270 Micro Sprint Smackdown to Harron; Whitby & Hitzler Wins Mods; Spitler First Time Slingshot Winner

Date: 6/20/2015 10:03:07 AM

June 26 - 270 Sprints, Wingless Sprints, Slingshots, Chargers Twin 12’s, 125 Sprints + 270 Make Up Feature (5/29)

July 3 - 270 Sprints Freedom 30 (TT), Wingless Sprints Tri Track Challenge, plus ARDC Midgets- Ray Bull Living Legends Night

July10- 270 Sprints, 600 Sprints Mid Summer Shootout Series , Modifieds, Slingshots, Chargers *Banner Night*





FRIDAY JUNE 19th, 2015

TRACK PHONE (717) 865-5330

EMAIL: Mike@LindasSpeedway.com


270 Micro Sprint Smackdown to Harron;  Whitby & Hitzler Wins Mods; Spitler First Time Slingshot Winner


It was 4:45 when a huge rainstorm hit Linda's Speedway on the night on June 19th. A storm that was predicted to last ten minutes ended up being a 45-minute downpour. Once the rain ended the dedicated staff of Linda's Speedway, the devoted racers, and patient fans worked and waited until hot laps rolled onto the track at eight. Once racing began Shellington's Devin Harron became the second ever winner of the North/South Smackdown race. The Xcel chassis Modified tour race was won by Emmaus native Eric Whitby by a bumper over the three cars behind him. Lebanon's Richie Hitzler won a makeup feature for the Modifieds. Other winners on the night were Troy Hostetter in the Chargers and Ronnie Spitler was a first time winner in the Slingshots.


Scott Gingrich quickly became the car to beat on Friday in the North-South Smackdown race for the RTS Chassis sponsored 270 Micro Sprints as the Mason Dixon series invaded the speedway. Gingrich set the Liquid Nitro quick time and won the dash to bring the field to the green flag. Some early yellow flags plagued the race. After a fuel stop on lap 13 Gingrich looked even stronger while Devin Harron was left trying to hold off Logan Diehl for second. A lap 19 restart changed the whole complexion of the race. Harron used a slide job to pass Gingrich on the restart. Gingrich tried to come back on the outside, but caught Harron's tire and slide up the track. Harron drove away from Diehl on his way to the $500 win. Bob Brubaker came across the line in third with Gingrich fourth, and Quinn Roberts muscling a strong top five finish. Mike Rutherford came from 18th to finish in sixth. Jesse Maurer, Dave Williams, Mike Skias, and Kyle Weiss were the top ten finishers. Brandon Edgar will earn a bonus as the 12th place finisher in memory of DJ Furney. Heat race winners for the 270 Micro Sprints were Dave Williams, Steven Cox, Mike Skias, and Kyle Weiss. Consolation wins went to Tyler Ulrich and Mike Rutherford. There were 37 cars on hand to compete Friday night.


Richie Hitzler made a big move in lap traffic to go by the early race leader Jason Dunkleberger in the Modified make up race from May 29th. Dunkleberger led the first nine circuits before lap traffic aided Hitzler in the winning move. The top two came into the night first and second in the point standings as well. Dunkleberger settled for second with Chris Eckert rounding out the podium finishers. Dylan McCrone and Aaron Bowes rounded out the top five. Charles Bowers came across the line in sixth with Eric Whitby, Rj Smith, Michael Burrows, and Andrew Ace the top ten finishers.


In the regular schedule Modified tour competition, Eric Whitby bolted to the top spot just ahead of Jason Dunkleberger. As the field raced hard for positions, a late race yellow set the stage for a one lap shootout. Whitby elected to take the outside line for the restart with Dunkleberger to his inside. On the restart, Dunkleberger got a great run into turn one and looked to have the race lead before Whitby came roaring back on the outside. The two ran side by side into turn three and began to lead on each other a little bit. That allowed Nate Brinker and Aaron Bowes to slip into the thick on the battle coming to the checkered flag. The top four finishers were separated by just .19 seconds with Whitby being the first across the line. Dunkleberger was second, Brinker and Bowes third and fourth. Rj Smith rounded out the top five. Winning car owner Rick Bates was so happy he actually slipped in one of the mud puddles around the speedway on his way to victory lane. He didn't mind celebrating the big win with a dirty shirt. Consolation winner Jon Pepe finish in sixth, Jon Josko was seventh, Andrew Ace was eighth, Dylan McCrone ninth, and Ryan Higgs rounded out the top ten finishers. Heat race winners for the Modifieds were Eric Whitby, Jon Josko, and Michael Burrows. Jon Pepe won the consi.


Ronnie Spitler has race a 270 Micro Sprint, 600 Micro Sprint, and now a Slingshot at Linda's Speedway. His first win came Friday night in the West Side Auto Body Slingshot feature event. Spitler held off numerous challenged from the defending Slingshot champion Justin Thompson and then later in the event Sam Scicchitano. Spitler admitted to being a little nervous at the end of the race as he saw the checkered flags for the first time. A timly lap 12 yellow flag helped Spitler to his first win. The caution was for his son Brett who slowed. Scicchitano was second; Dylan Hoch was third with Thompson and Kyle Gruber rounding out the top five. Point leader Cody Kline raced to sixth place while Bj Antonio, Kenny Heffner, Alex Schoffstall, and Dawson Landis rounded out the first ten across the line. Heat race winners for the Slingshots were Dylan Hoch and Brett Spitler.


Troy Hostetter has a few Linda's Speedway Charger wins under his belt. Friday night may go down as one of the hardest to win. Hostetter held off the race long attempts by Justin Good to win the 15 main. Good, returning after a few weeks off with car trouble, looks to have no rust as he picked at the race lead. Hostetter began to search the track a little for a better line before returning to the outside line that took him to the checkered flag. Good finished in second with Leroy Long on his back bumper the whole race as well. Ed Hollenbach and Chris Smith impeded the checkered in fourth and fifth. Josh Michael came from 12th to finish sixth with Kevin McCallin, Brian Derr, Austin Brown, and Chris Cunnane in chase. Charlie Kimmel Jr and Justin Good were the heat race winners for Charger field.


Next Friday, June 26th the 270 and Wingless 600 Micro Sprints are in action as well as the Slingshots, Chargers, and 125 Micro Sprints. The makeup feature from May 29th for the 270 Micro Sprints will also be raced. Gates open at 5:30 with hot laps starting at 7:00. Full Schedule will be available at LindasSpeedway.com, Facebook, or Twitter. Also for more information, you can call the track hot line at 717-865-5330.


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Race Results June 19th


RTS Chassis Sponsored 270 Sprints

Heat 1- Dave Williams, Scott Gingrich, Quinn Roberts, Logan Diehl

Heat 2- Steven Cox, Jesse Maurer, Collin Ginther, Brian Heist

Heat 3- Mike Skias, Chase Gutshall, Lyle Strohman, Greg Robinson

Heat 4- Kyle Weiss, Devin Harron, Brian Marriott, Bob Brubaker


Consi 1- Tyler Ulrich, Mike Boer, Brandon Heist, Brandon Edgar, Kyle Spence, Josh Stoyer

Consi 2- Mike Rutherford, Nick Skias, Greg Miller, Dan Degler, Ross Perchak, Missi Seip



1- 9d Devin Harron

2- 94d Logan Diehl

3- 12x Bob Brubaker

4- 8 Scott Gingrich

5- 43 Quinn Roberts

6- 9m Mike Rutherford

7- 88g Jesse Maurer

8- 21d Dave Williams

9- 16 Mike Skias

10- 5w Kyle Weiss

11- 42u Tyler Ulrich

12- 57 Brandon Edgar

13- 11 Brian Heist

14- 44g Collin Ginther

15- 22 Mike Boer

16- D3 Dan Degler

17- 99 Brandon Heist

18- 3sx Lyle Strohman

19- 21m Greg Robinson

20- 3 Josh Stoyer

21- 7 Kyle Spence

22- 58 Steven Cox

23-1a Chase Gutshall

24- 18 Brian Marriott

25- 88 Nick Skias

26- 77 Greg Miller

DNS- 29c Jeff Arigio



Eash’s Towing Chargers

Heat 1- Charles Kimmel Jr., Leroy Long, John Manz, Chris Smith, Kevin McCallin, Harold Smith

Heat 2- Justin Good, Austin Brown, Troy Hostetter, Butch Helsel, Eric Hollenbach, Josh Michael



1- 00 Troy Hostetter

2- 72 Justin Good

3- 84 Leroy Long

4- 01 Ed Hollenbach

5- 69 Chris Smith

6- 2m Josh Michael

7- 38 Kevin McCallin

8- 11 Brian Derr

9- 78 Austin Brown

10- 58ez Chris Cunnane

11- 29 Harold Smith

12- 1 Eric Hollenbach

13- 10 Charles Kimmel Jr.

14- 07 Butch Helsel

15- 01m Jon Manz


West Side Autobody Slingshots

Heat 1- Dylan Hoch, Justin Thompson, Ronnie Spitler, Brett Bieber, Cody Kline, Scott Gray

Heat 2- Brett Spitler, Sam Scicchitano, BJ Antonio, Alex Schoffstall, Kyle Gruber, Kenny Heffner



1- 18s Ronnie Spitler

2- 28s Sam Scicchitano

3- 35 Dylan Hoch

4- 22 Justin Thompson

5- 30 Kyle Gruber   

6- 59 Cody Kline

7- 46 BJ Antonio

8- 39 Kenny Heffner

9- 77 Alex Schoffstall

10- 43d Dawson Landis

11- 3s Brett Spitler

12- F14 Scott Gray

13- 43a Amber Britto

DNS- 32 Brett Bieber


Dayne’s Automotive Xcel Modified Tour Series

Heat 1- Eric Whitby, RJ Smith, Nate Brinker, Tim Van Horn, Dylan McCrone

Heat 2- Michael Burrows, Jason Dunkleberger, Korey Inglin, Richie Hitzler, Chad Zornek

Heat 3- John Josko, Billy Koch, Andrew Ace, Joe Carter, Brian Carber


Consi 1- Jonathan Pepe, Josh Pepe, Aaron Bowes, Chris Eckert, Abbey Price



1- 43 Eric Whitby

2- 6 Jason Dunkleberger

3- 14n Nate Brinker

4- X Aaron Bowes

5- 42K RJ Smith     

6- 17 Jonathan Pepe

7- 08 John Josko

8- 424 Andrew Ace

9- C Dylan McCrone

10- 88 Ryan Higgs

11- 08v Tim Van Horn

12- 127 Korey Inglin

13- 111 Charles Bowers

14- 9a Abbey Price

15- 55 Michael Burrows

16- 84 Joe Carter

17- 62 Shawna Schiliblia

18- 26 Chad Zornek

19- 02 Chris Eckert

20- 27 Josh Pepe

21- 54d Dakota Bartlett

22- 66 Billy Koch

23-47h Brian Carber

24- 9 Richie Hitzler



Dayne’s Automotive Makeup 600 Modifieds from 5/29


1- 9 Richie Hitzler

2- 6 Jason Dunkleberger

3- 02 Chris Eckert

4- C Dylan McCrone

5- 64 Aaron Bowes

6- 111 Charles Bowers

7- 43 Eric Whitby

8- 42K RJ Smith

9- 55 Michael Burrows

10- 424 Andrew Ace

11- 57 Barry Breidegan

12- 84 Joe Carter

13- 88 Ryan Higgs

14- 78 Josh Bewley

15- 211 Brian Blankenbiller

16- 236 Jason Mills

17- 62 Shawna Schiliblia

18- 54d Dakota Barlett

DNS- 47 Scott Gesford

DNS- 623 Bruce Mills

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