Hamlin Speedway Swings Back Into

Date: 9/2/2012 9:58:02 PM

Hamlin, PA - Hamlin Speedway Swings Back In Action With Kyle "The Hot" Lick and "The Electrifying" Shelby Harper Capturing Wingless 600 Sprint Wins In Spectacular Labor Day Showcase
By: Steve Pados, GA Motorsports Media
Brilliant Pocono Mountain weather ushered in the return to the racing wars for the talented roster of drivers that are showcased at the Hamlin Speedway. 139 drivers and teams enjoyed a vacation week off provided to them from the Hamlin management as the speedway swung back into action for the big labor day spectacular. Another great crowd took advantage of the weather to cheer on their driving heroes who never fail to provide the heart-stopping racing action the speedway is well noted for. The week off allowed the speedway staff to work some extra magic to the track surface and the results were spectacular and also allowed for some record breaking performances as "The 38 Special" Jared LaBagh found himself hard on the hammer as he won the Junior Slingshot main event and broke the track record for one lap on two separate occasions during the course of the Junior Slingshot feature and the new record now stands at 14.251 seconds for one lap. The Wingless 600 Sprints were showcased in Twin Twenty feature events highlighted by the "Revenge Draw" after the first feature had been completed and captured by Kyle "The Hot" Lick and ever a gentleman, Lick provided his girlfriend Shelby Harper the number one slot in the revenge draw and that was all Harper needed to go out and wire the field in the nightcap for the wingless 600 stars. Bobby Smith Jr was back in victory lane after a stellar run in the Stage One Modified main and Wally Bell captured the SB One Modified event. "The Big Dog" Stephen Reynolds finally shook off a multitude of nagging problems and was true to form as he captured his first career main event in a spectacular run for the checkers in the Rookie 600 Sprint main. Sydney Prince was spot on in the Rookie 270 Sprint headliner as the Connecticut diva wired the field to enjoy her return to victory lane. "The Flying Dutchman" Richie VanOrden enjoyed another stellar evening at the speedway with a third place finish in the All Star Slingshots and grabbed a big win the Super Slingers as he found his groove early and then held off a late race rally from "The Carbondale Comet" Paul Ennes on his way to victory. "The Icon" Pat Bealer found the style and the guile to register a big win in the 270 Sprint run for the roses. In the All Star Slingshot main attraction, "The Oxford Express" Dale Kober wired the field but was pressed all of the way by "The Dirt Diva" Shannon Smith as the event proved to be a nail-biter from start to finish. The evening of events was presented by Detrick's Chimney Services from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.
Time trials kicked off the racing activity for half of the divisions while qualifying heats provided the fans with what were like mini-feature events as the talented drivers dug deep in the Hamlin clay to earn their starting spots for the feature events. The Stage One Modifieds kicked off the main events and Joel Smith wasted no time in grabbing the lead at the tstart of the main event and led the first fourteen laps until nagging problems under the bonnett allowed Bobby Smith Jr to assume command of the race. Shannon Smith applied the pressure to Bobby Smith Jr for the remainder of the run but it would be Bobby Smith Jr smiling in victory lane in with another triumph at the speedway. Shannon Smith was the runner-up with "Thrillin" Dylan Martin in third, John Comandini in fourth and Collin DuBois nailing down fifth. Wally Bell captured the SB One Modified run.
Dale Kober and Del Howell brought the 24-car All Star Slingshot field down for the start of the headline twenty lap feature event. Kober was quick to seize command of the event with third place starting Shannon Smith quickly moving into the runner-up role as she once again piloted the Danny Buccafusca hot rod. The laps clicked off and it was a chess match as Kober and Smith matched each other move for move. A sixteenth lap skirmish brought the field to a halt and provided for the final theatrics as Kober took off on the green with Smith diving for the baseline in turn one. Kober closed the door quickly and went to claim a narrow victory over Shannon Smith in a spectacular feature run that saw Richie VanOrden remain close as the top three were racing under a blanket as they drove to the finish line. "The Mack Attack" Mack Brink was fourth in a great drive from eleventh place and "Double J" Jimmy Johnston completed the top five. Henry Anderson headed up the second five as he fostered a great run from fifteenth starting place to finish sixth and Matt Massone, Joe Bodenshatz, Del Howell and Hunter Smith rounded out the top ten.
Pat Bealer found the Hamlin Speedway much to his liking as he led every lap of the 270 Sprint main to capture the event event win despite constant pressure from "The Hurricane" Harlee Schaffer. Schaffer was returning to the speedway after a long absence but didn't forget the fast way around the speedway as she hounded Bealer from start to finish to nail down second place. "TK" Tommy Kunsmam was third in a great drive while Kurt Bettler and defending track champion CJ Heinig completed the top five. Darin Bartholomew picked up a ride in a Widdos owned hot rod and did a great job to finish sixth from an 18th place starting position while Grady Johnston, Paul Richards, Hayden Miller and Kyle Rutledge completed the top ten.
Kyle Lick seized the lead at the drop of the green flag and dominated the first Wingless 600 feature attraction to claim the win despite "The Canaan Sensation" Eddie Strada providing plenty of opposition for each lap of the main event. Strada would finish second with Brandon Azzalina, Kyle Rohner and Rhett Long completing the top five. The next five positions were claimed by Brett Michalski, Jordan Tittle, Danielle Dickinson, Shelby Harper and Chad Sandt. The feature was marred by a spectacular flip on lap three by Hellertown's Jacob Severn as he hopped a tire on the backstretch and flipped into the Jersey barrier and the force of the initial hit proceeded to launch him into a series of violent end over end rolls that saw his racer clear the barriers in turn three and land in the pit lane of the speedway. Severn was shaken but unhurt in the scary incident.
Jared LaBagh and Collin DuBois brought the stars of tomorrow starting field to the line for their 20-lap main event. LaBagh won the drag race at the start and quickly carved out a lead as third place starting Ryan Quackenbush took up the chase after LaBagh. LaBagh was in complete command of the event as through the mid-point of the race he clicked off new track records on his way to victory. Quackenbush was second in an excellent run with Thomas "Sonny" Strupp gathering in third place, Collin DuBois fourth and "The Flash" Bobby Flood completing the top five. Newcomer Daniel Morgiewicz was sixth with Tyler Peet in seventh, newcomers and teammates Aaron Bush and Erin Paulison and the returning Evan VanValkenburg all nailing down top ten finishes.
Stephen Reynolds was at the top of his game as he out-raced Robbie Hocker into turn one to lead the Rookie 600 Sprint main event. Reynolds, who has gone through a series of misfortunes throughout the 2012 season, cast his troubles to the wind as he was spot on in racing to his first career victory at the speedway. Hocker and "The Electric Man" Colin White became engaged in a shoot out for runner-up honors and the battle was settled as Hocker slid up a bit in turn one late in the event to allow White the opportunity to race into second place with Hocker in third, "Ri-Mac" Riley Moczulski in fourth and Jeremy Bedrosian continuing to do great work to claim fifth. Heidi Hedin, Zac Azzalina, Kyle Rode, TJ Lilly and Bill Shire completed the top ten finishers.
Sydney Prince proved to be at the top of her game as she clicked off the fastest times of the evening enroot to another win at the speedway. Her time of 11.735 seconds proved to be the fastest time of the evening for all of the winged warriors in attendance for the evening. John Dvorscak was second with Glenn Macomber in third, Jenna Weidner fourth and Tyler Galatro completing the top five. Alyssa Fogel from Northampton enjoyed her maiden voyage at Hamlin aboard the Zack Bealer mount and was sixth with Mallory Prince finishing seventh. Mike Kalman had a tip over on the backstretch on lap one and forced him from further competiton for the evening.
The Super Slingers saw Richie VanOrden return to victory lane as he dominated the first half of the event and then danced through the lapped traffic to hold off a determined Paul Ennes to claim the win with Ennes a close second. "The Ambassador" Wes Hearn was a close third with Dale Kober in fourth and Jimmy Johnston completing the top five. Roger Collins, Joe Bodenshatz, Tom Arntz, Eric Snyder and Jerry Hughes completed the top ten finishers.
The finale for the Wingless 600 Sprints saw the revenge draw in place with Race Director Megan Ammirato and Announcer Steve Pados joining the top twelve drivers from the first feature behind the grandstand tower. The gift or rift fun time had Kyle Lick drawing first and handing the number one spot to his girlfriend Shelby Harper. One by one the drivers picked the spots for each other but the first pick from Lick to Harper was all the young driving star needed as she kept the family race car wound up through out the twenty lap encounter to race to victory and close the show in a blaze of glory. Rhett Long was strong throughout the run and claimed a runner-up finish with "The Tornado" Jordan Tittle in third, "The Bushkill Bullet" Kyle Rohner in fourth and Brandon Azzalina compelting the top five. Chad Sandt, Chris Oraschin, Billy Clark, Rick Calvert and the returning Ryan Neil completed the top ten. The second feature was halted on lap two when Brett Michalski was pinched into the Jersey barrier on the backstretch and was launched into a series of flips that took him from the middle of the backstretch all of the way past turn three. Emergency crews freed Michalski from the battered race car as he too was a bit shaken in the violent crash but waved to the fans as he stepped away from the wreckage.
The weather was fabulous for the evening of racing activities and the great crowd on hand saw some great racing throughout the evening and the heat racing action saw the great depth of the very talented Hamlin Speedway rosters. Heat racing action saw wins by Brett Michalski and Chad Sandt in round one of the 600 Sprints and Kyle Rohner and Jacob Severn collecting wins in round number two. Hayden Miller and Pat Bealer captured the 270 Sprint heatswhile Collin DuBois and Jared LaBagh claimed the Junior Slingshot heat wins. All Star Slingshot heats were captured by Joe Bodenshatz, "The Big Unit" Randy Johnston and Richie VanOrden while Ryan Snyder captured the B-Main. Time trials saw Bobby Smith Jr, in the Stage One Modifieds, Stephen Reynolds in the Rookie 600 Sprints, Sydney Prince in the Rookie 270 Sprints and Richie VanOrden in the Super Slingers all of the fastest under the clocks to set the stage for the featur events.
Newcomers to the speedway included Eric and Ryan Snyder, Steve Croker in his first action at the speedway since the karts days, Paul Dice, Alyssa Fogel, Ray Nybeck, Harlee and Cheyanne Schaffer, Steve Walters and Aaron Bush all testing out the racing surface at Hamlin. "The Traveling Man" Mick D'Agostino and crew were as persistent as a crew can be as when in a contending spot in his heat event, major troubles abounded when rear end problems forced him to the infield in a cloud of dust. The crew went to work and had Mick out for both feature runs and even though an early retiree in both events, a tip of the Fedora to the crew for all of their hard work.
Part-time speedway announcer Justin Beltrame was on hand for the evening with his children to enjoy the racing events during the evening. ARDC correspondent Debbie Smith made her first visit to the speedway and enjoyed the evening of events and was amazed at the tremendous roster of driving talent at the speedway as she viewed the action from the grandstand tower. Evelyn Smith (Mrs Roy Smith), was back at the speedway and cheered her grandchildren on as they competed on the speedway.
All Star Slingshots: Dale Kober, Shannon Smith, Richie VanOrden, Mack Brink, Jimmy Johnston, Henry Anderson, Matt Massone, Joe Bodenshatz, Del Howell, Hunter Smith, Joe Howey, Tyler Johnston, Gary Dennis, Billy Clark, Ryan Snyder, John Pantis, Paul Ennes, Brody Adamsky, Mike Fogler, Wes Hearn, Trevor LaBagh, Jeff Cosgrove, Randy Johnston
270cc Sprints: Pat Bealer, Harlee Schaffer, Tommy Kunsman, Kurt Bettler, CJ Heinig, Darin Bartholomew, Grady Johnston, Paul Richards, Hayden Miller, Kyle Rutledge, Zach Weidner, Zack Bealer, Rick Casario, Jared Kunkle, Steve Walters, Ron Pierson, Larry Hoagland, Nunzi Allegrucci, Gene Burd, Cheyanne Schaffer, Richie O'Neill
600cc Wingless Sprints: (First Feature) Kyle Lick, Eddie Strada, Brandon Azzalina, Kyle Rohner, Rhett Long, Brett Michalski, Jordan Tittle, Danielle Dickinson, Shelby Harper, Chad Sandt, Molly Chambers, Joseph Smith, Billy Clark, Rick Calvert, Simon Egan, Chris Oraschin, Tony Scerbo, Ryan Neil, Tony Iudicello, Bobby Butler, Jacob Severn, Mick D'Agostino
600cc Wingless Sprints: (Second Feature) Shelby Harper, Rhett Long, Jordan Tittle, Kyle Rohner, Brandon Azzalina, Chad Sandt, Chris Oraschin, Billy Clark, Rick Clavert, Ryan Neil, Kyle Lick, Bobby Butler, Tony Scerbo, Tony Iudicello, Molly Chambers, Joseph Smith, Simon Egan, Danielle Dickinson, Eddie Strada, Brett Michalski, Mick D'Agostino
Stage One Modifieds: Bobby Smith Jr, Shannon Smith, Dylan Martin, John Comandini, Collin DuBois, Joel Smith
SB One: Wally Bell
Junior Slingshots: Jared LaBagh, Ryan Quackenbush, Thomas Strupp, Collin DuBois, Bobby Flood, Daniel Morgiewicz, Tyler Peet, Aaron Bush, Ern Paulison, Evan VanValkenburg, Alex Yankowski, Taylor Eccles, Tighe Sherlock
Super Slingshots: Richie VanOrden, Paul Ennes, Wes Hearn, Dale Kober, Jimmy Johnston, Roger Collins, Joe Bodenshatz, Tom Arntz, Eric Snyder, Jerry Hughes, Kevin Olver, Paul Dice, Steve Croker, Mike Moyer, Aaron Henneforth, Tommy Vroom Jr, John Rooks Sr, Jim Wyant
Rookie 270cc Sprints: Sydney Prince, John Dvorscak, Glenn Macomber, Jenna Weidner, Tyler Galatro, Alyssa Fogel, Mallory Prince, Josh Schaffer, Mike Kalman
Rookie 600cc Wingless Sprints: Stephen Reynolds, Colin White, Robbie Hocker, Riley Moczulski, Jeremy Bedrosian, Heidi Hedin, Zac Azzalina, Kyle Rode, TJ Lilly, Bill Shire, Kendall Segar, Steve VanValkenburg, Amber Oraschin, Ray Nybeck, Shelby Ogazaly, Nick Corazzi, William Butler
Racing Saturday evenings from April through September. The next scheduled event of the 2012 racing season will unfold on September 8th with all eight of the regular divisions in action celebrating Labor Day at the speedway and headlining the racing action with top billing going to the Fifth Edition of the Micro Mountain Nationals that will find both the 270 and 600 Sprints catching the cushion and going racing for the big $1,000.00 prize for the winners in each division based on a 24-car entry in each. Pit Gates open at the speedway at 1 PM; Drivers Meeting at 4:45; Hot Laps are at 5:00 and the racing begins at 6 PM sharp. Admission Prices for regular shows are: Adults $8.00; Senior Citizens $4.00 Children under 6 are Free; Pit Pass: $20.00 The "new" General Admission Bonus Pack is available for families: It consists of 4 General Admission Tickets + $20.00 in Food Vouchers for $40.00 (a savings of $12.00)
The 5th Edition of the Micro Mountain Nationals will unfold on September 8th with $1,000.00 on the line for both the 270 and the 600 Sprint divisions at the speedway based on a 24 car entry for each division racing in 30-lap feature headliners.
For further updates and information regarding all of the news and additions to the Hamlin Speedway, logon to their well documented website at: http://www.hamlinspeedway.com or call the speedway hotline at: 570 420 5500. For video work or questions regarding the purchase of videos from the exciting on-track action at the Hamlin Speedway, contact videographer Barry Boyd at: http://www.boydracingvideos.com For photos of all of the great racing action contact Rick Schwindenhammer Racing Photos at: http://www.ricksracingphotos.zenfolio.com
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