Charlie Lawrence Is Magical In Slingshot Speedweeks Finale; Mick D'Agostino Sensational in 600 Sprints At Hamlin Speedway

Date: 8/9/2015 5:29:54 AM


Hamlin, PA - Charlie Lawrence Is Magical In Slingshot Speedweeks Finale; Mick D'Agostino Sensational In 600 Sprints At Hamlin Speedway
By: Steve Pados, GA Motorsports Media
A beautiful summer day in the Pocono Mountains brought out another enthusiastic standing room only crowd and a driving roster chock full of ability and talent as Hamlin Speedway Promoters Randy and Denise Smith and Staff continue to pay close attention to the intricate details of running a top of the line professional race show. Randy Smith had the 1/5th mile clay cushioned oval in top form and the drivers chased the track records in hot laps as they prepared for the evening of speed. The seven feature event race card was completed by 11 PM and when the roars of the race cars had died down, some familiar and some new faces wore the spoils of victory in the Hamlin Speedway Winners Circle. S&S Speedways located in Snydersville, Pennsylvania sponsored last night's racing action.
With lots on the line for the All Star Slingshot drivers, 37 talented drivers made their way to the speedways grounds for battle. "Chargin" Charlie Lawrence showed once again he is a master at big racing events as the New York driving star overcame an early lead by Brett Bieber and drove away to an impressive win in the thirty lap main event for the division. Determination and dedication has brought Mick D'Agostino to the Hamlin facility for the past five seasons and Saturday night proved to be his finest moment as "The Travelin Man" wore down a top flight field of racers to capture his first ever win at Hamlin in the 600 Sprint main. The same can be said for John Rook Sr as he also hustled his way to his first ever win at Hamlin in a wire to wire win for the Super Slinger pilot. Jeff Hineline has been an infrequent visitor to Hamlin Speedway in 2015 but he got back in the groove on Saturday night as he drove to his first win this season in the Hampton RV and Trailer Sales Stage One Modifieds finale. Pat Bealer raced to his sixth win at Hamlin in the 270 Sprint main. "The Quack Attack" Ryan Quackenbush is an "on the hammer" racer and misfortune dealt him a blow last week when he lost a car to a spectacular flip with AJ Hobbs. Undaunted, the youngster brought a brand new Hyper race car to the speedway on Saturday night and proceeded to get faster with each passing lap as he claimed his fourth win of the season in the Rookie 600 Sprint finale. Taylor Mills led nineteen of the twenty laps of the Junior Slingshot feature but got behind some slower traffic allowing his brother Justin to slip past him in the third turn and go on and capture his third win of the season.
The Rookie 600 Sprints found Ryan Quackenbush jumping into the lead from his outside pole start. going to battle. From sixth starting spot came the "Flash Over Kid" Jerry Rutledge and he began to lay some pressure on Quackenbush by working the baseline of the speedway while Quackenbush remained glued to the top shelf. The drivers were turning near identical times as they raced lap after lap for the win. Quackenbush would capture the win with Rutledge second, Danielle Dickinson third, Bob Bartleson fourth, Mike Linderman fifth and Ron Bosga completing the field.
The 600 Sprint main found former track champions Kyle Lick and Bobby Butler making up the front row. It only took the drop of the green flag to initiate what would become one of the finest racing events in the history of the speedway, but before it would become reality a skirmish at the start of the event found Chris Kurtz getting upside down on the home stretch that also eliminated Rick Calvert and Nick Corazzi. Kyle Lick and Bobby Butler began to work their magic with Lick leading and "The Conductor" going for broke with slide jobs at the corners. Mick D'Agostino had the best view in the house as he watched the action unfold in front of him. D'Agostino went to work from the baseline and an inside move allowed him past Butler for second place and within a lap began to show the nose of his racer to Lick from the inside line. Lick led until lap seven when D'Agostino pulled even and hustled the family owned race car into the lead. D'Agostino kept hitting his marks with each passing lap and Lick took a couple of shots at the lead once again with D'Agostino repelling each attempt. D'Agostino held his ground and earned a popular victory at the speedway for the Taunton, Massachusetts hot shoe. Lick was the runner-up in the Lamar Shaffer house car with "The G-Man" Grady Johnston third after putting on a top of the raceway exhibition on his way to the front. "The Electric Man" Colin White continued his recent great runs with a fourth place finish and "Double M" Mark Manieri was solid with another top five finish. The returning Robbie Hocker, Joel Smith, Zack Bealer, Brody Adamsky and Kyle Rutledge completed the top ten. The event was marred when Chad Sandt spun across the track and collected JD Casazza who went into a series of flips. Casazza was having his best run of the season up to that point.
The "stars of tomorrow" Junior Slingshot feature headliner found Taylor Mills leading at the start with Kyle Braun and Justin Mills in pursuit. Just as quick, Justin Mills slipped past Braun and went after his brother, who had built up a nice lead on the field. Justin began nibbling away at the lead as the Mills Brothers were now one and two. As slower traffic came into view, it appeared as though Taylor would negotiate through it. The white flag flew and Taylor was looking to go around a car from the outside. Justin sensed the maneuver and dropped down low to pull even with Taylor and used the final two turns to narrowly eke out the win over Taylor. Kyle Braun continues to impress with a solid third place finish and Tyler Peet would end up fourth. Another great run by Jared Silfee netted him another top five finish. Alex Yankowski, JJ Rice, Ashley Kober, Jake Mason and Shelby McLaughlin completed the top ten finishers.
Sixty-eight years young Will Casazza powered to the front at the start of the Hampton RV and Trailer Sales Stage One Modified main event. A skirmish with Joel Price in turn three found Collin DuBois getting upside down and Casazza and Price withdrawing from the event with problems. On the restart Jeff Hineline powered to the front and enjoyed a nice lead within a few laps. After restarting in the rear after the early mishap, Joel Smith came roaring through the field. Smith would quickly melt the lead Hineline enjoyed but Hineline had enough gas pedal to hold on to his first win of the season. Joel Smith would settle for the runner-up role with Aaron Henneforth putting on a late charge for third place. Newcomer Steve Darling, Florida's Charlie Bodine and Alex Yankowski would complete the field.
The 270 Sprint main attraction found Pat Bealer with a pole start and he quickly grabbed the lead but the event came to a sudden halt when Brittany Erlsten got upside down on lap five. On the restart, Bealer quickly ran to daylight, turning laps at 11.335 seconds to dominate the action and going on to capture his sixth win of the season at Hamlin. Robbie Watson was a solid second with Paul Richards Jr third, Sydney Price fourth and Mallory Prince completing the top five. The rest of the field were headed up by Tyler Galatro, Shawna Winters, Glenn Macomber, Dylan Martin in first 270 ride, Kyle Ferrucci and Morgan Rochelle.
Super Slinger action found John Rooks Sr hustling into the lead at the drop of the green flag. Fourth place starting Dale Kober would take up the chase along with Roger Collins and they traded spots for a few laps before settling in with Kober putting tons of pressure on Rooks but Rooks never wavering as he went on to capture his first win ever at the Hamlin Speedway. Dale Kober, Roger Collins, Wes Hearn, Derrick Cormier, Aaron Geary, Joseph Smith and Mike Moyer completed the field. "Mama J" Janell Geary suffered a hard hit on lap sixteen and withdrew from the event.
The headliner for the evening was the All Star Slingshot finale and the thirty lap feature had excitement written all over it from the get-go. Former National Champion, "The Jet" Brett Bieber earned the pole and quickly made things happen when he grabbed the lead at the start of the run. Austin Silfee followed Bieber in the early laps and former Empire Region Slingshot Champion Charlie Lawrence was on the prowl. Lawrence took a stab or two at Silfee for a couple of laps before slipping past him and Lawrence quickly went on the attack for the lead spot. A restart on lap eleven found Lawrence pulling even with Bieber and a full head of steam into turn one by both found them trading paint with Lawrence coming out of turn two with the lead. Once in front, the leader were all clicking off lap times in the 13.5 second range and it kept the racing tight all around the speedway. Lawrence never waivered and would lead the rest of the way for his third win of the season and second big win at Hamlin in the last month. Austin Silfee ran a great race to finish second with Bieber in third, hard driving Henry Anderson fourth and Russell Benke III rounding out the top five. The second five found the current National Champion Dylan Hoch in sixth while Mack Brink, Dale Kober, Louden Reimert and Dillon Steuer followed. Wes Hearn, Donny Hockman, Daniel Morgiewicz, Tyler Pirone and Don Schmidt completed the top fifteen. Two cars completed all thirty laps.

The speedway welcomed racing legend "The Rocket" Ronnie Dunstan back to the speedway last weekend. Ronnie is vacationing in his former local area as he new resides in the Tampa, Florida area with his life partner Glenna Henry. Ronnie is probably one of the most versatile drivers that ever came down the pike racing almost every class that was available to him. Ronnie captured racing titles in the Midget and Legend racing cars and of note captured the last feature event ever held at the Allentown Fairgrounds. Ronnie was thoroughly impressed with the racing at Hamlin and the high quality of the racing program presented.
Heat racing action at Hamlin has always proved to be like mini-feature events and last night was no exception to the rule with the All Star Slingshots performing their customary dual heat format. Heat winners included Corey Cormier, Austin Silfee, Dillon Steuer and Alan Selemba in round one followed by Charlie Lawrence, Chris Kurtz, Tom Arntz and Wes Hearn in round two. The 270 Sprint heats were claimed by Pat Bealer and Robbie Watson. Junior Slingshot heat action found Justin Mills and Ashley Kober capturing wins. Three heats were required for the 600 Sprints with Joel Smith, Chad Sandt and Grady Johnston capturing the wins. Time trial action found Dale Kober the quick timer in the Super Slingers with a 14.296 clocking. Ryan Quackenbush was the fast timer in the Rookie 600 Sprints with a 12.136 second time narrowly beating Bob Bartleson. Stage One Modified trials found Joel Smith stopping the clocks at 13.014 seconds to lead all drivers.
Newcomers to the Hamlin Speedway scene for the racing action included in the the 500 Sprint of Jacob Fox. While not new to the speedway it was great to have Kyle Lick, Bobby Butler, Robbie Hocker, Brandon Bright and Shawn Rooney back in the Hamlin House. John Lakatos returned to action in the Stage One Modifieds. A stacked field of All Star Slingshots usually means a few drivers will be sitting it out come feature event time. Failing to make the cut on this tough night of competition included travelers Erik Jones, Seth Spayd, Amanda Conroy and William Mohring while regulars Chloe Andreas, Hunter Metzger, Matthew Henneforth, Tess Horvath and Kyle Herve would also sit out the feature run. Tour regulars Louden Reimert and Don Schmidt earned provisional's while track provisional's were granted to Daniel Morgiewicz and Tyler Pirone. David Carraghan made his first appearance of the season in his Miner's Pub sponsored hot rod.
Speedway friend and announcer Justin Beltrame was on hand last evening and thoroughly enjoyed the exciting racing action in front of him. Justin will be at the mike on August 29th when a prior engagement will keep regular track announcer Steve Pados away from the speedway.
All Star Slingshots: (MA Gold/Speedweeks Finale) Charlie Lawrence, Austin Silfee, Brett Bieber, Henry Anderson, Russell Benke III, Dylan Hoch, Mack Brink, Dale Kober, Louden Reimert, Dillon Steuer, Wes Hearn, Donny Hockman, Daniel Morgiewicz, Tyler Pirone, Don Schmidt, John Rooks Jr, Corey Cormier, Damon Paul, Mike McLaughlin, Tom Arntz, Anthony Raisner, Derek Conrad, Chloe Andreas, David Carraghan, Alan Selemba, Jeff Cosgrove, Alex Van Pelt, Jordan Lawrence, Chris Kurtz
270cc Sprints: Pat Bealer, Robbie Watson, Paul Richards Jr, Sydney Prince, Mallory Prince, Tyler Galatro, Shawna Winters, Glenn Macomber, Dylan Martin, Kyle Ferrucci, Morgan Rochelle, JJ Uliana, Brittany Erlsten, Jacob Hendershot, Geordan Marrero, Paul Richards Sr
600cc Wingless Sprints: Mick D'Agostino, Kyle Lick, Grady Johnston, Colin White, Mark Manieri, Robbie Hocker, Joel Smith, Zack Bealer, Brody Adamsky, Kyle Rutledge, Mike Van Pelt, Sam Kravitsky, Jacob Fox, Chad Sandt, Joseph Smith, Bobby Butler, JD Casazza, Tex Snyder, Brandon Bright, Rick Calvert, Chris Kurtz, Nick Corazzi, Will Butler, Shawn Rooney
Hampton RV And Trailer Stage One Modifieds: Jeff Hineline, Joel Smith, Aaron Henneforth, Stephen Darling, John Lakatos, Charlie Bodine, Alex Yankowski, Dylan Martin, Jakson Ring, Will Casazza, Joel Price, Collin DuBois
Junior Slingshots: Justin Mills, Taylor Mills, Kyle Braun, Tyler Peet, Jared Silfee, Alex Yankowski, JJ Rice, Ashley Kober, Jake Mason, Shelby McLaughlin, Anthony Recchio
Super Slingshots: John Rooks Sr, Dale Kober, Roger Collins, Wes Hearn, Derrick Cormier, Aaron Geary, Joseph Smith, Mike Moyer, Janell Geary
Rookie 600cc Wingless Sprints: Ryan Quackenbush, Jerry Rutledge, Danielle Dickinson, Bob Bartleson, Mike Linderman, Ron Bosga, Jacob Fox, Jesse James Bartleson, Carmen Leggio Jr, AJ Hobbs
Racing every Saturday evening from April through September. The next event on the Hamlin Speedway schedule is set for August 15th when all Divisions will be in action on the 1/5th mile clay cushioned oval and the speedway will have a special Wingless 270 Sprint racing event. Make sure to check the Hamlin Speedway website or Facebook page for any additional information. Pit Gates open at the speedway at 3 PM; Drivers Meeting at 5:45; Hot Laps are at 6:00 and the racing begins at 7 PM sharp. Admission Prices for regular shows are: Adults $10.00; Senior Citizens $5.00 Children under 6 are Free
Please support the many great sponsors who assist in working and sponsoring the season long events at the speedway. Tilcon, Yankowski Enterprises, Triple Cities Mack, Dickie Keiper Speed Supplies, Ron Brown Hauling, Classic Cycles, Kim's Kreations,, Howe's Comfort Inn and Santarelli And Sons Oil Company are all part of the advertising family at the speedway and we graciously thank them for their support.
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