The UFO F-2 Shockwave vs ULMS Championships saw Mark Banal and John Mollick take the 22 Lap wins, with Kyle Lukon, Carl McKinney, Jake Simmons, Brian Huchko and Trevor Gombach also taking wins on May 15 2010 at Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway

Date: 5/16/2010 11:19:22 AM

May 15, 2010
For Immediate Release
Matthew Miley

The UFO F-2 Shockwave vs ULMS Championships saw Mark Banal and John Mollick take the 22 Lap wins, with Kyle Lukon, Carl McKinney, Jake Simmons, Brian Huchko and Trevor Gombach also taking wins on May 15 2010 at Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway...

PITTSBURGH, PA - May 15, 2010 -

The UFO F-2 Shockwave vs ULMS Championships Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic DIRTcar Super Late Model features saw St. Clairsville, OH's Mark Banal win the first 22 Lap main, while John Mollick, Toronto OH picked up the win in the second 22 lapper.  For Banal, it was his first win since April 22, 2006 at PPMS.  Chad McClellan and John Mollick brought the field down for the start. Mollick grabbed the lead, but before the first lap was complete Ben Miley and Doug Crawford tangled going into turn three bringing out the yellow. Both returned. On the restart Mollick moved out front again and eighth starting Mark Banal moved into second. On lap 3 Keith Barbara tangled with Lynn Geisler, bringing out the next caution.  Both restarted in the rear. On the very next lap, the pair tangled again, and ended Geisler's night and D.Q.ed Barbara for the event.  On the restart Mollick took off with Banal behind, followed by Brent Rhebergen, Mike Johnson and Tommy Beck.  For the next 15 laps Mollick and Banal played a game of cat and mouse.  Mollick would put a little distance on one part of the track, and Banal would gain ground on another. By lap 18, Mollick had built a little lead and looked as if he was going to win his first ever PPMS feature, when bad luck struck. As he cross the start finish line on lap 19, he lost the rear end gears and coasted to a stop. The restart had Banal in front, now followed by Mike Johnson and Brandon Burgoon. Banal was able to lead the remaining laps to pick up the win. Johnson  was second, followed by Burgoon, Rhebergen, Tony Musolino, Beck, Ben Miley, Garrett Krummert, Dave Wade, and Jim Lepro.  The second 22 lapper saw Mollick start on the pole again after an invert 13 start. He grabbed the lead at the start.  Mollick weathered several restarts and built up a lead on each. Meanwhile behind Mollick,  a battle between Dave Wade, Ben Miley and Keith Barbara (who started 17th) waged. On lap 8 Barbara moved into second and set sail after Mollick. Barbara got within a few car lengths , but as the race moved on Mollick pulled away and picked up his first ever PPMS win. Barbara was second followed by Brandon Burgoon, Ben Miley, Tommy Beck, Tony Musolino, Mike Johnson, Garrett Krummert, Dave Wade, and Mark Banal.  The heats saw Keith Barbara win the first, and set a new track record of  17.766 for an average speed 126.646 MPH,  while Brandon Burgoon won the second.  Front runners Steve Baker and Jim Stephans had engine woes in hot laps and did not start, while John Flinner ran into engine problems in his heat and also did not start. Twenty-two cars were on hand. Newcomers included Dennis Lunger, Garrett Krummert, Chad McClellan, Danny Mitchell, and Derek Frank. Making their first starts of the season were John Flinner, Doug Crawford (after a long absence) and defending track champ Brandon Burgoon.

In the Brougher's Machine Shop Fastrak Late Models, Burgettstown PA's Kyle Lukon, the defending track champ, picked up his first win of the season.  Lukon, who started 6th, took over first on lap 3 from Ken Chernik and never looked back and sped to an easy win. Bryant Hank ran a solid race to come from 9th to finish second followed by Mike Reft, last week's winner Dan Karalagas, Dennis Niederriter, Mark Moats Jr., Dusty Curry, Bryan Hoffman, Laura Lukon, and Darrell Dow. The heats fell to Dan Karalagas and Dennis Niederriter.


In the Miley RV Service UMP Modifieds TMSA challenge, Mars PA's Carl McKinney picked up his second win of the season. McKinney used his pole starting spot to hold off Daryl Charlier for the win. The front pair was followed by Vince Laboon, Chuck Kennedy, Kari Gasser, Kevin Miller, Bruce Takach, Clayton Kennedy, J.J. Bametzrieder , and Tom Martineck.  The heats went to Daryl Charlier and Kari Gasser.

In the Sunoco Race Fuels DIRTcar Cadets Sportsman saw McKees Rocks PA's Jake Simmons picked up his second win in row. Simmons started fourth and took over first on lap four from early leader Craig Koteles, and never looked back. Craig Koteles ended up second followed by Pat Weldon (in his new machine), Bob Schwartzmiller, Gary Koteles, Curt Bish, Joe Anthony, Joey Koteles, Mitch Wattelet, and Mike Mohn.  The two heats saw Jake Simmons and Gary Koteles grabbing the victories.

The Miley BP Car Wash DIRTcar Hobby Stocks had McDonald PA's Brian Huchko win his third main of 2010. Huchko started 4th and took over the lead from Jason Herniak on lap 3 and lead the rest of the way. Robby Torrens was second followed by John Chipps, Edward Wiser, Ricky Steigerwald, and Jason Herniak.  Brian Huchko also won the heat.

Claridge PA's Trevor Gombach won his second  feature in a row in the Imperial Heights Garage DIRTcar Young Guns Sports Compacts. Trevor was trailed by Joe Gombach III, Daniel White, Alec Broniszewski, Tyler Atkinson, Ricky Steigerwald, Hannah Ramsey and Adam Carson.


Upcoming at PPMS on May 22, FREE Washington-Greene County PA Night, for a regular show. On May 29, Modisaurus X BRP Big Block Modified Championship-30 Laps, plus UEMS/TSMA DIRTcar E-Mods-25 Laps, plus a regular show. Then on June 5 NAPA Auto Parts Night (and the rain date for the Washington-Greene County PA night), a Wacky Wheels Figure-8 Autocross, plus a complete regular show. Regular shows consist of DIRTcar Super Late Models, E-Mods, Cadets, Hobby, and Young Guns along with the Fastrak Pro Lates.


SUMMARY - May 15, 2010

Hoosier Tire Mid-America DirtCar Super Late Models

Heats - 17 Keith Barbara and 17 Brandon Burgoon

Feature 1 (22 Laps) - 1. T8 Mark Banal, 2. 2J Mike Johnson, 3. 17 Brandon Burgoon, 4. 07R Brent Rhebergen, 5. 21 Tony Musolino, 6. 91 Tommy Beck, 7. 99 Ben Miley, 8. 29 Garrett Krummert, 9. 76 Dave Wade, 10. 6 Jim Lepro, 11. 17L Dennis Lunger, 12. 18D Danny Mitchell, 13. 4J John Mollick, 14. 16* Derek Frank, 17. 9C Doug Crawford, 18. 1C Lynn Geisler, 19. 17 Keith Barbara, 20. 119 Chad McClellan, 21. 1J Dave Murdick, DNS -  48 John Flinner, 0 Steve Baker, 38 Jim Stephans

Feature 2 (22 Laps) - 1. 4J John Mollick, 2. 17 Keith Barbara, 3. 17 Brandon Burgoon, 4. 99 Ben Miley, 5. 91 Tommy Beck, 6. 21 Tony Musolino, 7. 2J Mike Johnson, 8. 29 Garrett Krummert, 9. 76 Dave Wade, 10. T8 Mark Banal, 11. 6 Jim Lepro, 12. 119 Chad McClellan, 13. 17L Dennis Lunger, 14. 18D Danny Mitchell, 15. 16* Derek Frank, 16. 07R Brent Rhebergen, DNS - 9C Doug Crawford, 1C Lynn Geisler, 1J Dave Murdick, 48 John Flinner, 0 Steve Baker, 38 Jim Stephans


Brougher's Machine Shop FASTRAK Late Models

Heats - 1G Dan Karalagas and 09 Dennis Niederriter

Feature (20 Laps) - 1. 1 Kyle Lukon, 2. 28 Bryant Hank, 3. 9R Michael Reft, 4. 1G Dan Karalagas, 5. 09 Dennis Niederriter, 6. 15 Mark Moats Jr, 7. 8C Dusty Curry, 8. 15H Bryan Hoffman, 9. 84 Laura Lukon, 10. 5J Darrell Dow, 11. 7KRT Rocky Kugel, 12. 93X Justin Lamb, 13. 75 Colton Flinner, 14. 1F Nico Dabecco, 15. 44 Derek Stefanick, 16. C1 Ken Chernik, 17. 17L Dennis Lunger Jr, 18. 11A Pete Loria, DNS - 50T Tyler Carson


Miley RV Service UMP Modifieds

Heats - 12 Daryl Charlier and 0K Kari Gasser

Feature (12 Laps) - 1. 6M Carl McKinney, 2. 12 Daryl Charlier, 3. 17L Vince Laboon, 4. 7S Chuck Kennedy, 5. 0K Kari Gasser, 6. 4M Kevin Miller, 7. 65 Bruce Takach, 8. 9 Clayton Kennedy, 9. 74 J J Bametzrieder, 10. 65 Tom Martineck, 11. 97 George Nicola, 12. 13W Cory Miller, 13. 17JE J. E. Stalder, DNS - 65M Michael Davis


Sunoco Race Fuels DirtCar Cadets Sportsman

Heats - 68X Jake Simmons and 1K Gary Koteles

Feature (15 Laps) - 1. 68X Jake Simmons, 2. 64K Craig Koteles, 3. 45 Pat Weldon, 4. 28S Bob Schwartzmiller, 5. 1K Gary Koteles, 6. 00 Curt Bish, 7. 17M Joe Anthony, 8. 33K Joe Koteles, 9. 20W Mitch Wattelet, 10. 39 Mike Mohn, 11. 11L Josh Langer, 12. 12 Shawn Thorn, 13. 39F Tyler Fox, 14. 10 Nick Kocuba, 15. 1B Bill Robertson


Miley BP Car Wash DirtCar Hobby Stocks Factory Stocks

Heat - 60 Brian Huchko

Feature (10 Laps) - 1. 60 Brian Huchko, 2. 221 Robby Torrens, 3. 88 John Chipps, 4. OU2 Edward Wiser, 5. 00F Ricky Steigerwald, 6.  97 Jason Herniak


Imperial Heights Garage DirtCar Young Guns Sport Compacts

Feature (8 Laps) - 1. 5T Trevor Gombach, 2. 5F Joe Gombach III, 3. 55 Daniel Lloyd White, 4. 08JR Alec Broniszewski, 5. 5A Tyler Atkinson, 6. 4 Ricky Steigerwald, 7. 14HER Hannah Ramsey, 8. 50T Adam Carson

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