Announcing the Sidewinder Sprints " Bring It On" Challenge by

Date: 8/1/2013 7:55:40 PM

Announcing the Sidewinder Sprints " Bring It On" Challenge  by

As the season winds down (yes it's August already) we decided it was time to "Bring It On".


Many thanks to for their support and sponsorship.


We are fortunate to have a schedule that visits many different tracks throughout the year including some of the larger more well known venues like Lincoln, Williams Grove and Susquehanna.


In previous years we have had some of the 600cc teams and some out of state 1000cc teams take the challenge and have a fair degree of success. We know that the allure of these famous tracks creates a great deal of interest and as such for this year we decided to name the challenge and create its own "Big Track, Big crowds" miniseries.


As a side benefit to teams, when chasing sponsorship dollars, the name recognition and extra exposure provided at these larger venues can help the teams "sell their story".


For this year’s races at Lincoln (08/3), Williams Grove (08/30) and Susquehanna (10/26) we will utilize the combined totals from the passing points matrix of all three races to award a champion car owner. The top 5 in the "Bring It On" challenge will also receive bonus money.


To make this as inclusive as possible, for these three races we are lowering the 600cc weight to the normal PA weight of 775lbs.


We are also allowing gasoline for both 1000cc and less than 760cc teams.


Our normal "stock 1000cc" engines rules remain in effect as does our "rung what you brung" less than 760cc rule.


Our tire rule also remains in effect in an effort to save teams money.


With our pill draw and full invert twin feature format providing all cars on the track at all times you will not be subjected to strung out heat races but you will be provided with plenty of racing.


At Lincoln we are running twin 15 lap features, Williams Grove we are running twin 10 lap features and at Susquehanna we are running twin 15 lap features.


The cost.. just the normal pit passes and then a $20/ night entry / pill draw fee.


To pre-register and ensure your position in the field (limited to 30 cars each night), please email or call 717-503-8210


We look forward to those teams joining us that are prepared to "Bring It On".



Season Sponsors;


American Racer – Lias Tires ( )


Hoosier Tire - Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic ( )


Contingency Awards:


Guhl Motors ( ; For all of your Fuel Injection needs. ;


Hyper Hard Charger (; Most positions gained in the features;


Aero Wings ( ; Winners use Wings by Aero. "Lucky 7";


Keizer Wheels ( ); Fast Fifth Award.;

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