Sidewinder Sprints – Rain takes the first, who will take the 2nd?

Date: 4/29/2013 12:42:23 AM

Sidewinder Sprints – Rain takes the first, who will take the 2nd?

Even with the later start to the 2013 season scheduled to try to avoid the bad weather, the Sidewinder Sprints opening night Trail-Way Speedway on 4/19  succumbed to a stormy evening cold front.

The weather forecast for the coming weekend looks outstanding and all of the Sidewinder teams are anxious to kick off the 2013 season. With some new teams joining and a new format that fairly rewards the teams for their on track efforts.

The new matrix rewards passes at the front of the field as more important than passes at the rear and is structured on a sliding scale throughout the field. Cars receive more points for passing than those that get passed actually lose. This innovative format will create the desired challenges. The combined matrix points from both features becomes the finishing order for the nights racing to determine payout and season points.

With both American Race and Hoosier back for another round of the challenge, we will once again have the Tire Shootout Invitational. In the 3 previous tire challenges, the score board shows American Racer with 2 and Hoosier with 1 championship. Can Hoosier rebound in 2013 to even the score ?

This week’s questions;

Q.  Who will the winners be for both features?

  Will one of those winners accumulate enough matrix points to earn the overall points on the night?

Will a less than 760cc car rise to the challenge?


Tire Shootout Invitational Results;

Tire Shootout Points based on 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1

American Racer – 0 pts

Hoosier – 0 pts


Sidewinder Sprints are accepting 2013 registrations.

 Drivers wishing to join are reminded to register with us ASAP (click the registration link on our website) to reserve your car number, as we do not allow duplicate numbers, and to receive important "registered team" only emails regarding rules, contingency requirements and schedules.

Sidewinder Sprints will be appearing at:

Path Valley 05/04

Susquehanna 05/18


For all your racing needs please contact our following partners: 

Season Sponsors;

American Racer – Lias Tires ( )

Hoosier Tire - Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic ( )


Contingency Awards:

Guhl Motors ( ; For all of your Fuel Injection needs. “Highest eligible Guhl injection finisher”;

Hyper Hard Charger (; Most positions gained in the features;

Aero Wings ( ; Winners use Wings by Aero. "Lucky 7"; 

Keizer Wheels ( ); Fast Fifth Award.;

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