Mel Minnick beats the field and the weather at Roaring Knob for UFo Race Championship!

Date: 6/14/2010 7:29:41 PM


June 13, 2010

Mel Minnick beats the field and the weather at Roaring Knob for UFo Race Championship!

Markleysburg, PA (June 12) A late afternoon rain shower delayed the start of the
Laurel Highlander at Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex in Markleysburg, PA.  But
 promoter Rick Jones and staff made the decision to patiently wait out the weather,
and nobody was happier for that Mel Minnick.  The veteran driver from Uniontown,
 PA took the lead from Tommy Beck on lap 18 and held off a strong challenge on a
 late restart to collect the popular victory.

The redraw for the top 12 starting positions for the Laurel Highlander 38 produced
front row starting positions for Jim Kutas and Tommy Beck.  At the drop of the green
flag, Beck used the outside groove to take the early lead.  Two laps in, the first
of three cautions in the 38-lap main event flew for D.J. Myers, as his car rolled
to a stop in turn two.  Beck chose the outside lane for the double-file restart,
 and again grabbed the lead as just one more lap was registered before a caution
 for a Danny Mitchell spin in turn four.

The race would now see an extended period of green flag racing.  Beck chose the
outside, and again pulled into the lead over Kutas, Bob Gordon, fourth starting
Mel Minnick.  Gordon got a nose ahead of Kutas on lap 7, but Kutas was able to fend
him off to hold second.  Ninth starting Chuck Harper entered the top five on lap
 9.  The leaders hit race traffic on lap 13, with Beck still showing the way.  Kutas
was still leading the battle for second, but had issues on lap 15 which reshuffled
the running order as he fell back in the running order.  Minnick was the benefactor
as he advanced to second over Gordon, Harper, and 12th starting Doug Horton.

Minnick quickly closed on Beck as the leaders continued to work race traffic.  Working
lap 17, Minnick caught Beck down the backstretch, and swooped inside entering turn
three.  The move worked, and Minnick would be the new leader on lap 18.

At halfway with the green light still on, Minnick led Beck, Harper, Horton, and
Gordon.  Still working race traffic, Minnick worked hard through the traffic to
gain a comfortable advantage, leaving his challengers to battle for second.  On
lap 23, Harper and Horton both got by Beck, but were a long way behind the leader.

At lap 31 with seven laps remaining, the race took a major change in complexion.
  Sixth running Gordon slowed on the front stretch to bring out the caution.  While
Minnick would now get a break from race traffic, his comfortable lead was now gone.
 With his choice of lanes for the double-file restart, Minnick selected the outside,
putting Harper to the inside.

When the green waved, both drivers got an even start and raced side-by-side to turn
one. Minnick slid to the top of the banking, and got a good run through turns one
and two, pulling ahead to resume the lead down the backstretch.  Gary Dalton nosed
by Horton to take third.  With laps clicking by, Harper stayed close and closed
in on the final lap.  But Minnick remained flawless and scored the popular victory.

Harper settled for a close second.  Dalton, who was quiet in the early part of the
race, got better as the event went along in his third place run.  Horton was fourth.
 Chad McClellan advanced from 11th starting spot to get fifth, as Beck, Bob Hershman,
Keith Barbara, Kutas, and John Mollick rounded out the top ten.

Bob Gordon, Gary Dalton, and Jim Kutas won the three heat races for the 18 entries.

The next stop for the UFo Race Championship will be Thunder Valley Raceway in Central
City, PA.  The "Shawn McGarvey Showdown" will take place on Saturday, June 19. This
event will mark the firstt-ever appearance of the UFo Super Late Models at this
Laurel Highlands race track.

With his fifth place finish, coupled with the tenth place finish for John Mollick,
Chad McClellan gained ground in the UFo Race Championship point standings.  The
two drivers are now tied for the Series point lead, as the Series champion will
tentatively earn $5000.  Keith Barbara is third in the point chase, with Tommy Beck
fourth.  Danny Mitchell is now fifth, as Doug Horton, Jared Miley, Jim Kutas, Gary
Dalton, and Tony Musolino round out the top ten.

The UFo Race Championship is an event marketing alliance among supertracks in the
Pennova region (Western PA-Northern WV-Northeastern OH).  Participating speedways
present their own championship Super Late Model events under the UFo banner throughout
the season using common tech and procedure rules with a year-end, group funded,
point bonus for the top finishing drivers on the tour.  Eligible tracks are within
the 3 hour travel distance of the central point of Washington, PA.

The UFo Race Championship Tour is proudly sponsored by Lias Tire/American Racer
of Indiana, PA, Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic with distributors in Saxonburg, PA, Roaring
Springs PA and Finksburg, MD and Townsend Gas and Oil of Homer City, PA. 100% of
 their points fund sponsorship will be given to the top point standing drivers in
prize money and awards. More information on these sponsors may be found at http://www.hoosiermidatlantic.
http://www. []
and [].
 2010 Contingency awards are provided by Bernheisel Race Components and Lazer Chassis.
 Information on their products may be found at http://www.bernheiselracecars. []com

Complete information on the UFo Race Championship may be found at http://www. []
 Dog Hollow Speedway is located east of Indiana, PA off US 422 on PA 403 at Strongstown.
 The track phone is 814-948-6812 and promoter phone is 814-948-4252.  The track
website is [].

Mercer Raceway Park is located just north of Mercer, PA off US 19 on Fairground
Road.  The track website is http://www.mercerracewaypark. []com
race day phone 724-662-1310 and office phone 724-964-9300.  Pittsburgh's PA Motor
Speedway is located just west of Pittsburgh off US 22/30 at Imperial, PA off the
 Noblestown exit. The track website is [],
office phone 412-279-7223 and race day phone 724-695-3363 or 724-695-0393.

Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex is located east of Farmington, PA off US 40.  Website
information may be obtained at [],
with office phone for Oval Track Promotions of 410-857-3821 and race day phone 724-329-0306.
 Thunder Valley Raceway is located off PA 160 and US 30 at Central City, PA on Shade
Church Road.  The track website is http://www.. []
race day phone 814-754-8090 and office phone 301-733-3688.

Tyler County Speedway is located south of Middlebourne, WV on SR 18 at the Tyler
 County Fairgrounds. Tyler County Speedway is located south of Middlebourne, WV
on SR 18 at the Tyler County Fairgrounds.  The track website is http://www. []
with race day phone 304-758-2660 and phones for Circle Track Management Group of
 304-483-2536, 304-758-4426, 304-758-5186 and 304-904-0021.  West Virginia Motor
 Speedway is located off exit 170 of I-77 at Mineral Wells, WV.   The track website
is [].
 BDS Racing Promotions/Mountain State Motorsports may be contacted at 304-639-5718,
304-771-5661 or 304-771-3488 with speedway office phone of 304-758-2934.

2010 UFo Race Championship Schedule

Subject to additions and modifications

RACEceviers required at PPMS, Roaring Knob,Lernerville, WVMS, Tyler Co and Dog Hollow.
Transponders Required at Lernerville and PPMS.  Rentals available at the tracks.

Saturday, March 27 / Mercer Raceway Park / Chiller Thriller / 41 laps / $2,500 won
by Mike Knight

Saturday, April 17 / Tyler County Speedway / Topless 51 / 51 laps / $5,000 won by
Paul Wilmoth, Jr

Saturday, May 15 / Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway / F-2 Shockwave / 2-22 laps /
$3,000 total won by Mark Banal and John Mollick

Saturday, June 12 / Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex / Laurel Highlander / 38 laps
/ $2,500 won by .

Saturday, June 19 / Thunder Valley Raceway / Shawn McGarvey Showdown / 38P laps
/ $2,508P

Saturday, July 3 / Tyler County Speedway / Earl Hill Championship / 51 laps / $5,000

Sunday, July 11 / Dog Hollow Speedway / Revolution 2010 / 44 laps/ $5,000

Saturday, July 17 / Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex / Supernational Road / 40 laps
/ $3,000

Saturday, July 24 / Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway / Red Miley Rumble / 41 laps
/ $3,053 total

Sunday, August 1 / West Virginia Motor Speedway / Crown Jewel Qualifiers / 2-22
laps / $5,000 total

Saturday, August 28 / Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway / PENNational / 2-22 laps /
 $3,000 total

Friday, September 3 / Tyler County Speedway / The Black Diamond-WV State Championship
/ 51 laps / $10,000

Saturday September 11 / Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex/ King of the Knob / 51
laps / $5,000

Thursday, Friday, Saturday September 16-17-18 / Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway /
 The Pittsburgher

Thursday, Friday, Saturday October 7-8-9 / The Ultimate / Roaring Knob / TBA laps
/ $7,000

UFo Race Championship race results for Saturday, June 12, 2010, Roaring Knob Motorsports
Complex, Markleysburg, PA

Lead changes - 1.

Lap leaders:

1-17 - Tommy Beck.

18-38. - Mel Minnick.

Finish, Start, Car, Driver, Hometown.

1, 4, M1, Mel Minnick, Uniontown, PA

2, 9, 00H, Chuck Harper, Beverly, WV

3, 7, 14, Gary Dalton, Morgantown, WV

4, 12, 46, Doug Horton, Bruceton Mills, WV

5, 11, 119, Chad McClellan, Stoystown, PA

6, 2, 91, Tommy Beck, Murrysville, PA

7, 5, 25, Bob Hershman, Swanton, MD

8, 8, 17, Keith Barbara, South Park, PA

9, 1, S1, Jim Kutas, Elizabeth, PA

10, 13, 4J, John Mollick, Toronto, OH

11, 3, 31, Bob Gordon, Keyser, WV

12, 16, 43, Danny Pugh, Morgantown, WV

13, 6, 77, Jeff Ferguson, Uniontown, PA

14, 15, 7, Billy Holbert, Fairmont, WV

15, 14, 0, Richard Frazier, Mt. Clare, WV

16, 18, 18D, Danny Mitchell, Clarksburg, WV

17, 17, 9, L.C. Powers, Mt. Morris, PA

18, 10, 70J, D.J. Myers, Greencastle, PA

Heat 1 - 1, Bob Gordon. 2, Chuck Harper. 3, D.J. Myers. 4, Doug Horton. 5, John
Mollick. 6, Danny Pugh.

Heat 2 - 1, Gary Dalton. 2, Chad McClellan. 3, Keith Barbara. 4, Jeff Ferguson.
5, Richard Frazier. 6, L.C. Powers.

Heat 3 - 1, Jim Kutas. 2, Mel Minnick. 3, Bob Hershman. 4, Tommy Beck. 5, Billy
Holbert. 6, Danny Mitchell.

Updated UFo Race Championship point standings:

1 tie, 343.5, 4J, John Mollick, Toronto, OH; 119, Chad McClellan, Stoystown, PA

3, 313, 17, Keith Barbara, South Park, PA

4, 256.5, 91, Tommy Beck, Murrysville, PA

5, 238, 18D, Danny Mitchell, Clarksburg, WV

6, 184, 46, Doug Horton, Bruceton Mills, WV

7, 174, H1, Jared Miley, South Park, PA

8, 173, S1, Jim Kutas, Elizabeth, PA

9, 172, 14, Gary Dalton, Morgantown, WV

10, 168.5, 21, Tony Musolino, Scott Twp., PA

11, 165, 56, Denton Boyer, Punxsutawney, PA

12, 164, 03, Doug Eck, Corry, PA

13, 160, 22, Greg Oakes, Franklinville, NY

14, 159, 48, John Flinner, Zelienople, PA

15, 158, J4, John Garvin, Sarver, PA

16, 156.5, 16*, Dereck Frank, Jamestown, NY

17, 154, 17L, Dennis Lunger, Albion, PA

18 tie, 149, 1J, Dave Murdick, Slippery Rock, PA; 9, L.C. Powers, Mt. Morris, PA

20, 140, 38, Jim Stephans, Baldwin, PA

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