UFo Invades TVR on June 19 for the Shawn McGarvey Showdown!

Date: 6/14/2010 7:37:28 PM

UFo Invades TVR on June 19 for the Shawn McGarvey Showdown!
(MARS PA) - The UFo Race Championship will make its 1st-ever appearance at the Thunder
Valley Raceway at Central City, PA on Saturday night, June 19. The "Shawn McGarvey
Showdown" will be a tribute to the great champion.
Shawn was a multi-time TVR Limited Late Model track champion who was lost in a work-related
accident in 2009. Shawn was a full-time competitor on the UFo Race Championship
in the 2008 season and finished 5th in the final points. He also captured track
championships at Dog Hollow Speedway and Central PA Speedway.
The UFo Super Late Models will compete in a 38P-lap feature event paying $2,508P,
in honor of Shawn's car number. A full program of extended lap heat races and consolation(s)
will determine the starting grid. TVR, with its park-like setting, offers both grandstand
seating and hillside seating for lawn chairs. TVR has attracted full fields of Super
Late Models at its 2010 events. With the track's central location and its strong
field of home track competitors, an excellent field of UFo Super Late Models is
 expected for this East vs. West face-off.
TVR's Semi-Late/Street Stocks, Pure Stocks and 4-Cylinders will round out the racing
program. Gates will open at 5:00 with warm-ups at 7:00 and racing at 7:30 PM. Tickets
will be $20 for the Grandstands for ages 11 and over, and $28 for the pits.
The race to the UFo Championship is currently a tie between John Mollick of Toronto,
OH and Chad McClellan of Stoystown, OH. Keith Barbara of South Park, PA continues
to be a contender for the championship in 3rd. Tommy Beck of Jeanette, PA and Danny
Mitchell of Clarksburg, WV round out the top 5. The UFo Race Championship continues
to be ultra-competitive with no repeat winners for 2010. Mike Knight of Ripley,
NY, Paul Wilmoth Jr of Clarksburg, WV, John Mollick
The payoff for the UFo Super Late Models for the "Shawn McGarvey Showdown" 38P-lap
feature at TVR will be 1st-$2,508P 2nd-$1,208P 3rd-$1,008P 4th-$800 5th-$700 6th-$600
7th-$525 8th-$475 9th-$425 10th-$400 11th-$375 12th-$350 13th-$340 14th-$325 15th-$300
16th-$290 17th-$275 18th-$275 19th-$275 20th-$275 21st-$250 22nd-$250 23rd-$250
$100 will be paid to dnq cars starting a heat race at each event. The events have
no car entry fee for the UFo Super Late Models, and UFo does not have an annual
driver membership fee. The events will feature 24 car starting grids including 1
 UFo and 1 track provisional.
This event will be run under the UFo open brand 11" tire rule, with no minimum compound
specifications. At TVR, the standard UFo weight and spoiler rules will apply with
the GM 602 and 604 motors falling into the same weight and spoiler category as the
GM 525 motor since TVR does not offer a separate crate motor division
The UFo Race Championship is an event marketing alliance among supertracks in the
Pennova region (Western PA-Northern WV-Northeastern OH). Participating speedways
 presents their own championship Super Late Model events under the UFo banner throughout
the season using common tech and procedure rules with a year-end, group funded,
point bonus for the top finishing drivers on the tour. Eligible tracks are within
the 3 hour travel distance of the central point of Washington, PA.
The UFo Race Championship Tour is proudly sponsored by Lias Tire/American Racer
of Indiana, PA, Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic with distributors in Saxonburg, PA, Roaring
Springs PA and Finksburg, MD and Townsend Gas and Oil at Homer City, PA. 100% of
 their points fund sponsorship will be given to the top point standing drivers in
prize money and awards. More information on these sponsors may be found at http://www.hoosiermidatlantic.com
http://www.americanraceronline.com [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103479832341&s=2834&e=0016vsqi84XCdhmQJ_K_ayBuP6XO3qLBS_-lo8IP7lasHeJdGLBoCq1wuBxoVTi7Y0WHYMuAG6XPUFjbwZR7VwlwgbJj6JZ-HJgZwkylATHyyOCxFJdOksFENHQg4m44vJ6],
and http://www.townsendgasoil.com [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103479832341&s=2834&e=0016vsqi84XCdhOBHL1v0Qr5mG38mowKeGA6IIb9CdQHd9U0VML_tW4yldg-hG3tVijwVA7g8Yz4O5jeOm4tiGDWZYSM0OwPO18VAoR_TpScMWSdDT6MiOXI4RVIYldLQEi].
2010 Contingency awards are provided by Bernheisel Race Components and Lazer Chassis.
Information on their products may be found at http://www.bernheiselracecars.com
Complete information on the UFo Race Championship may be found at http://www.uforacechampionship.com
Dog Hollow Speedway is located east of Indiana, PA off US 422 on PA 403 at Strongstown.
The track phone is 814-948-6812 and promoter phone is 814-948-4252. The track website
is http://www.dog-hollow.net [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103479832341&s=2834&e=0016vsqi84XCdhoH7tXQhvm7-4TcN-HINwEEt7-b5hCAB2HU7tLZ91mYbdKDcgZ8v_h_NiLBlQGDcGT3VrZziPqAxqfdPrAmGOy6EA3ZgOrC4L_BGRO19uINA==].
Lernerville Speedway is located at Sarver, PA off SR 356. Track website is http://www.lernerville.com
with office and track phone 724-353-1511. Mercer Raceway Park is located just north
of Mercer, PA off US 19 on Fairground Road. The track website is http://www.mercerracewaypark.com
race day phone 724-662-1310 and office phone 724-964-9300.
Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway is located just west of Pittsburgh off US 22/30 at
Imperial, PA off the Noblestown exit. The track website is http://www.ppms.com [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103479832341&s=2834&e=0016vsqi84XCdhT-9KgU4N-bk3zQzPM4EcGanwGhhyi6BUQ8GuyhfhA4aTNwiRQ_n6kNoAlOaeU7mMSEoSP2hjaEMbE3sGjZRHbjjJ-ysSBSMM=],
office phone 412-279-7223 and race day phone 724-695-3363 or 724-695-0393. Roaring
Knob Motorsports Complex is located east of Farmington, PA off US 40. Website information
may be obtained at http://www.roaringknob.com [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103479832341&s=2834&e=0016vsqi84XCdhXyHtWD9KEnJuP-9AD3yJUDMxKBkm12clcgiTyPkzPjjMN6aN7BAYRZPN14vAPkORpUCnZsmoN30fl1UZiBgJb6Ve8J0yTIgnYdvsg9bZn_w==],
with office phone for Oval Track Promotions of 410-857-3821 and race day phone 724-329-0306.
Thunder Valley Raceway is located off PA 160 and US 30 at Central City, PA on Shade
Church Road. The track website is http://www..thundervalleyraceway.com [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103479832341&s=2834&e=0016vsqi84XCdgL_0ojRXn3z-ABA-f6OccGc0Ke-Z4xZD-GbvJ1BwLzRr_gHv9EcQH31X2933bbKqiFCMEdzXddiIvO1p48PkSB3wuXNkb_UZb4Rpa0GynOID9LakgA3mcH],
race day phone 814-754-8090 and office phone 301-733-3688. Tyler County Speedway
 is located south of Middlebourne, WV on SR 18 at the Tyler County Fairgrounds.
Tyler County Speedway is located south of Middlebourne, WV on SR 18 at the Tyler
 County Fairgrounds. The track website is http://www.tylercountyspeedwayonline.com
with race day phone 304-758-2660 and phones for Circle Track Management Group of
 304-483-2536, 304-758-4426, 304-758-5186 and 304-904-0021. West Virginia Motor
Speedway is located off exit 170 of I-77 at Mineral Wells, WV. The track website
 is http://www.wvspeedway.com [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103479832341&s=2834&e=0016vsqi84XCdjIcEMOiY_uQhmEnBgVlm3yInID8mu7Hine1_NwFkwAYsf4poT7uxNfzVhzRAYygeoyAsGwiPHVmnkNBCXGrQe4rANQa-v3c0RVYrEIveNK2g==].
BDS Racing Promotions/Mountain State Motorsports may be contacted at 304-639-5718,
304-771-5661 or 304-771-3488 with speedway office phone of 304-758-2934.
2010 UFo Race Championship Schedule
Subject to additions and modifications
RACEceviers required at PPMS, Roaring Knob,Lernerville, WVMS, Tyler Co and Dog Hollow.
Transponders Required at Lernerville and PPMS. Rentals available at the tracks.
Saturday, March 27 / Mercer Raceway Park / Chiller Thriller / 41 laps / $2,500 won
by Mike Knight
Saturday, April 17 / Tyler County Speedway / Topless 51 / 51 laps / $5,000 won by
Paul Wilmoth, Jr
Saturday, May 15 / Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway / F-2 Shockwave / 2-22 laps /
$3,000 total won by Mark Banal and John Mollick
Saturday, June 12 / Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex / Laurel Highlander / 38 laps
/ $2,500 won by Mel Minnick Jr
Saturday, June 19 / Thunder Valley Raceway / Shawn McGarvey Showdown / 38P laps
/ $2,508P
Saturday, July 3 / Tyler County Speedway / Earl Hill Championship / 51 laps / $5,000
Sunday, July 11 / Dog Hollow Speedway / Revolution 2010 / 44 laps/ $5,000
Saturday, July 17 / Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex / Supernational Road / 40 laps
/ $3,000
Saturday, July 24 / Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway / Red Miley Rumble / 41 laps
/ $3,053 total
Sunday, August 1 / West Virginia Motor Speedway / Crown Jewel Qualifiers / 2-22
laps / $5,000 total
Friday, August 13 / Lernerville Speedway / Lunarville 33 v2.0 / 33 laps / $2,000
Saturday, August 28 / Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway / PENNational / 2-22 laps /
 $3,000 total
Friday, September 3 / Tyler County Speedway / The Black Diamond-WV State Championship
/ 51 laps / $10,000
Saturday, September 4 / off for The Black Diamond 125 at Tyler County Speedway -
 $50,000 total
Sunday, September 5 / off for the Hillbilly 100 at West Virginia Motor Speedway
- $42,000
Saturday September 11 / Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex/ King of the Knob / 51
laps / $5,000
Thursday, Friday, Saturday September 16-17-18 / Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway /
 The Pittsburgher
Thursday, Friday, Saturday October 7-8-9 / The Ultimate / Roaring Knob / TBA laps
/ $7,000
Updated Point Standings as of the Laurel Highlander at Roaring Knob, June 12, 2010
1 tie, 343.5, 4J, John Mollick, Toronto, OH; 119, Chad McClellan, Stoystown, PA
3, 313, 17, Keith Barbara, South Park, PA
4, 256.5, 91, Tommy Beck, Murrysville, PA
5, 238, 18D, Danny Mitchell, Clarksburg, WV
6, 184, 46, Doug Horton, Bruceton Mills, WV
7, 174, H1, Jared Miley, South Park, PA
8, 173, S1, Jim Kutas, Elizabeth, PA
9, 172, 14, Gary Dalton, Morgantown, WV
10, 168.5, 21, Tony Musolino, Scott Twp., PA
11, 165, 56, Denton Boyer, Punxsutawney, PA
12, 164, 03, Doug Eck, Corry, PA
13, 160, 22, Greg Oakes, Franklinville, NY
14, 159, 48, John Flinner, Zelienople, PA
15, 158, J4, John Garvin, Sarver, PA
16, 156.5, 16*, Dereck Frank, Jamestown, NY
17, 154, 17L, Dennis Lunger, Albion, PA
18 tie, 149, 1J, Dave Murdick, Slippery Rock, PA; 9, L.C. Powers, Mt. Morris, PA
20, 140, 38, Jim Stephans, Baldwin, PA

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