SB One: Collin DuBois, Ricky Springer
Junior Slingshots: (Brock Moore Summer Series) Jared Labagh, Taylor Eccles, Cole Hentschel, Thomas Strupp, Paul Tigue, Collin DuBois, Ryan Quackenbush, Kyle Dice, Jenna Schostkewitz, Tighe Sherlock, Bobby Flood, Derek Guest, Tyler Peet, Alex Yankowski, Leo Fotopolous, Matt Henneforth
Super Slingshots: Dale Kober, Richie VanOrden, John Rooks Sr, Kevin Olver, Paul Ennes, Jimmy Johnston, Jerry Hughes, Roger Collins, Wes Hearn, John Bush, Chris Kurtz Sr, Bob Wilson, Jim Conroy, Tom Arntz, Randy Sherlock
Rookie 270cc Sprints: Josh Schaffer, Ray Gillen, John Dvorscak, Sydney Prince, Glenn Macomber, Mallory Prince, Bobby Kibler, Duane White, Mike Kalman, Jenna Weidner, Tyler Galatro
Rookie 600cc Wingless Sprints: Simon Egan, William Butler, Robbie Hocker, Riley Moczulski, Zac Azzalina, Tom Shearer, Amber Oraschin, Aaron Henneforth, Colin White, Jamie Czekai, Jeremy Bedrosian, Bill Shire, Shawn Rooney, TJ Lilly, Shelby Ogozaly, Heidi Hedin
Racing Saturday evenings from April through September. The next event of the 2012 racing season will unfold on July 28th with all eight of the regular divisions in action plus the 270 Sprints taking off the tin cans and going wingless in heats and features. Pit Gates open at the speedway at 1 PM; Drivers Meeting at 4:45; Hot Laps are at 5:00 and the racing begins at 6 PM sharp. Admission Prices for regular shows are: Adults $8.00; Senior Citizens $4.00 Children under 6 are Free; Pit Pass: $20.00 The "new" General Admission Bonus Pack is available for families: It consists of 4 General Admission Tickets + $20.00 in Food Vouchers for $40.00 (a savings of $12.00)
Upcoming events on the Hamlin racing calendar include the second visit for the NASCAR Crew Challenge on August 4th with all eight regular divisions in competition. The last event in June had Todd Carmichael showing everyone the short way around the Hamlin facility with newcomer Brian Bergenty finishing in the runner-up slot.
For further updates and information regarding all of the news and additions to the Hamlin Speedway, logon to their well documented website at: http://www.hamlinspeedway.com or call the speedway hotline at: 570 420 5500. For video work or questions regarding the purchase of videos from the exciting on-track action at the Hamlin Speedway, contact videographer Barry Boyd at: http://www.boydracingvideos.com For photos of all of the great racing action contact Rick Schwindenhammer Racing Photos at: http://www.ricksracingphotos.zenfolio.com
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