Date: 5/25/2009 3:34:02 PM


For immediate release May 24, 2009

CLEARFIELD, PA - Jared Miley of South Park, PA won the O’Reilly All-Stat Late Model debut event at Central PA Speedway Sunday night to kick off the 2009 season while Alan Dellinger of Hermitage, PA. copped the Street Stock portion.

The late model feature hit the speedway with 24 starters ready to go with Tim Smith Jr. and Dave Hess Jr. on the front row with Smith taking the early lead at the start. Started out with a sizable lead that withered on lap seven after the caution waved.

Smith led for three more laps after the caution, but it was Colby Frye who made the move on the inside of turns three and four on lap ten to take the lead. He set the pace for nine laps before Dan Stone took the lead but he couldn’t hold on either, as Jared Miley made his presence known by taking the lead on lap 24, as he came from the 15th starting spot.

Miley only led one lap before Frye made his way back out front at the half-way point of the event but Stone stayed beside him, as the duo ran door-to-door for the lead for several laps, with Stone officially leading lap 27, but Frye fought back and took the lead on lap 28.

Stone didn’t really go away staying with Frye, but on lap 31 Jeremy Miller made his presence known, as he took the second spot from Stone and he brought Miley along for the ride, as Stone fell to fourth. The front group continued to stay under a blanket with Frye still leading and setting the pace, but then on lap 33 lapped traffic began to play into the mix before a caution waved on lap 44.

Frye was still leading with Miley now second, Miller was third and Mike Knight was in fourth, all the way from 20th starting spot. When the green waved it was still Frye leading with Miley trying for the lead, then with four laps to go, Miley made it work as he took the lead and eventual win over Frye. Knight made it to third with Miller fourth and Gregg Satterlee fifth. Heat wins went to Boom Briggs, Dan Stone, Jeremy Miller and Colby Frye while the twin 12 lap B-mains went to Waylon Wagner and Robby Blair.

In the street stock portion Alan Dellinger made a shambles of the field, as he started on the pole and literally left his competition to follow his tracks. Dellinger lead the 20 test from flag to flag and was only challenged on restarts by Rusty Martz. The best battle was for second between Martz, Eric Baun, Chris Schneider and Gary Little. When Mike Frisco waved the double checkered flags it was all Dellinger over Martz, Baun, Little and Jamie Barber. Heat wins went to Alan Dellinger, Rusty Martz, Jamie Barber and Steve Cook. Bill Henney and Rick Hemphill split the twin B-Mains.

Bear tracks: 86 teams filled the pits, including 46 late models and 40 street stocks…Tim Murphy cleared the first turn embankment and flipped several times. He was not injured…Boom Briggs was the fastest timer with a lap of 16.428 seconds…Coming up on June 14 is the O’Reilly All-Star Sprints along with the 305 Sprints and the street stocks….more information is available at


O’Reilly All-Star Late Models: 1. Jared Miley, South Park; 2. Colby Frye, 3. Mike Knight, 4. Jeremy Miller, 5. Gregg Satterlee, 6. Robby Blair, 7. Boom Briggs, 8. Denton Boyer, 9. Dave Hess Jr., 10. Keith Barbara, 11. Mike Blose, 12. Waylon Wagner, 13. Rod Conley, 14. Tim Smith Jr., 15. Doug Horton, 16. Devin Friese, 17. Derek Rodkey, 18. Dane Laraway, 19. Alex Ferree, 20. Sammy Stiles, 21. Dan Stone, 22. Matt Lux, 23. Jason Covert, 24. John Britsky.

Rex Energy Street Stocks: 1. Alan Dellinger, Hermitage; 2. Rusty Martz, 3. Eric Baun, 4. Gary Little, 5. Jamie Barber, 6. Bob Rosman, 7. Craig Bainey, 8. Rod Lasky, 9. Fuzzy Fields, 10. Chris Schneider, 11. Dom Surra, 12. Denny Crawford, 13. Tim Bish, 14. Bob Conner, 15. Joe Kott, 16. Dan Smeal, 17. Steve Cook, 18. Tim Krape, 19. Jim Handyside Jr., 20. Lee Hummel, 21. Kenny Zimmerman, 22. Ben Asel, 23. Oren Taylor, 24. Rick Hemphill.


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