Date: 8/28/2007 1:31:34 AM

Strapped In Magazine is giving anyone a chance to be a collector,a sales vendor or make some extra money at Flea Markets or auctions.Mix and match 100 copies of Strapped In from Issue # 5 ,the Coupes & Coaches Special Issue to the recent # 18 Issue.All Strapped In's contain the 40 page ,photo only format ,some of which have never been in print or seen by the public before.
Strapped In always has special sections that generate memories from the newest race fan to fans of years gone by.The ever popular 'Who's Behind the Wheel" makes even the most devout race fan's knowledge of car and driver put to the test.
The cover prices on these issues ranges from $5.00 to the $8.00 price for the 8 page color center section issue.Not many drivers left out with at least 115 racing photos in each issue.
The price for 100 with shipping is $ 300.00.
Here's your chance to sell at race tracks,or have enough magazines to cover a flea market table.
If interested please contact:
Mike Feltenberger
1169 Mulberry St.
Reading,PA 19604
or call Mike at 610-223-4181 (C),717-866-7450 (W) or by emailing Mike at
Please check out the great assortment at

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