Firestine Wins First 270 Micro Sprint Feature; Hitzler, Gutshall, Young, Swavely first responder night winners

Date: 9/12/2015 7:27:02 PM

Next Three Events

Sept 18-       Lebanon Valley Classic Speedstrs, Wingless 270 Sprints, Wingless Sprints, Slingshots

Sept 19-       Slingshots, Leon Gruber Memorial 50 for Modifieds, Charger Championship

Sept 25-       270 Sprints Fall Brawl (Time Trial), 600 Sprints Power Down Race, Slingshots, 125 Sprints, plus Slingshots Mechanics Race

FRIDAY Sept 11, 2015
TRACK PHONE (717) 865-5330
Firestine Wins First 270 Micro Sprint Feature
Hitzler, Gutshall, Young, Swavely first responder night winners
The point chase is tight in the RTS Chassis sponsored 270 Micro Sprints, but Friday it was three drivers that didn't have to worry about points that were racing for the win. Lyle Stroman took the race lead when Dave Williams slowed on lap three of the main event. Stroman began to pull away from Brandon Firestine and Stone Keller as the race went on. A yellow flag on lap 16 changed the whole event. Firestine bolted by Stroman into the top spot on the restart amidst a three wide battle between Firestine, Stroman, and Keller. Brad Brown crept into the thick of the battle in the closing stages before Keller slowed on lap 24. Firestine had to hold off one of the point contenders in a one-lap shootout after Brown worked y Stroman. Brown would challenge on the restart, but September 11th was Brandon Firestine's night as he picked up his first career Linda's Speedway checkered flag. Brown was second and will leave as the point leader after the night going into the final event. Mike Boyer nipped Devin Harron at the line for third. Harron will be the runner up in points going into the final night. Scott Gingrich rounds out the top five finishers. Denny Rinehimer, Stroman, Logan Diehl, Brandon Heist, and Collin Ginther were the top ten finishers in the 25 lap main event. Two cautions in the event were thrown for point leader Josh Stoyer and championship contender Nick Skias. Stoyer ened up in 18th while Skias was 20th. Harron,Gingrich, and  Kyle Weiss were heat winners with Josh Schaffer taking the consolation win.
Brianna Gerhart came into Friday night as the Gutshall's Automotive 125 Micro Sprint point leader. She won the heat race and started on the pole of the feature event. Gerhart led the first five laps of the feature with Chase Gutshall and Tajae Adams trying to take over the top spot. Gutshall would eventually wrestle it away from Gerhart and drive to his third win of the year. Gerhart held on for second and held onto a strong point night. Adams finished in third followed by Kyler Heiney and Dave Grube. Austin Graby, Zach Hollinger, Brooklyn Shearer, Noah Merkey, and Brandon Yoder were the top ten. 
Jim Young brought his broom with him Friday night as he won both Sidewinder Sprint 15 lap feature events. Young dedicated his win to all the troops saying his girlfriend’s son is an Army Trooper and a win on a special night meant a little more to him. Young started fourth in both feature races. In the first feature Young beat out Mike Zielonis and Jerry Schott Jr. Schott Jr led the first few laps of the second feature before Young worked by. Schott finished in second in the second feature just ahead of Rohan Beasley.
The Hoosier tire Mid Atlantic Wingless 600 Micro Sprint feature produced another win for Jason Swavely as he pushed for a championship on the second to last night of points competition. Swavely will miss the points finale because he will be on his honeymoon, but figured it was worth running to try to grab the lead and maybe get a well timed rain out. Steve Whary ran runner up to Swavely for much of the main event and seemed fine to do so knowing his point situation was solid. Whary leaves the racing Friday as the sole holder of the top point spot. Kenny Miller raced to another top three finish followed by 12th starting Ken Murray who came into the night tied for the point lead. Bruce Ginther Jr rounded out the top five finishers. Jacob Severn, Craig Fox, Kenny Harris, Molly Chambers, and Tim Baurer were the top ten across the finish line. Heat races for the Wingless Sprints went to Whary and Miller.
Richie Hitzler took the race lead on lap four of the Dayne's Automotive Modified feature event from the current point leader Jason Dunkleberger. Hitzler led the rest of the way holding off rookie driver Andrew Ace for the win in the Poker Series finale. Dunkleberger battled the rest of the event with Michael Burrows and Josh Bewley. Burrows would work his way up to the runner up spot, but never got by Hitzler. Ace, Dunkleberger, and Bewley rounded out the top five finishers. Chad Zornek came across the line in sixth followed by Brian Blankenbiller, Joe Carter, Shawna Schiliblia, and last place starter Charles Bowers. Time trials were run to set the line up for the Modified heat races and the heat wins went to Eric Whitby and Jason Dunkleberger. Hitzler was crowned the Poker Series champion with four aces in his hand of cards. Before the Modified feature the Modifieds paraded four wide carrying American Flag for the First Responders night.
Next Friday Linda's Speedway will hand the reigns over to Rich Tobias and an Action Track USA night. The USAC All Pro Speedstrs will be at the track to compete in the Lebanon Valley Classic along with the Wingless 270 & 600 Micro Sprints, and Slingshots. Gates open at 5 and racing is at 7. General Admission for the event will be $12. Come and see Tobias, Pauch, Brightbill, and more battle it out on the quarter mile!
Saturday September 19th will be the first Saturday event of the summer at Linda's Speedway. The Modifieds, Chargers, and Slingshots will all be in action. The Modifieds will compete in their annual Modified 50 Xcel Chassis tour event.  The Chargers will run the Charger Championship race and it will be their final point event of the season. The Slingshot program is to be announced as the Lebanon Valley 100 was run earlier in the season due to scheduling conflicts. The Slingshots will be part of the nights racing.  For more information of this week's event you can visit or follow our social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 

Race Results Sept 11th


RTS Chassis Sponsored 270 Sprints


Heat 1- Devin Harron, Bradley Brown, Lyle Strohman, Brandon Firestine, Nick Skias, Brandon Heist

Heat 2- Kyle Weiss, Stone Keller, Mike Skias, Dave Grube, Collin Ginther, Christi Sweigart

Heat 3- Scott Gingrich, Mike Boyer, Dave Williams, Denny Reinheimer, Logan Diehl, John Ruoss


Consi 1- Josh Schaffer, Brian Heist, Guy Snyder, Frank Mammana, Andrew Dietrich, Greg Miller, Josh Stoyer



1- 11f Brandon Firestine

2- 23b Bradley Brown

3- 41 Mike Boyer

4- 9d Devin Harron 

5- 8 Scott Gingrich

6- 5 Denny Rinehimer

7- 3sx Lyle Strohman

8- 94d Logan Diehl

9- 99 Brandon Heist

10- 44g Collin Ginther

11- 7 John Ruoss

12- 12s Josh Schaffer

13- 11 Brian Heist

14- 34 Christi Sweigart

15- 88m Frank Mammana

16- 16x Guy Snyder

17- 21t Stone Keller

18- 16 Josh Stoyer

19- 77 Greg Miller

20- 88 Nick Skias

21- 21d Dave Williams

22- 5w Kyle Weiss

23- 3d Dave Grube

24- 88d Andrew Dietrich

DNS- Mike Skias

DNQ- Sean Zechman, Denise Pensyl



Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Sprints

Heat 1- Steve Whary, Bruce Ginther, Barry Shearer, Kenny Harris, Craig Fox, Buddy Hines

Heat 2- Kenny Miller, Jason Swavely, Brent Shearer, Jacob Severn, Molly Chambers, Kenny Murray



1- 14 Jason Swavely

2- 44s Steve Whary

3- 23m Kenny Miller

4- 5m Kenny Murray

5- 28 Bruce Ginther

6- 3 Jacob Severn

7- 6j Craig Fox

8- 17k Kenny Harris III

9- 51 Molly Chambers

10- 89b Tim Baurer

11- 17g Devin Gundrum

12- 6c Chad Putlavage

13- 28x Cale Mutter

14- 44 Brent Shearer

15- 00 Jordyn Mohr

16- 12 Barry Shearer

17- 87 Buddy Hines

18- 49 Ben Earnst

DNS- Mike Linderman, Corry Roth



Gutshall Automotive 125 Sprints

Heat 1- Brianna Gerhart, Chase Gutshall, Kyler Heiney, Tajae Adams, Dave Grube, Zach Hollinger



1- 1a Chase Gutshall

2- 9 Brianna Gerhart

3- 63k Tajae Adams

4- 22 Kyler Heiney

5- 3d Dave Grube

6- 87 Austin Graby

7- 19a Zach Hollinger

8- 12 Brooklyn Shearer

9- 31 Noah Merkey

10- 69k Brandon Yoder



Dayne’s Automotive Modifieds

Heat 1- Eric Whitby, Richie Hitzler, Michael Burrows, Justin Schraden, Barrry Breidegan, Dakota Bartlett

Heat 2- Jason Dunkleberger, Andrew Ace, Josh Bewley, Aaron Bowes, Jason Mills, Chad Zornek



1- 9 Richie Hitzler

2- 55 Michael Burrows

3- 424 Andrew Ace

4- 6 Jason Dunkleberger

5- 78 Josh Bewley

6- 26 Chad Zornek

7- 211 Brian Blackenbiller

8- 84 Joe Carter

9- 62 Shawna Schiliblia

10- 111 Charles Bowers

11- 623 B E Mills

12- 54d Dakota Bartlett

13- IIB Tyler Brehm

14- 57 Barry Breidegan

15- 47 Scott Gesford

16- 43b Justin Schraden

17- 64 Aaron Bowes

18- C Dylan McCrone

19- 43 Eric Whitby

20- 236 Jason Mills




Feature 1-

1- 8 Jim Young

2- 81 Mike Zielonis

3- 10s Jerry Schott

4- 4t Brandon Yarlett

5- 75 Zach Overmiller

6- 14 Rohan Beasley

7- 5j Jason Stahl


Feature 2-

1- 8 Jim Young

2- 10s Jerry Schott

3- 14 Rohan Beasley

4- 75 Zach Overmiller

5- 81 Mike Zielonis

6- 4t Brandon Yarlett

DNS-  Jason Stahl



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