Dale Blaney leads green to checker for All Star Win!

Date: 6/5/2010 8:31:15 AM


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Dale Blaney leads green to checker for All Star Win!
Mike Pegher Jr. and Joe Kelley also victorious


Sarver, PA (June 4, 2010) Former Track and All Star Champion Dale Blaney dominated the 30-lap OíReilly All Star Circuit of Champion Sprint feature, leading wire-to-wire to win his second race of 2010 at Lernerville Speedway.  But despite leading every lap, Blaney had to hold off a late and furious charge by Former Track Champion and Defending All Star Champion Timmy Shaffer.  Danny Holtgraver continues to impress at the Action Track by finishing third to two of Lernervilleís finest exports!


Starting alongside Holtgraver on the front row, Blaney jumped out to a quick lead and quickly reeled in lapped traffic.  The lapped traffic didnít seem to slow Blaney down, but as the laps clicked off, Shaffer was just a little bit better navigated the slower cars and pulled even twice in the closing laps, but could not complete a pass for the lead. 


Blaney, carrying the Ti22 colors, captured his second Lernerville Speedway feature in three weeks, this time to the tune of $5,000!  Shaffer finished second.


Smack dab in the middle of his breakout season, Danny Holtgraver proved once and for all tonight that heís not just a future star in the Western PA sprint scene!  Holtgraver is a force to be reckoned with in the present!  He had posted four straight top five finishes in Fab Four Racing entering tonightís All Star Race, and added another top five to the streak during All Star Competition.  He also turned in the third quickest lap of time trials.


David Gravel finished fourth after taking third place away from Holtgraver on a restart, only to see Holtgraver take the spot back in lapped traffic later in the race.  All Star veteran Danny Smith rounded out the All Star Top Five.  David Gravel set quick time with a lap of 12.801seconds.  Greg Wilson, Dave Ely and Kevin Schaeffer won National Guard Heat Races.


Former Sportsman Stock Track Champion Mike Pegher Jr. won the DIRTcar Pro Late Model race over veteran driver David Scott.  Joe Kelley picked up his fifth win of the season in the Charapp Route 28 DIRTcar Sportsman division over Ryan Moyer

Dale Blaney leads green to checker for All Star Win!
Mike Pegher Jr. and Joe Kelley also victorious




OíReilly All Star/Ti22 Performance DIRTcar Sprint Car Feature: (30 Laps)

  1. (2) Dale Blaney, Fowler, OH
  2. (83) Tim Shaffer, Aliquippa
  3. (D4) Danny Holtgraver, Pittsburgh
  4. (89G) David Gravel,
  5. (4X) Danny Smith, Chillicothe, OH
  6. (04) Cap Henry, Bellevue, OH
  7. (24H) Lee Jacobs,
  8. (W20) Greg Wilson,
  9. (22) Cole Duncan,
  10. (12) Jared Ridge, Snohomish, WA
  11. (10) Carl Bowser, Sarver
  12. (6R) Bill Rose,
  13. (43) Andy Priest, New Castle
  14. (75) Dave Ely,
  15. (24S) Brian Steinman, Lucinda
  16. (66) Chris Best, Butler
  17. (33) Brent Matus, Wampum
  18. (94) Jack Sodeman Jr., N.Jackson, OH
  19. (15) Charlie Holben, Cabot
  20. (3) Pete Miller III, Port Vue
  21. (3B) Scott Bonnell, Fairview
  22. (6F) Bob Felmlee, Franklin
  23. (9) Kevin Schaeffer, Kittanning
  24. (O) Andy McKisson, Strattanville

Natíl Guard Heat Winners: Greg Wilson, Dave Ely, Kevin Schaeffer

DIRTcar Pro Late Models Feature: (20 Laps)

  1. (1C) Mike Pegher Jr., Wexford
  2. (100) David Scott, Garland
  3. (27) Butch Lambert, Mars
  4. (55) Chris Schneider, Creighton
  5. (51) Bill Stile III, West Newton
  6. (OO) Josh Holtgraver, Pittsburgh
  7. (33) Sean Puz, Springdale
  8. (9R) Michael Reft, Whitehall
  9. (15C) Sprout Cossell, Connellsville
  10. (26) Shawn Schaltenbrand, Natrona Heights
  11. (5M) Ricky Meglaye, Youngwood
  12. (2M) Mylan Markovich, Greensburg
  13. (14*) Jim Frank, Jamestown, NY
  14. (84) Andrew Wylie, Saltsburg
  15. (K2) John Over, Uniontown
  16. (75) Colton Flinner, Allison Park
  17. (79) Tommy Demowski, Monroeville
  18. (61) Kevin Smith, New Kensington
  19. (J19) Jason Fosnaught, Creighton
  20. (2) Andrew Satterlee, Rochester Mills

DNS (5) Mike Blose, New Bethlehem

Natíl Guard Heat Winners: Mike Pegher Jr., David Scott

Charapp Route 28 DIRTcar Sportsman Feature: (20 Laps)

  1. (66) Joe Kelley, Mt. Pleasant
  2. (13X) Ryan Moyer, Portersville
  3. (3S) Paul Schreckengost, Creighton
  4. (20J) Jim Fosnaught, Creighton
  5. (54) Wayne Carbo, Saxonburg
  6. (30) Bob Egley, Kittanning
  7. (25) Brett McDonald, Saxonburg
  8. (32) Mark Sanders, Lowellville, OH
  9. (19) Scott Bowman,
  10. (29B) Scott Byers, Butler
  11. (35) Jeff Walters, Evans City
  12. (J19) Jason Fosnaught, Creighton
  13. (C33) Corey McPherson, Tarentum
  14. (21) Jeff Miller, Natrona Heights
  15. (28Y) Terry Young, Butler


DNS (2) AJ Flick, Apollo

Natíl Guard Heat Winners: Joe Kelley, Jim Fosnaught



OíReilly All Star/Ti22 Performance DIRTcar Sprint Car Time Trials

  1. (89G) David Gravel 12.801
  2. (04) Cap Henry 12.982
  3. (D4) Danny Holtgraver 13.016
  4. (83) Tim Shaffer 13.045
  5. (2) Dale Blaney 13.055
  6. (6F) Bob Felmlee 13.077
  7. (4X) Danny Smith 13.088
  8. (22) Cole Duncan 13.094
  9. (24H) Lee Jacobs 13.171
  10. (W20) Greg Wilson 13.184
  11. (6R) Bill Rose 13.184
  12. (94) Jack Sodeman Jr. 13.207
  13. (3B) Scott Bonnell 13.232
  14. (75) Dave Ely 13.264
  15. (15) Charlie Holben 13.283
  16. (12) Jared Ridge 13.284
  17. (10) Carl Bowser 13.287
  18. (9) Kevin Schaeffer 13.305
  19. (3) Pete Miller III  13.446
  20. (33) Brent Matus 13.500
  21. (24S) Brian Steinman 13.517
  22. (66) Chris Best 13.591
  23. (43G) Andy Priest 13.620
  24. (O) Andy McKisson 13.874
  25. (13) Brandon Matus 14.246
  26. (96) Lindsay Enscoe 14.250
  27. (4) Rod George No Time


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