24th Issue of Strapped in Released

Date: 5/12/2009 9:40:45 PM

24th Issue of Strapped in Released
The 24th Issue of Strapped In has just been delivered and what an issue it is.Rieck's Printing in West Reading did a commendable job in helping put out a real stunner.

The front cover photo of NASCAR great Dale Earnhardt in the Childress 3 gets the wheels turning quickly.

Special sections devoted to races at Selinsgrove,Williams Grove,AC,Grandview,Daytona and Big Diamond blend with some mall show and a special Slingshot National event in Florida to get the cold weather racing season started.

"M"ashing the Gas is a few pages devoted to the stars of racing whose last name began with the letter M.

Long time race fan and crew member,the late Jack Bagley took his camera to every event he went to and we have some of Jack's Gems,in fact 20 of them in the May 09 issue.

Many race teams go 3 digits with their numbers and we have some of them in here in the Over One Hundred section.

Oldies photos and some current headline photos round out the 40 pages with the Dirt's For Racing and For the Fun of It sections rounding out the great array of photos.

The toughest Who's Behind the Wheel yet will have race fans scrambling for answers.

Rounding out the over 100 photos is a special back cover tribute to one of the best open-wheel drivers of all time,Mifflintown,PA's Keith Kauffman getting around Williams Grove in the Middleswarth # 7.

Among the pages of the May '09 Strapped In are such drivers as Ryan Godown,Rich Tobias,Duane Howard,Jeff Heotzler,Todd Shaffer,Russ Smith,Jeff Strunk,Dale,Jr.,Bobby Malzahn,Craig McCaughey,Tom Mayberry,Junior Mikosz,Doug Manmiller,Mark Martin,Mike McLaughlin,Vitor Meira,Danny Mitchell,Bill Elliott,Tommy Houston,Bobby Labonte,Denis Giroux,Freddy Adam,Gerald Chamberlain,Budd Olsen,Jan Opperman,Bobby Bottcher,Roger Burdick,Terry Meitzler,Alan Johnson,Clint Smith,Fred Rahmer,Al Tasnady,Ryan Smith,Ronnie Tobias,Ron Hornaday,Kevin Gobrecht,Richie Cass,Lynn Paxton,Neil Bonnett,Don Kreitz,Sr.,Jim Shampine,Jackie Evans,Lucas Wolfe,Scott Dixon,Frankie Schneider,Gene Goodling,Dick Bailey,Bobby Hauer and many,many more.

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Mike Feltenberger
Publisher / Editor : Strapped In Magazine
Slingshot by Tobias Event Organizer
Host of BCTV's Strapped In TV Show

Racing photographer

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