Scicchitano Opens Slingshot Speedweek with W; Maurer, Swavely, Bishop are Micro Sprint Winners

Date: 8/1/2015 8:56:52 AM

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              14-        Linda’s Birthday Bash- 270 Sprints, 600 Sprints, Chargers, plus Xcel 600 Modifieds Tour *Autograph Night*

              21-        Elvin Felty Tribute Night- 270 Sprints, Wingless Sprints, Slingshots, 125 Sprints, Rookie Wingless *Autograph Night*

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FRIDAY JULY 31st, 2015

TRACK PHONE (717) 865-5330



Scicchitano Opens Slingshot Speedweek with W

Maurer, Swavely, Bishop are Micro Sprint Winners


On a night in which big races were run all over eastern Pennsylvania it was Jesse Maurer stealing the show in the RTS Chassis sponsored 270 Micro Sprints at Linda's Speedway. Maurer started the night by grabbing the Liquid Nitro quick time award. The last time Maurer did that, he didn't win a race the rest of the night. July 31st was a different story, as Maurer won out. He won the heat, dash, and the 25 lap feature event. It wasn't before an early race battle with Scott Gingrich and then a late race clash with Devin Harron that Maurer would go to victory lane. Maurer and Harron traded quicker lap times the last five laps of the race. Last week's winner, Harron, settled for the runner up spot with Gingrich, Josh Shaffer, and 14th starting Barry Shearer rounding out the top five. Greg Robinson charger early to the front from 13th and finished in sixth just ahead of Kyle Weiss, Dave Hawkins, Dave Grube, and consi winner Brandon Firestine. Maurer, Harron, and Chase Gutshall were heat race winners for the 26 car 270 Micro Sprint field.


"I loosened my belts and took a look at it under red and thought it was ok so I went for it." That is a quote from Jason Swavely after the Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Micro Sprint feature event at Linda's Speedway Friday night. Eric Whitby took the race lead away from Austin Bishop on an early race restart before Bishop crashed in turn three. Bishop was ok and Whitby took the top spot with Swavely in tail. Smoke was pouring from the 12e for much of the race, but Swavely, confident Whitby car would be ok, stayed right in his tire tracks before he made a lap 18 pass for the lead and eventual win. Its Swavely's second win in a row. Whitby ran to a second place finish while Pj Williams and Kenny Murray traded third over the closing laps in a nail biting battle. Steve Whary, the point leader, came from 20th to finish fifth. Steve Bull crossed the line in sixth with Brent Shearer, Richie Hitzler, Nate Brinker, and Devin Gundrum in chase. Swavely, Murray, and Justin Whittall were heat race winners. Steve Ricchione received the redemption spot in his return to the track.


It was not a twin 15 race, but Sam Scicchitano didn't mind winning his first full length feature event Friday night to open the 2015 Slingshot Speedweek. Scicchitano proved early that he would be a contender by finishing second in both his heat races and earning the pole spot in the West Side Auto Body Slingshots. Current Linda's Speedway point leader Cody Kline put the pressure on Scicchitano near the half way point of the race, but would go pit side with a problem allowing Scicchitano to drive to the win. Brett Bieber finished in the runner up spot with Dylan Hoch charging from 13th to the podium. Both Bieber and Hoch are former National Champions. Louden Reimert and Henry Anderson rounded out the top five finishers. Anthony Raisner, Kyle Gruber, Justin Thompson, Ronnie and Brett Spitler were sixth through tenth.


Rookie driver Andrew Ace looked poised to win his first feature at Linda's Speedway in the Dayne's Automotive Modifieds Friday night. Ace led the whole race until a late restart when he was paired with former rookie of the year Jon Josko on the front row for a restart. Ace spun his tires and Josko took the race lead with Richie Hitzler quickly moving into position as the runner up. Josko and Hitzler traded to lead before Hitzler took it for good on the final lap and took his second win in a row. Josko was second, Michael Burrows slide into third with Josh Bewley and Ace rounding out the top five finishers. Barry Breidegan held off Jason Dunkleberger for sixth, Joe Carter was eighth, Chris Eckert finished ninth, and Dylan McCrone finished out the top ten. Breidegan and Burrows were heat race winners.


As the season winds to its closing stages for the Gutshall's Automotive 125 Micro Sprints the point battle is the closest of any at the Speedway. Dave Grube was in a position to move up in the point standings with another win Friday night as he a Chase Gutshall raced for the top spot in the feature. Grube car slowed when he a Gutshall went side by side for the race lead handing the top spot over to Gutshall. Brie Weiler would have one shot at the leader on the restart, but Gutshall would cruise away for the win. Weiler finished second; Tajae Adams recovered from heat race problems to finish inside the top three. Brianna Gerhart and Zach Hollinger spent much of the event battling for fourth with Gerhart winning out. Brooklyn Shearer, Corey Schmuck, Dustin Adams, Austin Graby, and Grube were the top ten finishers. Heat race wins for the 125 Micro Sprints went to Grube and Weiler.


Next Friday night at Linda's Speedway is a Living Legends race to honor long time videographer Barry Boyd. Boyd has been at the Speedway since the mid 90's and has been a big part of central Pa racing for much longer. In action will be the 270 Micro Sprints, Wingless 600 Micro Sprints, the Chargers, and the Legend cars will compete in a time trial race. Gates open at 5:30 with racing starting at 7:30. For more information on the track or the upcoming events you can find us at, Facebook, or Twitter or call the track hotline at (717)865-5330.








RTS Chassis Sponsored 270 Sprints


Heat 1- Jesse Maurer, Josh Stoyer, Dave Williams, Dave Hawkins, Josh Schaffer, Greg Robinson

Heat 2- Devin Harron, Sean McAndrew, Barry Shearer, Scott Gingrich, Lyle Strohman, Stone Keller

Heat 3- Chase Gutshall, Kyle Weiss, Dave Grube, Brent Shearer, Collin Ginther, Alyssa Riker


Consi 1- Brandon Firestone, Nathan Weidman, Missi Seip, Dustin Fox, Sean Zechman, Mark Yoder



1- 88g Jesse Maurer

2- 9d Devin Harron

3- 8 Scott Gingrich

4- 12s Josh Schaffer

5- 12x Barry Shearer

6- 21m Greg Robinson

7- 5w Kyle Weiss

8- 27x Dave Hawkins

9- 3d Dave Grube

10- 11f Brandon Firestone

11- 21t Stone Keller

12- 1a Chase Gutshall

13- 21d Dave Williams

14- 12 Brent Shearer

15- 00 Alyssa Riker

16- 18x Dustin Fox

17- 1s Sean Zechman

18- 24x Missi Seip

19- 7 Nathan Weidman

20- 75 Mark Yoder

21- 44g Collin Ginther

22- 15 Sean McAndrew

23-3sx Lyle Strohman

24- 3 Joshua Stoyer


Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Sprints

Heat 1- Justin Whittall, Eric Whitby, Dan Degler, PJ Williams, Daniel Bair, Brent Shearer

Heat 2-Jason Swavely, Austin Bishop, Sam Kravitsky, Steve Bull, Tim Baurer, Dan Leaper

Heat 3-Ken Murray, Buddy Hines, Molly Chambers, Bruce Ginther Jr., Nate Brinker, Kenny Harris III



1- 14 Jason Swavely

2- 12e Eric Whitby

3- 8w PJ Williams

4- 5m Ken Murray

5- 44s Steve Whary

6- 1s Steve Bull

7- 12 Brent Shearer

8- 15c Richie Hitzler

9- 14n Nate Brinker

10- 17g Devin Gundrum

11- 03 Ryan Groff

12- 87 Buddy Hines

13- 4 Mike Linderman

14- 21r Steve Recchione

15- 8d Dan Leaper

16- 11a Austin Bishop

17- 14k Sam Kravitsky

18- 28 Bruce Ginther Jr.

19- 3 Dan Degler

20- 29 Daniel Bair

21- 17k Kenny Harris III

22- 67 Justin Whittall

23-49 Ben Earnst

24- 51 Molly Chambers

DNS- 89b Tim Baurer


Makeup Feature from 6/12

1- 11a Austin Bishop

2- 5m Ken Murray

3- 12 Brent Shearer

4- 12e Eric Whitby

5- 87 Buddy Hines

6- 67 Justin Whittall

7- 28 Bruce Ginther Jr.

8- 17g Devin Gundrum

9- 8d Dan Leaper

10- 1s Steve Bull

11- 14n Nate Brinker

12- 14 Jason Swavely

13- 44s Steve Whary

14- 15c Richie Hitzler

15- 8x Bruce Buckwalter

DNS- 32 Brian Carber

DNS- 5r Ron Lewis

DNS- 11 Kevin Kolb

DNS- 92 Nick Walton

DNS- Eric Heydenreich

DNS- 7 Corry Roth


West Side Auto Body Slingshots

Round 1 Heat 1- Brett Bieber, Sam Scicchitano, Anthony Raisner,  Louden Reimert, Kyle Gruber, William Mohring

Round 1 Heat 2- Don Schmidt, Justin Thompson, Brett Spitler, Dylan Hoch, Andrew Kreis, Dawson Landis

Round 1 Heat 3- Cody Kline, Henry Anderson, Dave Carragahn, Seth Spayd, Madison Pancheco, Alex Schmiedel

Round 2 Heat 1- Louden Reimert, Sam Scicchitano, Ronnie Spitler, Brett Bieber, Kyle Gruber, Anthony Raisner

Round 2 Heat 2- Andrew Kreis, Dawson Landis, Justin Thompson, Don Schmidt, Dylan Hoch, Amber Britto

Round 2 Heat 3- Alex Schmiedel, Dave Carragahn, Henry Anderson, Cody Kline, Seth Spayd, Tim Roeder



1- 28s Sam Scicchitano

2- 32 Brett Bieber

3- 35 Dylan Hoch

4- 58 Louden Reimert

5- 99 Henry Anderson

6- X Anthony Raisner

7- 30 Kyle Gruber

8- 22 Justin Thompson

9- 18s Ronnie Spitler

10- 3s Brett Spitler

11- 75 Andrew Kreis

12- 54 William Mohring

13- 43a Amber Britto

14- 3 Dave Carragahn

15- 59 Cody Kline

16- 72 Don Schmidt

17- 10s Seth Spayd

18- 18a Alex Schmiedel

19- 43d Dawson Landis

20- 63 Tim Roeder

DNS- 75m MadisonPancheco


Dayne’s Automotive Modifieds

Heat 1- Michael Burrows, Dylan McCrone, Richie Hitzler, John Josko, Charles Bowers, Aaron Bowes

Heat 2- Barry Breidegan, Andrew Ace, Jason Dunkleberger, Eric Whitby, Scott Gesford, Chris Eckert



1- 9 Richie Hitzler

2- 08 John Josko

3- 55 Michael Burrows

4- 78 Josh Bewley

5- 424 Andrew Ace

6- 57 Barry Breidegan

7- 6 Jason Dunkleberger

8- 84 Joe Carter

9- 02 Chris Eckert

10- C Dylan McCrone

11- 71 Travis Fichter

12- 111 Charles Bowers

13- 43 Eric Whitby

14- 211 Brian Blankenbiller

15- 26 Chad Zornek

16- 47 Scott Gesford

17- 64 Aaron Bowes

18- 62 Shawna Shiliblia

19- 43b Justin Schraden

DNS- 42K RJ Smith


Gutshall Automotive 125 Sprints

Heat 1- Dave Grube, Chase Gutshall, Brianna Gerhart, Brie Weiler, Austin Graby, Tajae Adams

Heat 2- Brie Weiler, Zack Hollinger, Brooklyn Shearer, Dustin Adams, Noah Merkey, Matt Donely



1- 1a Chase Gutshall

2- 2a Brie Weiler

3- 63k Tajae Adams

4- 9 Brianna Gerhart

5- 56 Zack Hollinger

6- 12 Brooklyn Shearer

7- 26 Corey Schmuck

8- 8 Dustin Adams

9- 87 Austin Graby

10- 3d Dave Grube

11- 15d Matt Donely

DNS- 31 Noah Merkey


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