ATQMRA Annual Membership Meeting Wednesday October 21

Date: 9/28/2015 10:59:36 PM

General Membership Meeting October 21


ATQMRA Annual Membership Meeting


Wednesday October 21, 2015 the at 7 pm the ATQMRA is having its annual Fall General Membership meeting for the purpose of the election of officers and to discuss rules proposals for the coming season. Anyone with suggestions or proposals to help better the ATQMRA is encouraged to email their proposals to ATQMRA President Buddy Sload at so they can be added to the meeting agenda.


The Meeting will be held at the Best Western Lehigh Valley at 300 Gateway Dr. Bethlehem, Pa 18017 (610) 866-5800. This is the same location as last year's banquet and previous meetings.!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xb9d48a96e2c42b6d?sa=X&ved=0CC8QrwswAGoVChMI56XR4puayAIVgSoeCh1yiQ-u>



40 Drivers Raced with the ATQMRA in 2015

After several Lean years the Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic ATQMRA is having a banner year in 2015 with 40 drivers and 35 cars racing with the venerable club. The resurgence is due in no small part to the indoor style of racing the club is seeing on the short track at Wall Stadium. He club saw a peak of 26 cars on hand for the last race on Wall's flat track. The new era of short track racing makes the TQ midgets a next logical step for racers looking to move up from the world of Quarter midgets and Karts. The final Point race for the TQ midgets is a trip to Mahoning Valley Speedway in Lehighton on October 24th with the Vintage TQs on the card as well. The outdoor season finale will be the annual Turkey Derby at Wall Stadium.

The 2015 season started out as a rebuilding year for the organization. A few years of lean car counts meant the organization needed to take a look at things and made changes heading into 2015. A focus was placed on trying to keep the racing economical with a Modified tire bank being put in place. The organization moved its focus from the blistering speeds the cars achieved on the banks at Wall Stadium to the short flat track that provide tighter racing. While the speeds were impressive teams have voted with their cars in showing up for the small track racing in strong numbers.

While the Miles per hour are down on the smaller track the excitement level is up. The wide track surface gives drivers room to move around and a margin of safety with the wall being so far from the racing surface. The track has been very forgiving with the width a driver can make a mistake without paying a serious price because of the distance to the unforgiving Armco barriers circling Wall's high banks.


The changes that have been made have caused participation and membership to surge for the venerable organization. So far in 2015 40 drivers have turned laps with the ATQMRA including 18 drivers that have Rookie eligibility for the coveted season ending Rookie of the year award. Many of those drivers will maintain Rookie eligibility heading into the 2016 season by rules since they will not have competed in enough races to loose their rookie eligibility. A handful of additional names are expected to be added to the 2015 honor roll before seasons end.

35 different cars have earned points with the organization which is a high water mark that hasn't been seen in many seasons. The similarity of the short track racing to the indoor races has been a benefit to help bring teams out but the increased competitiveness of the wingless short track racing is really encouraging teams to dust off their cars and give the ATQMRA a shot.


A handful of racers making noise with the ATQMRA are racers that have a history in the world of Quarter Midgets. Three of the top five in points cut their teeth in quarter midgets. Geoffrey Sutton who sits third in the season long tally is a graduate of the Lehigh Valley Quarter Midget club at Pocono Raceway and won the last quarter midget race he ran at Little Wall's Season ending Turkey Derby in his youth over Brianna Page who is in ATQMRA competition currently. Matt Roselli also a graduate from the Lehigh Valley Quarter Midgets sits fourth in the standings with an ATQMRA Rookie of the year just ahead of him in Sutton and behind him in Joey Bailey who has a strong Quarter Midget heritage at Little Wall. Current Rookie of the year contender Patrick Force spent a few seasons racing Quarter midgets at ATCO on the dirt. Last years Champion Matt Janisch also a Lehigh Valley Graduate has several wins in 2015 and is joined by Brett Conklin, Rob Vivona, Anthony Sesely and a host of others who's quarter midget background prepared them for the TQ midgets.

October 24th marks the end of the point's season for the ATQMRA but not the end of racing since the club annually caps the outdoor season at Wall Stadium's Turkey Derby. Several Battles will be settled at Mahoning Valley's circular track. The Championship battle between Ryan Tidman and Buddy Sload is separated by a slim 4 points with Tidman holding the edge. Both Tidman and Sload have won races at Mahoning in recent years.

The battle for third and fourth between Geoffrey Sutton and Matt Roselli is tight as well with the two being separated by only eight points. Each of the four are within mathematical striking distance of the championship heading into the season finale but in a practical sense it's a two man battle between Tidman and Sload. Roselli has the experience and success edge over Sutton with numerous Mahoning Valley Feature wins and track records in TQ midget competition. Sutton's last race at Mahoning however was a win in an Xcel Modified.  

ATQMRA News and Notes:Congratulations go out to ATQMRA feature winning driver at Mahoning Valley, Ryan Preece who earned a 32nd place finish in Sprint Cup competition at New Hampshire's Louden Speedway this weekend. 2014 ATQMRA Rookie of the Year Geoffrey Sutton kept himself busy during the off weekend by racing a Stage 1 Modified to a heat win and a second place feature finish at Delaware's Airport Speedway. Congratulations to ATQMRA regular at Wall Ronnie the Rocket Mullen who locked up the 4 Cylinder Stock Car Championship at Wall Stadium for the 2015 season. The Current ATQRMA TQ midget track record for Wall's inner oval is held by Buddy Sload with a lap of 13.339. It was mistakenly reported that Jeff Kot eclipsed that mark but a further review of the records indicated my mistake.










2015 Points Standings

Updated September 21, 2015
With Drops

  1. Ryan Tidman 816
  2. Buddy Sload 812
  3. Geoff Sutton 728
  4. Matt Roselli 720
  5. Joey Bailey 548
  6. Mike Glaser 524          R
  7. Patrick Force 496        R
  8. Mark Yoder 344          R
  9. Don Zrinski 336
  10. Pat VanVarick 300       R
  11. Jeff Kot 300
  12. Jon Gambuti 268
  13. Matt Janisch 244
  14. Chad Parks 236
  15. Rob Vivona 236
  16. Mark Rogers 232
  17. Ronnie Mullen 208       R
  18. Avery Stoehr 192         R
  19. Steve Whitt 168
  20. Larry Hoagland 160
  21. Brianna Page 120         R
  22. Nick Ladyga 120         R
  23. Brett Conklin 112
  24. Shawn McCaughey 112           R
  25. Dylan Martin 92           R
  26. Bill Force Jr.  84
  27. Alison Cumens 80
  28. BJ Mcdonald 76
  29. Alex Greenzweig 72     R
  30. Chad Jones 68
  31. Kerry Irwin 60             R
  32. Jordan Tittle 60            R
  33. Kurt Bettler 60R
  34. Greg Richardson 52      R
  35. Bill Case 48      R
  36. Darren Schuler 32
  37. Andrew Krause 0         R
  38. Matt Guadagno 0         R
  39. Mark Janisch    0
  40. Anthony Sesely0




Owner Points


  1. 1B 816
  2. 16 732
  3. 98 720
  4. 46 652
  5. 02 548
  6. F8 524
  7. 18 496
  8. 51 440
  9. 46V 428
  10. 17 336
  11. 75Z 336
  12. 95 300
  13. 75Y 288
  14. 17V 240
  15. 48 240
  16. 06 236
  17. 53 236
  18. 27R 232
  19. 39 208
  20. 38 184
  21. 11 168
  22. 33 120
  23. 0 112
  24. 54 96
  25. 26 84
  26. 28 68
  27. 43 60
  28. ZT 60
  29. 4 52
  30. 27k 36
  31. 73 28
  32. 77 20
  33. 75J 4
  34. 48x      4
  35. 16