Shannon Smith Scores A Double, Bealer, Rohner, Bettler, VanOrden, Strupp, Hineline, Azzalina, And Macomber All Triumph In Hamlin Speedway Feature Headliners

Date: 8/19/2012 3:21:49 PM

Hamlin, PA - Shannon Smith Scores A Double, Bealer, Rohner, Bettler, VanOrden, Strupp, Hineline, Azzalina And Macomber All Triumph In Hamlin Speedway Feature Headliners
By: Steve Pados, GA Motorsports Media
Beautiful, warm August weather brought the rays of sunshine to the Hamlin Speedway to usher in another fabulous night of racing entertainment but as the sun disappeared the first hint the racing season was coming to a close had the standing room only crowd searching for jackets and blankets to keep warm as ten feature events highlighted a night of racing that threw a few wrinkles at the talented driving roster at the speedway. 157 drivers and cars rolled into the speedway to produce another eye-popping show that was checkered for the final event at 10:55 PM. For the first time this season Promoters Randy and Denise Smith offered the winged warriors of the 270 Sprints to complete their main event and then make the necessary changes to go wingless for the remainder of the evening on a night once again presented by S&S Speedways for indoor go karts. When the final tallies came in it was "The Dirt Diva" Shannon Smith rising to the top of the heap as the Kunkletown racer claimed wins in the All Star Slingshot main event in the Danny Buccafusca mount and then raced the S&S Speedways owned Stage One Modified to victory with a late race pass of Boby Smith Jr. Also claiming wins in the star studded events included "The Bushkill Bullet" Kyle Rohner as he captured his second win of the season in the Wingless 600 Sprint main driving the Ronda and Gary Phillips Motorsports hot rod. "The Cadillac Man" Kurt Bettler added another notch to his gunbelt with a great win the Winged 270 Sprint main. Thomas "Sonny" Strupp was spot on as he held off "The 38 Special" Jared LaBagh to claim his fifth win of the season at Hamlin and stopping LaBagh's two win winning streak that began at Kutztown on Tuesday and carried over to Accord on Wednesday evening. "The Flying Dutchman" Richie VanOrden returned to his winning ways with a triumph in the Super Slinger main event and Glenn Macomber seized the lead late in the race to claim the Rookie 270 Sprint headliner. Zac Azzalina steered his MMF Chassis machine to victory in the Rookie Wingless 600 event and "The Icon" Pat Bealer and team went to work to make the needed changes to his racer to go wingless and held off a late charge from Kyle "The Hot" Lick to score the win in the Wingless 270 Sprint event. Jeff Hineline captured the win in the SB One Modified event.
The show kicked off with a strong series of quickly paced time trials followed by some hard hitting heat action that established the feature lineups for the main event that were to follow. The feature events were all excellent runs and the stars of tomorrow Junior Slingshot drivers continue to excel at each event. Thonas Strupp earned a pole start and quckly established the point as the young stars drive into turn one. LaBagh went on the attack from both high and low and each time Strupp would thwart each effort. Strupp was allowed to gain a four car advantage as LaBagh was being hounded by first year racer Ryan Quackenbush who had his Northeast Landscape Contractors sponsored mount dialed in to do battle. By the midway point, it was Strupp still in command but Quackenbush slipped in the turns one and two and lost two positions and allowed for LaBagh to go after Strupp again. LaBagh turned up the wick and broke the track recond for a lap at 14.448 seconds to close in quickly on Strupp. Strupp was up to the task as the pair drove to the checkered flag with Strupp winning and LaBagh settling for second place. Taylor Eccles raced home third with "The Flash" Bobby Flood in fourth and Quackenbush rounding out the top five. "The Little Tornado" Tyler Peet headed up the second five with Jenna Schostkewitz, Collin DuBois, Brandon McGill and Leo Fotopolous all nailing down top ten finishes.
Bobby Smith Jr raced into the lead in turn one at the start of the Stage One Modified main event. Shannon Smith settled into second place and began to mount her attack as she remained glued to the Bobby Smith car through much of the event even though she made several attempts to wrest the lead from him. With three laps to go Shannon Smith began to billow some smoke out of her race car and while most would think she would nurse the car home, she went on the attack and was relentless as she pulled even with Bobby Smith and would nose her race car into the lead. As the white flag appeared, Shannon Smith would complete the pass and lead the final lap to claim the popular win for the young lady. Bobby Smith Jr was second in a very close battle and "Thrillin" Dylan Martin wound up third with Collin DuBois racing to fourth place. Jeff Hineline scored the win in the SB One Modified run.
The rookie 600 Sprints found "T-Jet" TJ Lilly and Zac Azzalina making up the front row of sixteen starters and Lilly grabbed the lead into turn one only to see Azzalina hustle and bustle his racer to the top of the raceway to seize command of the race in turn two. Once in front, Azzalina was flawless in performance as he high-sided his way around the speedway. With five laps remaining, Heidi Hedin raced her way into the runner-up slot and challenged Azzalina the remaining laps but it was not to be as Azzalina raced under the checkered flag first with Hedin in second, Amber Oraschin in third, Jeremy Bedrosian in fourth and Kyle Rutledge completing the top five. Stephen Reynolds headed up the second five with TJ Lilly, William Butler, Spencer mease and Shelby Ogazaly completing the top ten.
The 270 Sprint rookie main event saw the hard luck kid Tyler Galatro shake off his recent run of bad luck to take command of the event and lead for six laps before yieldling to the high flying Sydney Prince. Prince was clicking off some quick laps at 11.935 seconds to grab up a big lead for four laps only to see John Dvorscak spin in turn one and bringing out the caution. Prince lost her big lead and when racing resumed her car proved to be bulky as Glenn Macomber and Galatro both stormed past her. John Dvorscak was a man on a mission and quickly raced through the field and also took the measure of Prince. Glenn Macomber remained fast throughout and clicked off some quick times of his own as he sped to victory with Galatro in for runner-up honors Dvorscak in for third place and Cody Kroemmelbein in for fourth and Jenna Weidner rounding the top five. Sydney Prince held on for sixth place while Mike Kalman, Mallory Prince, newcomers Patrick Chilmonik and Danny Leaper rounding out the top ten.
After trying numerous times to set the field in motion, the 270 Sprint headliner found the drivers finally settling down and saw Kurt Bettler outracing defending track champion CJ Heinig into turn one to lead all drivers around the 1/5 mile raceway. Heinig remained close as did the returning Tiffany Wambold, "The Big L" Larry Hoagland, Grady Johnston and "The J-Shot" Jacob Hendershot. Bettler was one cool customer as he held off constant pressure from the quality field of stars behind him. Heinig threw everything he had at Bettler but "The Cadillac Man" would not be denied as he raced to a close win over Heinig with Hendershot racing to third place Johnston in fourth and Wambold grabbing a fifth place finish in her return to the speedway. Pat Bealer doing double duty once again, headed up the second five with a sixth place finish with Hoagland, Zach Weidner, Rick Casario, and Gene Burd rounding out the top ten. Bernville's Hayden Miller found himself getting udside down at the end of the race but walked away unharmed in the incident.
Super Slinger action found Richie VanOrden capturing the lead at the start of the event and quickly showed his tail pipe to the rest of the field as he built up a huge advantage by the midpoint of the event and coasted home from there to nail down the win. Paul Ennes was in for runner-up honors to continue with his streak of top finishes with Dale Kober, Jerry Hughes and Aaron Henneforth making up the top five. Jimmy Johnston, Roger Collins, Wes Hearn, John Rooks Sr and Tom Arntz completed the top ten.
The 600 Wingless Sprint main found the returning "Snowflake" Danielle Dickinson in the hot seat as she outraced Brandon Azzalina into turn one to take control of the event. Azzalina quickly found Kyle Rohner knocking on his door and loaded with bullets as he made his bid for the runner-up slot. Azzalina was liking the top of the raceway and Rohner was working the baseline to perfection as he moved into second and set sail for Dickinson. Right after the mid-point of the event it would be Rohner owning the bottom of the speedway as Dickinson slipped up the track and Rohner would take quick action to blast into the lead. One lap later found "The Travelin Man" Mick D'Agostino also taking the measure of Dickinson to move into second and take off after the bullet. D'Agostino was able to move along side of Rohner but Rohner was up to the task to repel the repeated challenges of the Massachusetts hot foot. The racing was brilliant and alone worth the price of an admission ticket as Rohner would drive to a close win over D'Agostino with "The Tornado" Jordan Tittle in third, "The Electrifying" Shelby Harper in fourth and hard riding Rhett Long completing the top five. Joseph Smith finished sixth in his Redemption racer after starting in 23rd position with Kyle Lick, Dickinson, Jacob Severn and Chad Sandt completing the top ten.
Shannon Smith was the guest driver in the Danny Buccafusca race car on Saturday night and quickly showed her prowess as she went after win number two for the evening. SEizing command of the event in turn one, Smith was the ultimate driving diva as she built up a huge lead until a skirmish found a handful of racers scrambling for safe real estate. On the restart, "The Sheriff" Simon Egan had worked his way into the runner-up slot driving Wes Hearn's "Ambassador-Mobile" and went all-out in trying to stay close to the high flying Smith. Both drivers clicked off some quick times to separate from the field and Egan mounted one last ditch effort but fell short as this race was "Ladies Night" as Shannon Smith raced to her second win of the evening in a superb effort at the speedway. Egan was second in a great run with Billy Clark nailing down third place, Jeff Cosgrove fourth and Troy Langerdoerfer pulling out all of the stops to race from 15th to fifth when the checkered flag fell. Mack Brink headed up the second five with Tyler Johnston, Tyler Treacy, Paul Ennes and Mike Fogler completing the top ten.
The 270 Wingless Sprint main proved to be a crowd favorite as the full house of fans stuck around to see what the wingless warriors could do minus the tin cans on the top of their race cars. The top six were inverted and placed Makenzie Harper and Hayden Miller on the front tier of racers but it was third starting CJ Heinig who blasted into the lead at the drop of the green flag. A skirmish on lap six left Tommy Kunsman with no where to go and his racer got upside down in the incident and Kunsman was through for the evening. On the restart it was Heinig still in command but Pat Bealer was knocking on the door and seeking more real estate. Heinig suffered a major setback on lap twelve when he spun in front of the approaching field of racers. Bealer skated by on the inside and would be installed as the new leader when racing resumed. Bealer took off with lady racers Kendall Segar and Mackenzie Harper in tow with 18th place starter Kyle Lick now racing through the field to become a player in the event. As the laps clicked off, Lick was a dynamo as he worked his way into the runner-up slot by the white flag lap. Bealer remained calm and raced to the checkered flag to capture the win with Lick nipping at his heels to finish second. Kendall Segar did a great job to race her Segar Motorsports entry in third place with Makenzie Harper also enjoying a fine run to finish fourth and "The Z-Man" Zach Weidner completing the top five. Part-time speedway campaigner Brayden Winters did great work to finish sixth while Zack Bealer, CJ Heinig, the returning Trevor Dunn and Chris Oraschin all earning top ten finishes.
Heat racing action at Hamlin continued to fuel the fires that have made Hamlin Speedway the place to be on Saturday nights as the 270 Sprints were spotlighted in heat racing action and CJ Heinig. Kurt Bettler and Tiffany Wambold all captured wins. The Wingless 600 Sprint heat racing action found Danielle Dickinson, Brandon Azzalina and Kyle Rohner all garnering wins. Paul Ennes captured the Super Slinger heat event while Shannon Smith gave an indication of what was to come later as she outraced Bobby Smith Jr for the Stage One Modified heat win. Two B Mains were needed to establish the starting field and Zack Bealer in the 270 Sprints and Aaron Henneforth in the All Star Slingshots were the winners of the twelve lap events. In time trials, Jared LaBagh established the quick time with a 14.683 second lap and that would prove to be another preliminary flash point as LaBagh would create new marks in the Junior Slingshot feature event. "Ri-Mac" Riley Moczulski was the quick timer for the Rookie 600 Sprints with a 12.412 second excursion around the speedway. "The Factoryville Flyer" Billy Clark outhustled everyone to nail down the quick time in the All Star Slingshots with a 14.434 second lap and just nipping "Charging" Charlie Lawrence who clicked off a 14.435 second time. The lady racers shine brightly at the Hamlin Speedway and Sydney Prince has enjoyed a great season and added to her laurels in stopping the clocks at 11.863 seconds to to top the rookie 270 speed merchants. "TK" Tommy Kunsman figured out the wingless route in a hurry as he recorded a 12.525 second lap to lead all of the drivers going wingless. The times were about a half second slower than when the drivers have the wings affixed to the top of their roll cages.
Newcomers or returning racers to the Hamlin Speedway for the Saturday night racing action included "The Weasel' Jacob Dunn in the All Star Slingshots and Cody Kroemmelbein and Patrick Chilmonik in the Rookie 270 Sprints. Chilmonik made his first appearance in quite some time as he raced in the Kid Kart division when go karts were part of the Hamlin scene. Rick Chilmonik heads up the race team and Rick was a mainstay at the Flemington Speedway during the glory years of dirt and was one of the few drivers who raced there that utilized Ford power to circle the square. Cody Smith was aboard the Redemption Racing car for the Rookie 600's for the first time this season. Two of the young stars in the Rookie 600 ranks, Robbie Hocker and Riley Moczulski, both suffered mechanical maladies that left Hocker on the sidelines all evening and Moczulski exiting the 600 feature early on in the action. Brandon "Juan Pablo" McGill made a rare Hamlin appearance and did well in his Mid Hudson Concrete/Redi Rock International hot rod. Brandon is the son of Modified wheel twister "Jumpin" John McGill who stepped out of the Modifieds to concntrate on his son's budding career in racing. Nicole Quinter returned to action at the speedway and Jeff Ubel returned to the speedway as well. "The Boss" Ross Perchak was in the house but fell out of the 270 main early with problems. Dan Beacon returned to action but fell by the wayside in the main event. Beacon's racer is wrenched by the very capable Modified wheel twister Joe Eisenhauer who put many a laps in on the now defunct Lake Mocatek Speedway.
Greg Stevens was back in action and supplied his racer to Kyle Rutledge for the rookie races and handled the car himself in the 600 Sprint main event. The Fundraiser for the George Stevens Family in ongoing at the speedway as the raffle tickets are $10.00 each with all proceeds going to the Stevens Family. There are a ton of prizes to win on the ticket and all interested racing fans should contact Judy Widdos for further information.
Redemption Racing had a food pantry drive set-up last evening at the speedway and the fans gave generously to help thiosewho need assistance in these troubled times in our country. Father Finn conducted a prayer to thank everyone for their support and to wish the drivers well in their racing journey and the talented Kim Rutledge belted out another great rendition of the National Anthem for the final time this season as she makes her move to the Philadelphia area next week to resume her studies.
The Matriarch of the Smith Family, Evelyn Smith (Mrs Roy Smith), was back at the speedway last evening and met with friends and family throughout the evening, enjoyed her time in the tower next to announcer Steve Pados and found her way to Victory Circle on the two occcasions Shannon Smith drove to victory.
In walking the grounds of the Hamlin Speedway, it is easy to spot so many great drivers who thrilled the crowds when they were racing and now pass down their vast knowledge in racing to their sons and daugthers who now make up the future of the sport. Ed Strada, John McGill, Joe Eisenhauer, Richie Smith, Randy Smith, Gary LaBagh, Bobby Hentschel, Johnny Strupp, Randy Sherlock, Mark Gray, Tim Manieri, Gary Phillips, Rick Chilmonik and a host of others have helped lay the foundation that makes the racing at the Hamlin Speedway so special and the place to be on Saturday evenings
All Star Slingshots: Shannon Smith, Simon Egan, Billy Clark, Jeff Cosgrove, Troy Langendoerfer, Mack Brink, Tyler Johnston, Tyler Treacy, Paul Ennes, Mike Fogler, Aaron Henneforth, Jimmy Johnston, Joe Howey, John Rooks Jr, Brody Adamsky, Dale Kober, Richie VanOrden, Trevor LaBagh, Kevin Predmore, Del Howell, Randy Johnston, John Pantis, Charlie Lawrence
270cc Sprints: Kurt Bettler, CJ Heinig, Jacob Hendershot, Grady Johnston, Tiffany Wambold, Pat Bealer, Larry Hoagland, Zach Weidner, Rick Casario, Gene Burd, Tommy Kunsman, Zack Bealer, Hayden Miller,Scott Avery, Richie O'Neill, Trevor Dunn, Paul Richards, Kendall Segar, Duane White, Brayden Winters, Ross Perchak, Jeff Ubel
600cc Wingless Sprints: Kyle Rohner, Mick D'Agostino, Jordan Tittle, Shelby Harper, Rhett Long, Joseph Smith, Kyle Lick, Danielle Dickinson, Jacob Severn, Chad Sandt, Austin Ely, Brandon Azzalina, Rick Calvert, Eddie Strada, Larry Mekic, Jason VanDoren, Chris Oraschin, Sheldon Iudicello, Carl Mease, Don Colaluce, Dan Beacon, Greg Stevens, Jacob Hendershot
Stage One Modifieds: Shannon Smith, Bobby Smith Jr, Dylan Martin, Collin DuBois, Pat Bealer, Joel Smith
SB One: Jeffrey Hineline
Junior Slingshots: Thomas Strupp, Jared LaBagh, Taylor Eccles, Bobby Flood, Ryan Quackenbush, Tyler Peet, Jenna Schostkewitz, Collin DuBois, Brandon McGill, Leo Fotopolous, Cole Hentschel, Tighe Sherlock
Super Slingshots: Richie VanOrden, Paul Ennes, Dale Kober, Jerry Hughes, Aaron Henneforth, Jimmy Johnston, Roger Collins, Wes Hearn, John Rooks Sr, Tom Arntz
Rookie 270cc Sprints: Glenn Macomber, Tyler Galatro, John Dvorscak, Cody Kroemmelbein, Jenna Weidner, Sydney Prince, Mike Kalman, Mallory Prince, Patrick Chilmonik, Danny Leaper, Nicole Quintar, Josh Schaffer (DNS)
Rookie 600cc Wingless Sprints: Zac Azzalina, Heidi Hedin, Amber Oraschin, Jeremy Bedrosian, Kyle Rutledge, Stephen Reynolds, TJ LIlly, William Butler, Spencer Mease, Shelby Ogazaly, Nick Corazzi, Colin White, Cody Smith, Riley Moczulski, Shawn Rooney
Wingless270 Sprints: Pat Bealer, Kyle Lick, Kendall Segar, Makenzie Harper, Zach Weidner, Brayden Winters, Zack Bealer, CJ Heinig, Trevor Dunn, Chris Oraschin, Grady Johnston, Nicole Quintar, Jenna Weidner, Hayden Miller, Tommy Kunsman, Mick D'Agostino, Kyle Rutledge, Robbie Watson, Ron Pierson (DNS), Jacob Hendershot (DNS)
Racing Saturday evenings from April through September. The Hamlin Speedway will be dark next week as no racing will take place and the next scheduled event of the 2012 racing season will unfold on September 1st with all eight of the regular divisions in action sponsored by Detrick's Chimney Service celebrating Labor Day at the speedway and headlining the action will be Twin Twenties for the Wingless 600 Sprints and the Ladies will be back in full force as they buckle into Slingshot cars for a tour around the Hamlin Speedway. Pit Gates open at the speedway at 1 PM; Drivers Meeting at 4:45; Hot Laps are at 5:00 and the racing begins at 6 PM sharp. Admission Prices for regular shows are: Adults $8.00; Senior Citizens $4.00 Children under 6 are Free; Pit Pass: $20.00 The "new" General Admission Bonus Pack is available for families: It consists of 4 General Admission Tickets + $20.00 in Food Vouchers for $40.00 (a savings of $12.00)
The 5th Edition of the Micro Mountain Nationals will unfold on September 8th with $1,000.00 on the line for both the 270 and the 600 Sprint divisions at the speedway based on a 24 car entry for each division racing in 30-lap feature headliners.
For further updates and information regarding all of the news and additions to the Hamlin Speedway, logon to their well documented website at: or call the speedway hotline at: 570 420 5500. For video work or questions regarding the purchase of videos from the exciting on-track action at the Hamlin Speedway, contact videographer Barry Boyd at: For photos of all of the great racing action contact Rick Schwindenhammer Racing Photos at:
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