Dunn Breaks Through in 270 Micro Sprints; Swavely- Long- Penkauskas Winners

Date: 8/8/2015 10:15:53 AM


14-     Linda’s Birthday Bash- 270 Sprints, 600 Sprints, Chargers, plus Xcel 600 Modifieds Tour *Autograph Night*

21-     Elvin Felty Tribute Night- 270 Sprints, Wingless Sprints, Slingshots, 125 Sprints, Rookie Wingless *Autograph Night*

28-     270 Sprints, Wingless Sprints, Modifieds, Slingshots, Legends National Qualifier *Legend Autograph Night*






FRIDAY AUG 7th, 2015

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Dunn Breaks Through in 270 Micro Sprints

Swavely- Long- Penkauskas Winners


Friday night Linda's Speedway honored long time videographer Barry Boyd for his contributions to the track with a Living Legends race. Barry has videoed in central Pennsylvania for many year and has been at Linda's Speedway since the late 90's. Boyd is the first non racer to be honored with the event at the track.


Jacob Dunn almost hung up his helmet at the start of 2015, but before he did, he decided he was going to finish out the year and on Friday August 7th he became a Linda's Speedway feature winner. Josh Schaffer led early even after his pipe was knocked loose. Schaffer showed the way with Dunn moving into second and waging a race long battle with Scott Gingrich. On a lap 21 restart Schaffer's car slowed and he, Dunn, and Gingrich went into turn one three wide for the race lead. Schaffer's car eventually rolled to a stop on the back stretch and Dunn inherited the race lead. Gingrich was second, Devin Harron, Josh Stoyer, and Nick Skias rounded out the top five on the restart. Every driver in the top five except Dunn is currently in the points title hunt. Dunn would have tall task of holding on for the last four laps, which he did for his first Linda's Speedway win. The top five remained the same with Gingrich, Harron, Stoyer, and Skias. Kyle Weiss came from the 15th starting spot to finish in sixth with the winners brother Trevor Dunn coming from 20th to seventh. Dave Williams was eighth with the returning Greg Miller ninth from 19th. Brent Shearer rounded out the top five. Heat race winners for the 270 Micro Sprints were Gingrich, Stoyer, and Brad Brown.


Justin Good was on track for his second win in the Chargers before he and Rob Pyle tangled racing for the lead in the Charger main event. The two fell to the rear of the field and veteran driver Leroy Long moved to the top spot. Long spent the remainder of the three laps fending off the point leader Chris Smith to the checkered flag. It was Long's first win of the season. Smith settled for second and strengthened his point lead. Josh Michael, Austin Brown, and Pyle rounded out the top five finishers.  Chris Cunnane was sixth followed by Eric Hollenbach, Troy Hostetter, Charlie Kimmel, and Harold Smith. Heat race wins went to Pyle and Good.


Jason Swavely is enjoying the summer heat. Not because he is a fan of summer, but because he is the hottest driver in the Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Micro Sprints right now at Linda's Speedway. Friday night Swavely made it three wins in three weeks after grabbing the race lead from early leader Justin Whittall on lap 11. Whittall led early after passing Dave Ogin for the top spot. Ogin was involved in a yellow that allowed Swavely, the runner up at the time, to go by Whittall on the restart. Once out front Swavely cruised to the win from eighth starting spot. Kenny Murray ran with Swavely through the field and ended the night in the runner up spot. Whittall finished out the podium. Steve Bull and Steve Whary rounded out the top five finishers. Brent Shearer came across the line in sixth, Dan Leaper, Bruce Ginther Jr, Hunter James, and Barry Shearer rounded out the top ten at the finish line. Heat race wins for the Wingless 600 Micro Sprints went to Swavely and Whary.


The Legend Car ran time trials to start the nights racing off. Randy Fetterolf set quick time, but pulled a full inversion of the heat race and had to start last. Keith Haring took full advantage of that and took the heat victory leading into the 20 lap main event. The starters for the time trial event were introduced on the front stretch before the main event. Clint Penkauskas wasted no time jumping into the top spot at the drop of the green with Gregg Burd in chase. Burd finished runner up to Penkauskas at the last Legend event and was back after a wreck in time trials. Burd would pull off with mechanical issues and Chris Transeau would move to the runner up spot. From lap ten to the end of the race Penkauskas was pressured by Transeau in a fantastic battle for the win. On the final corner Transeau looked like he might complete the pass when the rear end of his car snapped around giving Penkauskas the edge to the line. It was his second with in a row. Keith Haring finished in second; Fetterolf was third with Transeau and Burd rounding out the top five. The Legends will return for their final appearance of 2015 on 28th of August for the National Qualifier race. To help ease some skepticism, plans for 2016 are currently in the works for the Legends at Linda's Speedway.


This coming Friday, August 14th, will be the Linda’s Birthday Bash. A Night of racing held on the birthday of Linda’s Speedway owner Linda Batz. The 270 Micro Sprints, Winged 600 Micro Sprints, Chargers, and Modified Tour will be in action. There will be giveaways throughout the night to drivers and fans to celebrate. Also mark your calendar for the August 21st date and the Elvin Felty Tribute Night as we honor the “Electrifying” hometown racer for all his many accomplishments.

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Race Results August 7th


RTS Chassis Sponsored 270 Sprints


Heat 1- Josh Stoyer, Jacob Dunn, Dave William, Nick Skias, Brandon Heist, Dave Hawkins

Heat 2- Bradley Brown, Chas Gutshall, Devin Harron, Stone Keller, Mike Boyer, Brandon Hawkins

Heat 3- Scott Gingrich, Lyle Strohman, Brent Shearer, Josh Shaffer, Kyle Weiss, Sean Zechman



1- 74 Jacob Dunn

2- 9d Devin Harron

3- 8 Scott Gingrich

4- 3 Josh Stoyer

5- 88 Nick Skias

6- 5w Kyle Weiss

7- 92 Trevor Dunn

8- 21d Dave Williams

9- 77 Greg Miller

10- 12 Brent Shearer

11- 27h Brandon Hawkins

12- 21t Stone Keller

13- 1a Chase Gutshall

14- 34 Christi Sweigart

15- 1s Sean Zechman

16- 12s Josh Schaffer

17- 23b Bradley Brown

18- 41 Mike Boyer

19- 99 Brandon Heist

20- 44g Collin Ginther

21- 3sx Lyle Strohman

22- 27x Dave Hawkins


Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Sprints

Heat 1- Jason Sswavely, Steve Bull, Ken Murray, Dave Ogin, Adam Giovanetti, Kevin Kolb

Heat 2- Steve Whary, Dan Leaper, Donovan Felker, Justin Whittall, Shane Linderman, Bruce Buckwalter



1- 14 Jason Swavely

2- 5m Ken Murray

3- 67 Justin Whittall

4- 1s Steve Bull

5- 44s Steve Whary

6- 44 Brent Shearer

7- 8d Dan Leaper

8- 28 Bruce Ginther Jr.

9- 81 Hunter James

10- 12 Barry Shearer

11- 87 Buddy Hines

12- 35 Adam Giovanetti

13- 21r Steve Recchione

14- 44f Donovan Felker

15- 14k Sam Kravitsky

16- 6 Kasey Ernst

17- 31 Dave Ogin

18- 11 Kevin Kolb

19- 8x Bruce Buckwalter

DNS- 4 Shane Linderman



Heat 1- Rob Pyle, Eric Hollenbach, Leroy Long, Chris Smith, Harold Smith, Bryan Michael

Heat 2- Justin Good, Josh Michael, Ed Hollenbach, Austin Brown, Troy Hostetter, Josh Demmy



1- 84 Leroy Long

2- 69 Chris Smith

3- 2m Josh Michael

4- 78 Austin Brown

5- 01 Rob Pyle

6- 58ez Chris Cunnane

7- 1 Eric Hollenbach

8- 00 Troy Hostetter

9- 10 Charles Kimmel Jr.

10- 29 Harold Smith

11- 28 Josh Demmy

DNS- 0 Ed Hollenbach

DQ- 72 Justin Good



Heat 1- Keith Haring, Clint Penkauskas, Chris Transeau, Randy Fetterolf, Gregg Burd



1- 12j Clint Penkauskas

2- 35 Keith Haring

3- 77 Randy Fetterolf

4- 18 Chris Transeau

5- 21 Gregg Burd


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