Sload Tops the Hoosier Tire ATQRMA Standings

Date: 8/18/2015 12:24:39 AM


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Blu Metz



Sload Tops the Hoosier Tire ATQRMA Standings


Sload Tops the Hoosier Tire ATQRMA Standings


By Blu Metz

ATQMRA Veteran Buddy Sload hopped rides earlier this season leaving the familiar seat of his family owned 53 Spitfire that he raced the last few seasons to take the wheel of the Colin Martin Spitfire. Sload's two consecutive wins puts him atop the point standings by a mere four markers over his closest rival Flyin' Ryan Tidman. Mike Glaser continues to lead the Rookie Standings with Patrick Force close behind. Pat VanVarick sits third in the Rookie standings only 140 markers behind.   The sudden announcement of the closure of Borger's speedway this past week increases the importance of each of the remaining five races on the schedule for each team concerned with points. Next up for the ATQMRA is Wall Stadium this coming Saturday August 22nd for more flat track racing at the Speedway by the Shore.


Buddy Sload raced his family 53 Spitfire very successfully over the last several years earning wins at Wall Stadium, Mahoning Valley, and in a Wingless co Sanctioned event with the NYPA Midgets at Chemung Speedrome. Close friend and long time ATQMRA Supporter Colin Martin was looking for a regular driver for his 16 car that has undergone significant revamping. Sload climbed aboard the potent Spitfire.


Sload has taken advantage of his time in the Martin 16 car to earn a pair of consecutive wins that give him the points lead by the slimmest of margins over multiple championship winner Ryan Tidman. With only five races remaining every position on the track will have an impact on the championship.


The organization returns to the Speedway at the Shore Wall Stadium for its second event on the flat track that circles the bottom of Wall's high banks. Point leader Buddy Sload will carry the momentum of winning the last two races back to Wall where he was the winner of the inaugural inner oval race for the ATQMRA.


Geoffrey Sutton is looking to overcome disappointment in each of the last two races where he was able to lead the most laps in both but was unable to lead the right lap to earn the victory. Always hungry to run up front and win Sutton, who sits third in the standings, will work hard to earn his first ATQMRA feature Victory.    


The Rookie of the year battle between leading Rookie Mike Galser and Patrick Force is only separated by 20 points which equates to four positions on the track. Both drivers will be to capitalize at Wall's inner oval.


Racing on the flat track at Wall has tightened up the competition. While passing was at a premium in the inaugural event at the end of the race all of the cars were on the same lap as the leader. The lead pack of cars was six strong. The ATQMRA teams will adapt and improve their setups for the new style of racing that takes place at Wall.





Updated August 13, 2015

Buddy Sload    616

Ryan Tidman    612

Geoff Sutton    528

Matt Roselli    508

Joey Bailey    492

Mike Glaser    416

Patrick Force    396

Pat VanVarick    244

Matt Janisch    244

Rob Vivona    236

Don Zrinski    172

Avery Stoehr    172

Larry Hoagland    160

Nick Ladyga    160

Ronnie Mullen    152

Mark Rogers    148

Mark Yoder    128

Chad Parks    116

Dylan Martin    92

Jon Gambuti    92

Jeff Kot    80

Alison Cumens    80

Alex Greenzweig    72

Chad Jones    68

Jordan Tittle    60

BJ Mcdonald    60

Kurt Bettler    60

Bill Force Jr.     52

Shawn McCaughey    36

Darren Schuler    32