Linda's Speedway Press Release and Results

Date: 6/13/2015 2:06:41 AM

Next Three Events:

              June19-             270 Sprints Mason Dixon Series North\South Smackdown (TT), Slingshots, Chargers, Xcel 600 Modifieds Tour + Modified Make Feature

            June26-           270 Sprints, Wingless Sprints, Slingshots, Chargers Twin 12ís, 125 Sprints + 270 Make Up Feature 

July 3- 270 Sprints Freedom 30 (TT), Wingless Sprints Tri Track Challenge, plus ARDC Midgets





FRIDAY JUNE 12th, 2015

TRACK PHONE (717) 865-5330




Weiler First Time Winner

Hitzler & Diehl also winners before Rain



There were two races going on Friday night; a race between the cars and the track trying to complete all the racing action. Brie Weiler from Lititz took the first win of her career win in the 125 Micro Sprints while Richie Hitzler (Lebanon) and Bill Diehl (Wrightville)took wins as well in the Earman Fulk Memorial race held in memory of the late race builder.


Brie Weiler started at the tail of the Gutshall Automotive 125 Micro Sprint feature. Weiler worked her way to the front while Dave Grube, Tajae Adams, and Chase Gutshall battle fiercely for the race lead. Adams had just passed Grube for the lead with two to go when Gutshall's car slowed on the home stretch bringing out the yellow. Adams lost his chain under the yellow handing the lead to Dave Grube. Grube, who led much of the race, showed the way with Weiler benefiting from the yellow and restarting second. On the restart Weiler stayed right with Grube and made the last corner pass for the win coming to the checkered flag. It was Weiler's first career win. fellow last row starter Zach Hollinger finished in second with Brianna Gerhart, Brooklyn Shearer, and Adams as the top five. Gutshall, Kelsey Heiner, Austin Graby, and Dave Grube rounded out the field. Adams won the heat race for the 125 Micro Sprints.


The Dayne's Automotive Modifieds went Topless Friday night for their annual race. Richie Hitzler made a quick adjustment to running topless and won both the heat and feature event. Hitzler took the top spot from early race leader Josh Pepe on lap four and drove away. Hitzler won the race by 1.065 seconds over Pepe, Ryan Higgs, Eric Whitby, and Andrew Ace. Chad Zornek recovered from an early race spin to finish sixth, Barry Breidegan did the same to hold down seventh, While aaron Bowes, Joe Cater, and Dylan McCrone came across the line in the top ten. Modified heat race wins went to Hitzler and Michael Burrows.


Scott Houndenshell picked the five pill after winning the heat race for the Central Pa Legend Cars. Bill Diehl was on the other end of lady luck and picked the pole after finishing in the top five of the heat to make the redraw. Diehl was dogged for much of the race by Chris Transeau, but led all the laps and took his first win of the season at the Speedway. Diehl came into the night third in the central Pa Legend point standings. Transeau had his hands full at the end of the race with Clint Penkauskas pressuring for the runner up spot. Transeau would hold of Penkauskas for the spot. Houndenshell came across the line fourth with Rocky Magaro rebounding from a did not finish in the heat race for fifth. Rick Haring, Ed Trump, Rick Hartwig, Austin Bellemare, and Chris McKinney rounded out the top ten finishers.


Feature races for the 270 Micro Sprints and Wingless 600 Micro Sprints were rained out. Rain hit the speedway just after ten as the 270 Micro Sprint main event was taking the green. Make Up dates will be announced as soon as a schedule can be finalized for the remainder of the season. Make up races for the 270 Micro Sprints and Xcel 600 Modifieds are yet to be run from May 29th. The race is considered official because all qualifying events were completed. No rain checks will be honored.


Next Friday, June 19th the Mason Dixon 270 Micro Sprint series is coming to town to compete in the North/South Smackdown race presented in part by Interstate Batteries. The is a non-point time trial event for the270 Micro Sprints. The Xcel 600 Modifieds will run a makeup race as well as compete in their Touring series race afterward. Also in competition will be the West Wide Auto Body Slingshots and the Chargers. Gates open at 5:30 with hot laps starting at 7:10. The 270 hot laps will be run a little later because of the travelers of the Mason Dixon series. Full Schedule will be available at, Facebook, or Twitter. Also for more information, you can call the track hot line at 717-865-5330.








Race Results From June 12th

Gutshall Automotive 125 Sprints

Heat 1- Tajae Adams, Dave Grube, Brianna Gerhart, Chase Gutshall, Austin Graby, Brooklyn Shearer



1- 2a Brie Weiler

2- 56 Zack Hollinger

3- 9 Brianna Gerhart

4- 12 Brooklyn Shearer

5- 63k Tajae Adams

6- 2 Chase Gutshall

7- 22k Kelsey Heiney

DNS- 87 Dustin Graby

DQ- 3d Dave Grube


Dayneís Automotive Topless Modifieds

Heat 1- Richie Hitzler, Jason Dunkleberger, Dylan McCrone, Chad Zornek, Ryan Higgs, Jason Mills

Heat 2- Michael Burrows, Barry Breidegan, Josh Pepe, Dakota Bartlett, Josh Bewley, Eric Whitby



1- 9 Richie Hitzler

2- 27 Josh Pepe

3- 88 Ryan Higgs

4- 43 Eric Whitby

5- 424 Andrew Ace

6- 26 Chad Zornek

7- 57 Barry Breidegan

8- 64 Aaron Bowes

9- 84 Joe Carter

10- C Dylan McCrone

11- 6 Jason Dunkleberger

12- 64 Aaron Bowes

13- 84 Joe Carter

14- 236 Jason Mills

15- 55 Michael Burrows

16- 54d Dakota Bartlett

17- 78 Josh Bewley

18- 623 Bruce Mills

19- 111 Charles Bowers

DNS- 59k Dakota Kohler



Heat 1- Scott Houdenshell, Bill Diehl, Chris Transeau, Clint Penkauskas, Keith Haring, Chris McKinney



1- 53 Bill Diehl

2- 18 Chris Transeau

3- 12j Clint Penkauskas

4- 5 Scott Houdenshell

5- 20 Rocky Magaro

6- 35 Keith Haring

7- 79 Ed Trump

8- 9 Rick Hartwig

9- 8 Austen Bellemare

10- 3m Chris McKinney


RTS Chassis Sponsored 270 Sprints


Heat 1- Jesse Maurer, Pete Skias, Mike Skias, Mike Boyer, Sean Zechman, Nick Skias

Heat 2- Devin Harron, Bob Brubaker, Scott Gingrich, Missi Seip, Brian Heist, Quinn Roberts

Heat 3- Josh Stoyer, Greg Miller, Bradley Brown, Brent Shearer, Chase Gutshall, Dave Williams


Consi 1- Brandon Heist, Collin Ginther, Lyle Strohman, Brandon Edgar, Josh Schaffer, Alex Swift




Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Sprints

Heat 1- Ken Murray, Austin Bishop, Nate Brinker, Steve Whary, Jason Swavely, Ron Lewis

Heat 2- Brian Carber, Steve Bull, Bruce Buckwalter, Richie Hitzler, Brent Shearer, Buddy Hines



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