Date: 9/28/2013 10:04:36 AM

Woodhull Raceway Race Story and Quick Results

September 27, 2013

Bully Hill Vineyards Night #1

(Griffith Energy Night Make up)

4th Annual Bull Ring Challenge



By Paul Harkenrider

                40 Crate Sportsman were registered in for the 50 lap, $1000 to win Crate Sportsman Special and it was once another night to be remembered on the high banks. Ray Smith drew the outside pole and led the first opening laps. Then came one of the young stars in Connor Brown taking over the lead on lap 11, Smith then took over the lead once again on lap 19 before surrendering the lead for 2 laps to Chris Daugherty before gaining it back. Smith then went to lead the next 25 laps of the race before the very patient Casey Pavlick took over the lead on lap 46 and was able to hang on to win the 50 lap shootout over some of the best Crate Sportsman Pilots in all the northeast. Ray Smith was able to hold on to the runner-up spot, followed by Chris Daugherty, Mike Jackson and Bobby Peoples.

                In the 360 Late Models, it was Jeremy Wonderling passing his father, Mike Wonderling Sr, in the final laps of their 25 lap feature. John Waters, who led the first opening laps, finished in second, followed by Wonderling Sr, Glen Writenour and Steve Lebarron. 

                In the Open Street Stocks, Dylan Cecce, a Black Rock Speedway regular picked his first checkered on the high banks in 2013. Jeremy Potrzebowski finished in second; both have automatically qualified themselves for the Joe Wilcox Open will take place on Night 2. Nick Robinson, Chris Fisher and Frank Chapman rounded out the top five.

                In the Quad-C 4 cylinder 20 lap feature, it was James Kriedler III, another Black Rock Regular picked up his 3rd feature of the year at the high banks in dominating fashion, lapping all but the top five cars. Ron Hill finished in second, followed by Jeremy Trank, Brian Grant Sr and Jacob McConnell.

                Making up their feature from August 31st was the Crate Sportsman, Mini Stocks and Front Wheel drives. Winner of the Crate Sportsman was Russ Morseman III picking up his first feature of 2013. Chris Daugherty won the 2013 track championship for the first time in his career. Jason Gleason picked up his 6th feature of the season but came up just short of winning the track championship which was won by Brandon Morseman. In the Front Wheel Drives, it was Ron Hill winning his first feature in 2013 as well. Jaye McConnell won the 2013 track championship in dominating fashion by about 60 points.

Saturday, Sept. 28 is night 2 of the Bull Ring Challenge presented by Bully Hill Vineyards, featuring Big Block and Small Block Modified’s, Bicknell Race Products Isky Cams 360 LM Can Am Series, Street Stocks, Quad C 4- cylinders and a non-winners race for the Crate Sportsman. Gates opening at 3:30 with the green flag dropping at around 5:30.

                                    Quick Results & Extra Notes

Crate Sportsman Make up Feature From 8/31

Russ Morseman III (1), Ray Bliss Jr, Connor Brown, Brandon Butler, Ray Smith, Steve Hartman Sr, Bob Buono, Mike Buchanan, Donnie Knowles, Josh Sawyer, Brett Buono,  Dillon Groover, Collin Brown, Chris Fisher, Cory Costa, Ryan Tracy, Jake Dgein, Kurt Stebbins, Bill Laviolette, Mike Jackson, Jake Dgein, Ed Presher, Scott Waters, Josh Keesey, Chris Daugherty, Rod Mullen

Track Champion: Chris Daugherty

Mini Stock Make Up Feature from 8/31

JASON GLEASON (6), James Kriedler, Brandon Morseman, Brian Grant Sr., John Hand Jr, Mike Navone, Rick Amidon, Chris Hand, Ray Hyer, Ray Bliss III

Track Champion: Brandon Morseman

Front Wheel Drive Make Up Feature from 8/31

RON HILL (1) Matt Prescott, Danny Mitchell, Jay McConnell, Eric Simons, Jacob McConnell, Adam Metarko, Allison Pierce, Carter Coykendaul, Wes Houghtaling, Chris Woodward, Allen English

S&W Awards and Photos 360 Late Models

                Cars: 25

                Heats:  Carl Hughes, Mike Wonderling Sr, Ray Bliss

                Feature: JEREMY WONDERLING (4), John Waters, Mike Wonderling Sr, Glenn Whritenour, Steve LeBarron, Brian Knowles, Josh Smith, Jared Hill, Wally Wade, Frank LeBarron, Jerry Wilson, Buck Payne, Carl Cleveland, Jason McGregor, Quinn Sutherland, Mick Seeley, Cecil LaBarron, Ray Bliss, Jason Knowles, Mikey Wonderling, Bruce Miller, Jaye McConnell, Rick Teller.

DQ- Brad LaBarron

Joe Wilcox Performance Street Stocks

                Cars: 25

                Heats: Mike Kerr, Dylan Cecce, Teddy Morseman

                Feature: DYLAN CECCE (1), Jeremy Potrzebowski, Nick Robinson, Chris Fisher, Frank Chapman Jr., Terry Thompson, James Kreidler, Jeredd Dennis,  Tracy Dunn, Mark Costa, Mike Kerr, Alan Crooker, Gene Balmer, Jason Dobson, Billy Deming, Matt Hamilton, Allison Pierce, Chuck Pruden, Car #34, Russell Morseman, Teddy Morseman, Henry Miracle, Brett Marlatt, Bubba VanCise

Black Flag - #26 Kurt Stebbins

NAPA Crate Sportsman

                Cars: 40

                Heats: Art Goodier, Brett Buono, Connor Brown, Dillon Groover

                Consolations: Ryan Olsommer, Bob Buono 

                Feature: CASEY PAVLICK (1) Ray Smith, Chris Daugherty, Mike Jackson, Bobby Peoples, John Hargrave, Boyd McTavish, Connor Brown, Russ Morseman III, Ryan Olsommer, Josh Sawyer, Art Goodier, Bob Buono, Steve Hartman Sr, Phil Viqneri, Chris Fisher, Brett Buono, Roger Williams, Jim Johnston, Ryan Tracy, Ray Bliss Jr, Donnie Lawson, Dillon Groover, Josh Keesey

“Quad C” 4 Cylinder

                Cars: 30

                Heats: Jacob McConnell, 

                Feature: Ron Hill, Jeremy Trank, Brian Grant Sr, Jacob McConnell, Matt Prescott, Rick Amidon, Eric Ellsworth, John Hand, Robert Decker, Carter Coykendaul, Adam Metarko, Wes Houghtaling, Ray Hyer, Justin Hall, Chris Hand, Nate Freeland, Billy Joe Birdsall, Bobby Hall Jr, JR Bush, Jaye McConnell, Justin Hall, Derek Puryear



Extra Notes

                Race Start (Approximately): 6:45

                Race End: 12:27

Total Car Count: 119

                50/50: $542.00

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