Date: 7/4/2008 2:38:52 PM

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By Terry Whetstone
Public Relations
For immediate release July 3, 2008
CLEARFIELD, PA - CNB Bank & the Navasky Foundation for Life teamed up with Central PA Speedway to present the 33rd running of the Yankee Doodle 50 and together they didn’t let Mother Nature dampen their spirits as the Big Bear withstood her showers and the show went on with Keith Barbara of South Park earning his first ever Yankee Doodle victory and his first ever win at CPS.
Dan “The Real Deal” Smeal of Ramey picked up his third straight Rex Energy Street Stock feature win.
The UFO late models returned to CPS for their second visit and by the luck of the draw it was Jared Miley and Gregg Satterlee that led the 33 car field to the start. It was Satterlee who shot into the lead as the race had trouble getting a couple of laps in, but Satterlee led and had Miley in second, Chub Frank third and Keith Barbara in fourth.
As the race continued, Barbara was hooked up and flying as he came from eighth to take the lead on only the sixth lap. While Barbara was setting a torrid pace, he wasn’t exactly pulling away from the field, as the fight for second began to heat and with Satterlee in second and Miley, Shawn McGarvey, Frank and Mike Blose challenging each other for the position for a while, then McGarvey took second on lap18 but two laps later, as he challenged Barbara on the outside going into the first turn, the leaders touched and McGarvey went sailing off the first turn.
On the restart it was still Barbara in the lead with Frank now in second and Blose third. Miley, Satterlee and now Jason Witherite were jockeying for the runner up spot. The race continued with Blose now in second and McGarvey working his way back to third on lap 32, but Frank was still there as was Witherite and now Tim Fedder moved into the picture to challenge for the top spot, all the while it was still Barbara protecting the lead.
A pair of cautions on laps 39 and 40 slowed the race again with Frank now in second. As the green unfurled again it was still Frank in second as he was pressuring Barbara for the win with Blose, Miley and McGarvey completing the top five. With just one lap remaining a caution flew for a spinning car and that regrouped the field for a two lap shoot out.
Frank dove to the bottom of the track and Barbara took the outside as they ran door to door for a lap, but Barbara held off the advances from Frank as Mike Frisco waved the double checkered flags over the field. Frank held on to second with Blose, Miley and McGarvey completing the top five. Rodney Sweitzer, Tim Fedder, DJ Myers and Alex Ferree won the heat races,
Dan Smeal and Neil Wilson led the street stock 20 lapper to the green with Smeal taking the lead and setting the pace. As he led fourth place Jeff Mease was looking for a groove to get past the leader, as they were three and four wide from third place back through the field.
While Smeal led the race second place was closing in with Mease breaking and pitting on lap eight giving second to Fuzzy Fields with Rusty Martz, Gary Little and Bob Roseman filling out the top five. The top five positions were swapping positions throughout the race, but the lead was always Smeals. As the race came to a conclusion it was Smeal taking his third win of the season followed by Fields, Roseman, Martz and Little. Heat wins went to Bill Henney, Dam Smeal, Fuzzy Fields, and Rusty Martz.
PAW TRACKS - 34 UFO Late Models landed at the mountain top speed plant along with 32 street stocks…A special presentation before the features was made where Ferd Wallace was presented with a miniature version of the bear that feature winners receive. Wallace was the founder of the Yankee Doodle race…The weather played havoc off and on but the crowd hung tough and the entire program was completed…The next event on tap at CPS is in September and will feature the Steel Block Nationals along with the street stocks…Generation Z" - one of the country's hottest young groups (12-year-old kids that play classic rock music), presented a Pre-Race Concert in the Grandstand Area at 4:30 p.m…For more information check out the website at www.thebigtrack.com.
33rd Annual Yankee Doodle 50 UFO Late Models: 1. 17 Keith Barbara, South Park; 2. 1* Chub Frank, Bear Lake; 3. 5 Mike Blose, Dayton; 4. H1 Jared Miley, South Park; 5. 8H Shawn McGarvey, Coalport; 6. 22 Gregg Satterlee, Rochester Mills; 7. 24M Jason Witherite, Luthersburg; 8. 8 Tim Fedder, Millerstown; 9.47 Matt Gaston, Rochester Mills; 10. 84 Rodney Sweitzer, Stoystown; 11. 2J Mike Johnson, Imperial; 12.5R Jerry Redden, Mahaffey; 13. 53 Chris Farrell, Clearfield; 14. 33 Bernie Whiteford, Hastings; 15.1B Dwayne Brooks, Falls Creek; 16. 7J Josh Young, Berwick; 17. D42 Matt Dobnak, West Mifflin; 18.7X Herman Bertolini, Creighton; 19. W1 Tim Smith, Jr. McVeytown; 20. 55 Denny Fenton, Clearfield; 21. 51. Chuck Kennedy, Brockway; 22. 34D Bob Dunn, East Waterford; 23. 70J D.J. Myers, Greencastle; 24. 27 Bobby Stokes, Milton; 25. 231 George Fultz, Beech Creek; 26. 17B Todd Baumgardner, West Decatur; 27. 4W Keith Witherite, Mahaffey; 28. 75 Mel Minnick, Jr. Uniontown; 29. 32 Billy Dickson, West Decatur; 30. 82G Ted Gallaher, Irvona; 31. 4 Alex Ferree, Saxonburg; 32. 19C Chris Clark, Curwensville; 33. 23 Josh Kennelley, Blanchard.
Did not start, Benny Gordon, DuBois
Rex Energy Street Stocks: 1. 44 Dan Smeal, Ramey; 2. 28 Fuzzy Fields, Brockport; 3. 48R Bob Roseman, Sykesville; 4. 16M Rusty Martzm Brookville; 5. 2 Gary Little, Woodland; 6. 50 Bill Henney, Huntingdon, 7. 13 Jamie Barber, Grampian, 8. T3 Dom Surra, Kersey; 9. 415 Scott Stein, Cherry Tree; 10. 07 Tim Krape, Bellefonte; 11. 37 Joe Kot, DuBois; 12. 77 Chad O’Brien, Corcica; 13. 7 Neil Wilson, Clearfield; 14. 85 Austin Roy, Punxsutawney; 15. 78 Ray Billotte, Mineral Springs; 16. 133 Richard Homan, Port Matilda; 17. 33T Tom Homan, PA Furnace; 18. 1B Chad Bender, Clearfield; 19. 11Y Dale Yaney, Brookville; 20. 22 Skip Lindemuth; 21. 1 Jack Wallace, Hazen; 22. M1 Jeff Mease, Clearfield; 23. 5s Scott Winslow, Kersey; 24. 7* Craig Bainey, Morrisdale; 25. 10 Ryan Christoff, Pittsburgh; 26. 11G Dan Gill, Clearfield, 27. 99x Eric Baun, Rossiter; 28. 94R Chad Rougeaux, Grampian; 29. 87 Eric Irvin, Petersburg; 30. 180 Ken Taylor.
Did not start: 21R Rick Hemphill, Osceola Mills and 27 Steve Cook, Sykesville.

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