2009 Steel Block Nationals In Honor of Shawn "Sheetz" McGarvey at Central PA Speedway

Date: 5/8/2009 10:44:59 PM

2009 Steel Block Nationals

In Honor of Shawn "Sheetz" McGarvey

CLEARFIELD - Central Pa Speedway will round out the full-bodied season with the Steel Block Nationals Labor Day weekend Sunday, September 6th.  Keeping with the trend the payouts will again increase. This time the Steel Block/Crate Late Models will battle for $4009 to win and $400 just to make the event. The Street Stocks will run their final race of the Street Stock Shootout with a payout of $3009 to the winner and $300 to start the main event. The first two Steel Block Nationals have seen average car counts of 60+ in each class.

"This is the Super Bowl of racing for these Street Stock and Steel Block guys. The level of competition for this event is just amazing, last year I think we had over 10 track champions entered. There were easily 30 cars in each class that could have walked away Champions. I've already been told by some of the guys that, they can't wait for this race, they've got it marked on their calendars", said Director of Operations Dan Bainey.

This year's event is being dedicated to Shawn "Sheetz" McGarvey. CPS owner Tim Bainey said, "We really want to do something for Sheetz, he was an amazing guy both on and off the track. He was a really great friend of mine, every time I went to a track and he was racing I would go smoke a cigar with him and talk racin'.  There are a couple of different things we could do, but I think its fitting to honor him where he thrived, Steel Block Late Model racing. 

Tim added- "I always ask Sheetz what he thought would be best for Late Model Racing, he would tell me - ‘Well here's what's best for Sheetz, but if you want what's best for Late Models, then here's what you should do...' - and you just had to like that guy"!

Sheetz was the 2008 winner of this event, marking one of his biggest wins and marking his last ever feature win at the same track where he started his racing career.

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