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CLEARFIELD, PA - Central PA Speedway Management announced earlier this week that NASCAR Veteran Ken Schrader will be racing at Central PA Speedway as part of the United States Modified Touring Series Event Sunday, August 9. 

Director of Operations Dan Bainey had this to say; "We looked into several different types of racing for this event and I think we put together a nice quality package. I really wanted some type of modifieds at the track this year, and when we were throwing around ideas, Schrader's name came up."

"We talked with him and he told us that he had read good things about what we're doing at the Speedway and that he'd like to race at Central Pa. Speedway if there was an event that fit his schedule. He suggested we look at a USMTS (United States Modified Touring Series)/E-mod race. Mr. Schrader informed us that he has a USMTS car and that if we ran them, he'd be sure to make the event at Central PA."

The event will also include a Street Stock Shootout race. The PASS 305 Sprint Cars will also do battle for the first time at Central Pa. Speedway, as well as the new addition of Front Wheel Drive 4 Cylinders.

"We're happy to announce the addition of the front wheel drive 4 cylinders. The program will feature a payout of $400 to win $40 to start and in spirit of "4" the winners will receive a 4 foot trophy" added GM Kenny McLaughlin.

Central Pa Speedway owner Tim Bainey said, "I want all types of cars to have a chance at winning here at the Big Bear, with these additions, its more classes that get to race. If I could, I'd have races every night with ten different classes a night, but that's not possible, yet... To top it off Ken Schrader, one of the best and most dedicated racers you'll ever find is going to be here.  It's going to be a great show."

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