Kyle Weiss is King of the Wing - Carber, Kline, and Hostetter are also winners

Date: 5/16/2015 9:01:05 AM

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May 29-              270 Sprints, 600 Sprints (TT), Modifieds, Chargers Jonestown Throwdown

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FRIDAY MAY 15th, 2015

TRACK PHONE (717) 865-5330



Kyle Weiss is King of the Wing

Carber, Kline, and Hostetter are also winners


Kyle Weiss did it and now he will be forever in the history books at "King Kyle the First". Weiss won the RTS Chassis sponsored 270 Micro Sprint feature event. Weiss has lost a race on the final corner in previous races and Friday with lap traffic in front of him and Ross Perchak closing, Weiss needed to make some moves to take his first career Linda's Speedway win. Weiss did just what he had to do to clear the lap traffic and drive to the King of the Wing win. "King Kyle" led every lap with Ross Perchak and Liquid Nitro quick timer Jesse Maurer in chase. Weiss earned the pole passing Maurer in the dash race. Pat Bealer and 21st place starter Brandon Edgar rounded out the top five. 

Scott Gingrich finished in the sixth spot while Brent Shearer and Mike Boyer came from outside the top 15 to finish in sixth and seventh. 

Mike Skias and Brandon Heist rounded out the top ten finishers. Maurer set quick time, Jacob Hendershot, Pat Bealer, and Gingrich were the heat winners, and Brandon Heist won the consolation race. Other bonus prize winners were Josh Shaeffer and Devin Harron (Awards in Memory of Dj Furney), Mike Skias and Brad Brown (Awards in Memory of Charlotte Hartman), and Kyle Weiss (Leading lap 57 for Kevin Berger). Brandon Edgar was the Amy’s Photos hard charger.


The West Side Auto Body Slingshot have only seen one driver win three of the four races of the season; that driver went on to win the championship. Now, that driver's teammate has accomplished the same feat. Cody Kline made a mid-race pass of Kyle Gruber, the only other winner of a Slingshot race this season, on his way to the win. Brett Bieber challenged Kline, but had to settle for second. Gruber finished out the podium with Kenny Heffner and Justin Thompson in the top five. 

Jack Lewis, Ronnie Spitler, Brett Spitler, Scott Gray, and Ashley Ebersole rounded out the top ten. Thompson and Gruber were winners for the 17 car field.


Hoosier Tire 600 Micro Sprint heat races set the stage for the main event with the always-entertaining revenge redraw.  The redraw works by drivers pulling pill and then giving it to another driver. Brian Carber was given the pole and took full advantage of it. Carber bounced back after a wild wreck a few weeks ago wingless. Carber took the win in dominating fashion over Hayden Miller who scored a career best second place finish. Carber's teammate Steve Whary finished in third. Last week's winner Jerry Schott Jr. was fourth at the checkered flag while the returning Donovan Felker finishing in fifth. Justin Whittall recovered from an early race spin for sixth with Chris Oraschin, Amber Oraschin, Matt Swift, and Zach Bealer built up the top ten. Whary and Chris Oraschin were the heat race winners for the 16 car field.


Troy Hostetter finished the Charger race with a flat tire, but it wasn't enough to stop him from winning the race. Hostetter held off former champions Josh Michael and Chris Smith for the third Charger win of the year. The first two were won by Smith. Harold Smith battled his brother for the podium finish, but finished the race in fourth followed by Rob Pyle. Andrew Davis ran to a sixth place finish with Eric Hollenbach, Charlie Kimmel, Jon Manz, and Ed Lind finishing up the top ten. Hostetter and Kimmel Jr were the heat race winners. The Chargers return at the end of the month for the Jonestown Throwdown.


Friday May 22nd Linda's Speedway is racing again with a five-division show. The RTS Chassis sponsored 270 Micro Sprints, Hoosier Tire Winged

600 Micro Sprints, Dayne's Automotive Modifieds, and Gutshall Automotive 125 Micro Sprints will be in action along with the West Side Auto Body Slingshots in two 15 lap feature races. Also for the first time this year, the Bikes will see the speedway. Bicycle races are open to kids 16 and under with a special adult race vs the racecar drivers. Each racer must have a helmet. Gates open at 5 and Racing is at 7:30, For more information you can visit, Facebook, or Twitter or you can call the track hotline at (717)865-5330.










May 15th Race Results


RTS Chassis Sponsored 270 Sprints


Heat 1- Pat Bealer, Jesse Maurer, Devin Harron, Collin Ginther, Mike Boyer, Mike Skias Heat 2- Jacob Hendershot, Kyle Weiss, Josh Stoyer, Dave Williams, Lyle Strohman, Brent Shearer Heat 3- Scott Gingrich, Bradley Brown, Ross Perchak, Kenny Miller, Devin Adams, Chase Gutshall


Consi 1- Brandon Heist, Barry Shearer, Brandon Edgar, Josh Schaffer, Mike Kalman, Sean Zechman



1- 5w Kyle Weiss

2- 4 Ross Perchak

3- 88g Jesse Maurer

4- 23 Pat Bealer

5- 57 Brandon Edgar

6- 8 Scott Gingrich

7- 12 Brent Shearer

8- 41 Mike Boyer

9- 8s Pete Skias

10- 99 Brandon Heist

11- 3sx Lyle Strohman

12- 12s Josh Schaffer

13- 21d Dave Williams

14- 99x Devin Adams

15- 17 Mike Kalman

16- 44g Collin Ginther

17- 3 Josh Stoyer

18- 23m Kenny Miller

19- 23b Bradley Brown

20- 9d Devin Harron

21- 12x Barry Shearer

22- 1s Sean Zechman

23- 28 Jacob Hendershot

24- 19x Denise Pensyl

DNS- Chase Gutshall

DNQ- Brian Heist, Rob Pajauis, Don Werner



Hoosier Tire 600 Sprints

Heat 1- Steve Whary, Corry Roth, Brian Carber, Zach Bealer, Dan Degler, Matthew Swift Heat 2- Chris Oraschin, Hayden Miller, Justin Whittall, Jerry Schott Jr, Aaron Bollinger, Donovan Felker



1- 32 Brian Carber

2- 11h Hayden Miller

3- 44s Steve Whary

4- 10s Jerry Schott

5- 44f Donovan Felker

6- 67 Justin Whittall

7- 7j Chris Oraschin

8- 10 Amber Oraschin

9- 29 Matthew Swift

10- 61 Zach Bealer

11- 16 Aaron Bollinger

12- 3 Dan Degler

13- 5 Jason Sechrist

14- 7 Corry Roth

DNS- Kevin Kolb, Brooklyn Gable



Eash’s Towing Chargers

Heat 1- Troy Hostetter, Austin Brown, Josh Michael, Chris Smith, Dan Lind, Dave McMeans Heat 2- Charles Kimmel, Eric Hollenbach, Brian Derr, Harold Smith, Rob Pyle, John Manz



1- 00 Troy Hostetter

2- 2m Josh Michael

3- 69 Chris Smith

4- 29 Harold Smith

5- 01 Rob Pyle

6- 7 Andrew Davis

7- 1 Eric Hollenbach

8- 10 Charles Kimmel

9- 01m John Manz

10- 36 Dan Lind

11- 78 Austin Brown

12- 23 Dave McMeans

13- 11 Brian Derr

14- 13 Chris Cunnane



West Side Auto Body Slingshots

Heat 1- Justin Thompson, Cody Kline, Kenny Heffner, Dawson Landis, Travis Bieber, Ronnie Spitler Heat 2- Kyle Gruber, Brett Bieber, Scott Gray, Alex Schoffstall, Sam Scicchitano, Jack Lewis



1- 59 Cody Kline

2- 32 Brett Bieber

3- 30 Kyle Gruber

4- 39 Kenny Heffner

5- 22 Justin Thompson

6- 2j Jack Lewis

7- 18s Ronnie Spitler

8- 3s Brett Spitler

9- F14 Scott Gray

10- 22e Ashley Ebersole

11- 77 Alex Schoffstall

12- 43d Dawson Landis

13- 28s Sam Scicchitano

14- 43a Amber Britto

15- 114 Travis Bieber

16- 18a Alex Schmeidel

DNS- Dylan Hoch

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