Hoch Wins Lebanon Valley 100 - Houdenshell Takes Legend Main; Wild Micro Sprint features to Murray and Harron

Date: 8/29/2015 10:30:17 AM

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FRIDAY AUG 28th, 2015

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Hoch Wins Lebanon Valley 100 - Houdenshell Takes Legend Main; 

Wild Micro Sprint features to Murray and Harron


Dylan Hoch took advantage of a lap 28 restart to go by Cody Kline for the lead of the Lebanon Valley 100 for the West Side Auto Body Slingshots. Hoch and Kline made contact racing through turn one and Kline, who lead each lap up until that point, fell all the way back to sixth and never recovered. Sam Scicchitano moved into the runner up spot and chased after Hoch as the lead darted through lap traffic. 15th place starter Louden Reimert moved into the top three on lap 38 and began chase of Scicchitano. Hoch led at half way by a substantial margin over Reimert, Scicchitano, Brett Bieber, and Dillon Steuer. Hoch made contact with the front stretch wall on lap 52 of the feature allowing the top five to close in. A yellow flag bunched the field back up on lap 53. On the restart, with lap cars staying in position, Hoch bolted away from daring moves from everyone in the top five until they were clear of the lap traffic. Another yellow fell on lap 83. This yellow was inside the window on lap cars moving to the tail of the field as well as caution lap no longer counting. Hoch and Scicchitano shared the front row. Scicchitano got a great start and led at the flag stand before Hoch drove back by into the lead. Hoch would set sail and drive away becoming the first driver to win the Lebanon Valley 100 on back to back years. Scicchitano got shuffled back behind Reimert and Bieber who tangled off of turn four with two laps to go. Both continued and finished in their respective spots. Scicchitano crossed the line in fourth with Kline rounding out the top five. Steuer and Kassidy Kreitz rounded out the finishers on the lead lap in sixth and seventh. Justin Thompson, Daniel Morgiewicz, and Ronnie Spitler finished out the top ten. Louden Reimert was the hard charger going from 15th to second. The best appearing car award will go to Daniel Morgiewicz. Heat race winners for the night were Bieber, Kline, Scicchitano, and Steuer.


It was lap six of the Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Micro Sprint feature event on August the 28th that might have decided the championship for Steve Whary. The point leader coming into the night broke while chasing Steve Bull for the lead. Once Whary went to the pits Jason Swavely was able to pass Bull and looked like a sure winner. Runner up in points, Kenny Murray, moved into second on lap 14. Murray did not settle there with points on his mind as he drove as hard as he could toward the leader. With five to go Murray was left to fend off the challenged of Kenny Miller. Then, a red flag on the final lap changed everything. If you were not at the speedway, it's hard to describe the feeling in the air. Murray could leave the runner up and have a great points night, but it didn't seem like he would do that. Swavely, who is a multi-time winner this season brough the field to the green flag. Murray jumped to his inside right away and they banged wheels. It was a drag race to turn one where Murray threw a huge slider that Swavely ran around the outside of. Swavely ran out of race track off of turn two and turned back to the inside of Murray going into turn three, but Miller was there on the inside line. The top three stacked up three wide in the middle of turns three and four before Murray powered to the win. It was the last lap of the feature on August 28th that might have decided the championship for Kenny Murray. Swavely finished second with Miller, Bull, and Steve Recchione the top five across the line. Craig Fox finished the race in sixth followed by Tim Baurer, Buddy Hines, Barry Shearer, and Dan Leaper. Heat races for the field were won by Steve Whary and Dustin Stoltzfus.


Josh Stoyer came into the night as the point leader of the RTS Chassis 270 Micro Sprints. Stoyer took the race lead away from Collin Ginther on lap eight. It looked like the night Stoyer would solidify the title. Stoyer held his advantage over his point counter parts Devin Harron and 19th place starter Nick Skias.  On lap nineteen the yellow flag came out and put the field nose to tail. A perfect restart for Harron and an ailing racecar for Stoyer allowed Harron to squeeze by into the race lead. Stoyer then slowed to the infield and Skias moved into second. Skias couldn't reel in Harron for the win. Harron took the checkered flag, his tenth of his Linda's Speedway career. Skias and Harron will make big jumps in the standings. Collin Ginther finished third, a career best run for him, followed by Mike Boyer and Mason Peters from 11th. Logan Diehl bounced back from a lap one red flag to finish in sixth. Dave Williams, Trevor Dunn, Lyle Stroman, and Brad Brown finished out the top ten. Harron, Ginther, and Stoyer won heat races and Nick Skias was the consolation winner.


The Central PA Legends made their final appearance of the year at Linda's Speedway on Friday night. A pill draw put Keith Haring on the pole, but Scott Houdenshell led the field to turn one. Houdenshell held the top spot until lap ten when fourth place starter Chris Transeau took over. Transeau led through a lap 12 restart when the top three all got together and Transeau was sent spinning. Houdenshell once again took over the top spot with Bill Diehl now second. Diehl made numerous attempts, but could not go by Houdenshell for the win. Houdenshell held on for his first Linda's Speedway win of the year over Diehl, Rocky Magaro, Haring, and Rick Hartwig. Brent Marquis, Austin Bellemare, Transaeu, Clint Penkauskas, and Mike Gable were the top ten finishers. Penkauskas was crowned the 2015 Linda's Speedway Legend car champion. Bill Diehl and Chris McKinney were the heat race winners for the Legends.


Next Friday night Linda's Speedway is back for the Hall of Fame Classic. The 270 Micro Sprints, Wingless 600 Micro Sprints, Chargers, and Dayne's Automotive Modifieds plus Box Races! Gates open at 5 with hot laps at 7. For more information of this week's event you can visit LindasSpeedway.com or follow our social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 


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Race Results


RTS Chassis Sponsored 270 Sprints


Heat 1- Devin Harron, Mason Peters, Lyle Strohman, Jacob Dunn, Morgan Rochelle, Sean Zechman

Heat 2- Collin Ginther, Mike Boyer, Brent Shearer, Mike Skias, Dave Williams, Scott Gingrich

Heat 3- Josh Stoyer, Randy West, Bradley Brown, Kyle Weiss, Logan Diehl, Cory Shifflet


Consi 1- Nick Skias, Stone Keller, Greg Miller, Christi Sweigart, Brandon Firestone, Trevor Dunn



1- 9d Devin Harron

2- 88 Nick Skias

3- 44g Collin Ginther

4- 41 Mike Boyer

5- 10 Mason Peters

6- 94d Logan Diehl

7- 21d Dave Williams

8- 92 Trevor Dunn

9- 3sx Lyle Strohman

10- 23b Bradley Brown

11- 77 Greg Miller

12- 11f Brandon Firestone

13- 1s Sean Zechman

14- 3 Josh Stoyer

15- 77x Morgan Rochelle

16- 5w Kyle Weiss

17- 74 Jacob Dunn

18- 21t Stone Keller

19- 2 Cory Shifflet

20- 16 Mike Skias

21- 12 Brent Shearer

22- 23r Randy West

23-8 Scott Gingrich

24- 34 Christi Sweigart


Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Sprints

Heat 1- Steve Whary, Steve Bull, Sam Kravitsky, Jason Swavely, Ken Murray, Brent Shearer

Heat 2- Dustin Stoltzfus, Steve Recchione, Dan Leaper, Buddy Hines, Craig Fox, Kenny Miller



1- 5m Ken Murray

2- 14 Jason Swavely

3- 23m Kenny Miller

4- 1s Steve Bull

5- 21r Steve Recchione

6- 3f Craig Fox

7- 89b Tim Baurer

8- 87 Buddy Hines

9- 12 Barry Shearer

10- 8d Dan Leaper

11- 41 Brooklyn Gable

12- 44 Brent Shearer

13- 4 Mike Linderman

14- 14k Sam Kravitsky

15- 28 Bruce Ginther Jr.

16- 17g Devin Gundrum

17- 41s Joe Plunkett

18- 44f Donovan Felker

19- 28x Cale Mutter

20- 44s Steve Whary

21- 25k Dustin Stoltzfus


West Side Auto Body Slingshot Lebanon Valley 100

Heat 1 Round 1- Brett Bieber, Amber Britto, Justin Thompson, Demtrious Drellos, Dakota Kohler, Sam Scicchitano

Heat 2 Round 1- Cody Kline, Brett Spitler, Dylan Hoch, Daniel Morgiewicz, Jerry Stark, Louden Reimert

Heat 1 Round 2- Sam Scicchitano, Henry Anderson, Brett Bieber, Dakota Kohler, Madison Pancheco, Amber Britto

Heat 2 Round 2- Dillon Steuer, Kassidy Kreitz, Dylan Hoch, Jerry Stark, Cody Kline, Daniel Morgiewicz



1- 35 Dylan Hoch

2- 58 Louden Reimert

3- 32 Brett Bieber

4- 28s Sam Scicchitano

5- 59 Cody Kline

6- 6d DillonSteuer

7- 69k Kassidy Kreitz

8- 22 Justin Thompson

9- 15m Daniel Morgiewicz

10- 18s Ronnie Spitler

11- 59k Dakota Kohler

12- 43a Amber Britto

13- 99 Henry Anderson

14- 517 Jerry Stark

15- 71 Demtrious Drellos

16- 3s Brett Spitler

17- 75m Madison Pancheco

18- 1L Ian Zellers

19- 25c David Burns


Legends National Qualifier Race

Heat 1- Chris McKinney, Clint Penkauskas, Keith Haring, Rick Hartwig, Mike Gable, Brent Marquis

Heat 2- Bill Diehl, Scott Houdenshell, Christ Transeau, Rocky Magaro, Austin Bellemare, Randy Fetterolf



1- 5 Scott Houdenshell

2- 53 Bill Diehl

3- 20 Rocky Magaro

4- 35 Keith Haring

5- 9 Rick Hartwig

6- 12m Brent Marquis

7- 8 Austin Bellemare

8- 18 Chris Transeau

9- 12j Clint Penkauskas

10- 56 Mike Gable

11- 8 Ball  Robert Shaw

12- 77 Randy Fetterolf

13- 82 Bryan Hayberger

14- 3m Chris McKinney

15- 43 Tony Mrakovich

16- 25 Dean Ficarro

17- 41 Matt Miller

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