Linda's Speedway Lebanon Valley Classic to Buckwalter

Date: 9/21/2015 7:29:23 PM



FRIDAY SEPT 18, 2015

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Linda's Speedway Lebanon Valley Classic to Buckwalter



Tim Buckwalter made the best of the Speedstrs third start at Linda’s Speedway by grabbing the checkered flag in the Lebanon Valley Classic on the Action Track take over night. Other winners included Tyler Ulrich, Steve Whary, and Brett Bieber.


The Speedstrs made their annual Linda's Speedway start in the Lebanon Valley Classic with Tim Buckwalter taking the victory for the first time. Buckwalter had multiple challengers through the race including Billy Pauch Jr. and Sr. and Jay Hartman. Pauch Sr was the final one to take a shot at Buckwalter, but he was unable to get by. Buckwalter, Pauch Sr., defending winner Kyle Lick, Hartman, and Matt Janisch rounded out the top five finishers. Tim Buckwalter was driving a vintage looking number 17 painted like the old Dick Tobias USAC car in the $3000 to win Classic race. Buckwalter said in victory lane that it was a great night to put the car in victory lane for his crew and the whole Tobias family.  Billy Pauch Jr. recovered from an early wreck to finish in sixth followed by 15th starter Skylar Sheriff, 23rd starter Damon Paul. Kevin Graver Jr. and CJ Faison rounded out the top ten across the line in the 30 lap feature. Billy Pauch Sr., Jay Hartman, and Tim Iulg were heat race winners while Skylar Sheriff won the B-main. Tim Buckwalter and Billy Pauch Jr. moved into the main event via their time in timed dashes.


Steve Whary is lucky he didn't shave before Friday night's Hoosier Tire/Pioneer Pole Building Wingless 600 Micro Sprint feature event. He won by a whisker over Bear, Delaware driver Kyle Spence in the closest finish of the season in the Wingless cars. Whary got the jump on the crucial retry at the initial start and led Tim Buckwalter into turn one. Buckwalter was the leader on the first try. Spence worked his way quickly to the runner up spot and spent much of the event following right behind Whary. Spence put the move on going into turn three on the final lap and took the lead shortly before Whary grabbed it back at the finish line. .026 seconds was the different between Whary and Spence. Austin Bishop had a chance at the win as well, but came home third followed by Molly Chambers and 12st starting Kyle Lick. Buckwalter crossed the line sixth ahead of Steve Bull, Jeff Hartman, Jacob Severn, and Brandon Azzalina who started 19th. Heat races for the field went to Robbie Hocker, Molly Chambers, Austin Bishop, and Tim Buckwalter, while consolation races were won by Kenny Miller and Brandon Azzalina.


The West Side Auto Body/ Napa Slingshot feature event pitted a young driver looking for his first win against the leading Slingshot feature winner. Alex Schmiedel spent much of the early racing holding off Brett Bieber for the top spot. Bieber admittedly tried everything he could and was running out of ideas. It was just past half way when Schmiedel slipped just a little bit going into the corner and Bieber was able to dart by. Once out front there was no catching the Oley driver. Bieber drove to a two second win over Kyle Gruber who started ninth. Schmiedel came home third followed by William Mohring and Dylan Hoch. Sam Scicchitano, Bj Antonio, Seth Spayd, Alex Yankowski, and lat place starter Cody Kline closed out the top ten. Heat race wins for the field went to Bieber, Gruber, and Yankowski.


In the RTS Chassis sponsored Wingless 270 Micro Sprint feature event, it was Trevor Dunn showing the way on the start. Dunn had the outside starting spot for the green flag of the feature with Tyler Ulrich inside. Ulrich had to use the help of green flag racing to gain the lead as his starting spot gave Dunn the advantage. Ulrich grabbed the top spot on lap eight while Dunn continued to pressure. After a lap 16 yellow flag the top five would get mixed up with Brandon Heist jumping into the runner up spot. Dunn's strong run would end after he and Brent Shearer tangled. Ulrich held on for the win over Heist and Kyle Spence. Mason Peters and Brian Heist rounded out the top five finishers. Ulrich and Dunn won heat races. 

Linda's Speedway will be heard again on Saturday September 19 as racing continues for the weekend. The annual Bill Hess Memorial race, held in memory of the tracks late photographer, will be racing with the Modifieds, Slingshots, and Chargers. The Modifieds compete in the Leon Gruber Memorial 50 while the Slingshots will compete in a special event filling the void of the Lebanon Valley 100. The Chargers will round out their point paying season with the Charger Championship race. There will be a 1/4 Midget exhibition at intermission at intermission presented by the Norlebco Quarter Midget Club as well as a Power Wheels Demo Derby. Gates open at 3:00 with the drivers meeting at 5:00 and hot laps at 5:30. General Admission will return to regular price ($6 for Adults) for the event.  More information can be found on Facebook, Twitter, or by going to You can also call the track hotline at (717)865-5330.


Race Results




Heat 1- Billy Pauch Sr., James Morris, Kyle Lick, Kevin Graver Jr., Brad Brightbill, Phil Meisner

Heat 2- Jay Hartman, Kris Graver, Mike Bednar, Earl Paules, Skylar Sheriff, John Bockhorn

Heat 3- Tim Iulg, Doug Manmiller, Matt Janisch, Frank Yankowski, Kenny Brightbrill, Gary Huber


Consi 1- Skylar Sheriff, Phil Meisner, Brad Brightbill, Kenny Brightbill, Gary Huber, Steven Nedrostek


1- 17 Tim Buckwalter

2- 27 Billy Pauch Sr.

3- 97x Kyle Lick

4- 24 Jay Hartman

5- 48 Matt Janisch

6- 1 Billy Pauch Jr.

7- 33s Skylar Sheriff

8- 144 Damon Paul

9- IV Kevin Graver Jr.

10- 24x CJ Faison

11-8 Earl Paules

12- 97 John Bockhorn

13- L1 Ronnie Tobias

14- 01 Kris Graver

15- 56sr Tim Iulg

16- 75x James Morris

17-17x Phil Meisner

18- 769 Steven Nederostek

19- 11 Gary Huber

20- 00 Doug Manmiller

21- 84 Frank Yankowski

22-46 Mike Bednar

23- 0 Wayne Weaver

24- Brad Brightbill

25- 53 Joe Vacarro

26- 19 Kenny Brightbill


Wingless 600 Sprints


Heat 1- Robbie Hocker, Kyle Spence, Dustin Stoltzfus, Jesse Maurer, James Morris, Steve Recchione

Heat 2- Molly Chambers, Steve Whary, Jason Swavely, Jacob Severn, Kenny Miller, Kyle Lick

Heat 3- Austin Bishop, Rob Pajauis, Josh Conover, Jordyn Mor, Cale Mutter, Eric Ankiewitz

Heat 4- Tim Buckwalter, Steve Bull, Kyle Lick, Jeff Hartman, Brandon Azzalina, Sam Kravitsky


Consi 1- Kenny Miller, Billy Pauch Jr., James Morris, Jacob Hendershot, John Vreland, Craig Fox

Consi 2- Brandon Azzalina, Barry Shearer, Eric Ankiewitz, Devin Gundrum, Brooklyn Gable, Dan Leaper


1- 44s Steve Whary

2- 44k Kyle Spence

3- 11a Austin Bishop

4- 51 Molly Chambers

5- 8 Kyle Lick

6- 71x Tim Buckwalter

7- 1s Steve Bull

8- 026 Jeff Hartman

9- 3 Jacon Severn

10- 43 Brandon Azzalina

11- 14 Jason Swavely

12-23m Kenny Miller

13- 72 Jesse Maurer

14- 54 Robbie Hocker

15- 2x Rob Pajauis

16- 12 Barry Shearer

17- 2 Eric Ankiewitz

18- 22 Josh Conover

19- 17g Devin Gundrum

20- 25 Dustin Stoltzfus

21- 75x James Morris

22- 91s Billy Pauch Jr.

23- 00 Jordyn Mohr

24- 14k Sam Kravitsky

25- 26 Jacob Hendershoot




Heat 1- Brett Bieber, William Mohring, Dawson Landis, Seth Spayd, Dakota Kohler, Dallas Schott

Heat 2-Kyle Gruber, Dylan Hoch, Alex Schmiedel, Dave Carragahn, Joe Toth, Justin Thompson

Heat 3- Alex Yankowski, Austin Stufflet, Madison Pancheco, Sam Scicchitano, BJ Antonio, Steve Svanda


1- 32 Brett Bieber

2- 30 Kyle Gruber

3- 18a Alex Schmiedel

4- 54 William Mohring

5- 35 Dylan Hoch

6- 28s Sam Scicchitano

7- 46 BJ Antonio

8- 10s Seth Spayd

9- 33y Ale Yankowski

10- 59 Cody Kline

11- 43d Dawson Landis

12- Dakota Kohler

13- 34 Steve Svanda

14- F14 Scott Gray

15- 61 Austin Stufflet

16- 75m Madison Pancheco

17- L43 Dave Landis

18- s6 Dallas Schott

19- 3 Dave Carragahn

20- 9 Joe Toth

21- 53 Joe Vaccaro

DNS- 22 Justin Thompson



Wingless 270


Heat 1- Tyler Ulrich, Brandon Heist, Jeff Boyer, Kyle Spence, Brian Heist, Pat Bealer

Heat 2- Trevor Dunn, Brent Shearer, Mason Peters, Morgan Rochelle, Mike Boyer, Brent Bull


1- 42u Tyler Ulrich

2- 99 Brandon Heist

3- 7 Kyle Spence

4- 10 Mason Peters

5- 11 Brian Heist

6- 92 Trevor Dunn

7- 18s Nick Sweigart

8- 52 Mike Boyer

9- 12 Brent Shearer

10- 12s Josh Schaffer

11- 77x Morgan Rochelle

12- 1b Brent Bull

13- 27h Pat Bealer

14- 13b Jeff Boyer

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