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CLEARFIELD, PA - Chad Layton of Harrisburg, PA made the trip to Tim Bainey's Central PA Speedway Sunday night an took home the top prize while Ryan Lynn of Hollisdaysburg copped the National Qualifier for the PASS 305 Sprints. Allen Dillenger Hermitage won the street Stock Showdown.

            The O'Reilly All-Star Sprints took to the speedway first with the luck of the draw fiding Andy McKisson and Chad Layton on the front row. Layton took the lead and set the pace early on with McKisson in second with Greg Hodnett and Mark Smith in third and fourth. The top four were closing on the leader with Hodnett taking over second on the sixth lap and Smith moving into third. The top three remained the same for several laps and sat through a few cautions.

Tim Shaffer came from fifth to third on lap 14 with Layton continuing to lead and Hodnett still in second, but the rest of the field wasn't content and continued to jockey for position as Stevie Smith moved in from his 11th place starting position to help mix the action up, as Smith began to fade and seventh place starter Daryn Pittman began to show his presence.

            Another caution on lap 20 regrouped the field with Layton still in command and Hodnett still second and hounding the leaders tail as Shaffer and Stevie Smith were still in third and fourth then on lap 23 Pittman made his presence known as he moved from fifth to third and then to second after Hodnett ran out of fuel, as did Dale Blaney. An unscheduled fuel stop was held with just two laps to go, and set up a two lap shoot out.

            It was still all Layton as he went on to get his first career win at Central PA Speedway. Pittman held on to second with Mark Smith coming back to third after falling to fifth, Shaffer was fourth and Fast Freddie Rahmer was fifth from 15th. Preliminary wins went to Brandon Wimmer, Daryn Clayton, Bob Felmlee and Ryan Bunton. The Fast Dahs was won by Greg Hodnett while Stevie Smith won the "B"-Main

            The PASS 305 Sprints took to the speedway with Mark Watkins and Ryan Lynn on the front row, with Watkins taking the lead at the start and Jake Waters moving into second with Lynn falling to third. Watkins was still leading with Lynn recovering to take second on lap 4, and the trying to reel in the leader. On lap nine Lynn moved to the outside of Watkins and had enough of an advantage to lead the 10th lap, but Watkins battled back and took the lead going into the first turn, dropping Lynn back to second.

            Lynn didn't give up and battled back, pulling along side of Watkins again on lap 14 and leading off the fourth turn on lap 15. Once he was out front, he was pulling away from Watkins, but fourth place starter Cliff Conner was now in second and closing on the leader but Lynn was holding his own, then with one lap left Conner went into the first turn too hard and went over the edge of the surface, recovering but losing second to Watkins as Lynn went on to garner his career first CPS win. Watkins, Conner, Rod Peters and Rodger Irvine completed the top five. Jake Waters and Roger Irvine split the heat wins.

            The street stock showdown saw Eric Baun and Alan Dellinger on the front row with Dellinger taking the lead and setting the pace. Baun was in second early on with Gary Little third and Rick Hemphill in fourth.

            The race continued with Dellinger still setting the pace and Tim Bish mixing it up with the leaders. At the first scheduled caution on lap 10 to send everyone out of the top 15 off the track the leader was still Dellinger with Bish second, Little third, Hemphill fourth and Tim Krape fifth. The restart saw Dellinger continue to lead, as the fight for second get close, with Bish still second but Little took to spot on lap 14 just as the second scheduled yellow waved to make a 10 car, five lap dash to the checkered flag.

            Dellinger continued to lead as Krape now moved past Little on the outside for second on lap 16, but Little battled back and regained second on lap 18 but could not catch Dellinger who went on to get his second straight win. Little was second followed by Krape, Rusty Martz from ninth and Bill Henney from 17th.  Tim Krape, Bob Connor and Alan Dellinger won the heats.

BEAR TRAX: 80 teams filled the pits, including: 35 All-Star Spints, 18 PASS 305 Sprints and 27 Street Stocks...Drivers from eight states, including: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Connecticut, Illinois, Oklahoma, Missouri, New Jersey and Indiana plus Australia competed in the racing action...Tyler Bear careened into the dirt wall in turn one at the start of his heat and flipped, the crew was able to make all the necessary repairs to start the feature. He wasn't hurt....Chad Bender also caught the first turn wall and barrel rolled off the track, his street stock then caught fire, but he wasn't hurt...Racing Legend Al Hamilton was honored with a desk top copy of the chainsaw cut bears the winners receive and was interviewed as Fred Rhamer joined him. Rhamer amassed 144 feature wins for Hamilton when he drove for him. Hamilton received a standing ovation from the hundreds of fans in attendance....CPS will hold it's next race on July 3, the Annual Yankee Doodle 50 will pay $10,000 to win, making it the highest paying race to ever be run in Clearfield County. More details are on the website at



All-Star Sprints: 1. Chad Layton, Harrisburg; 2. Darun Pittman, Owasso, Ok; 3. Mark Smith, TowerCity; 4. Tim Shaffer, Aliquippa, 5. Fred Rhamer, Salfordville, 6. Greg Wilson, Benton Ridge, OH; 7. Brandon Wimmer, Fairmont, IN; 8. Andy Priest, New Castle; 9. Daron Clayton, Sikeston, MO; 10. Jack Sodeman, Jr., No. Jackson, OK; 11. Ryan Myers, Eaton, OH; 12. Bob Flemlee, Franklin; 13. Johnny Mackison, Jr., York; 14. David Gravel, Watertown, CT; 15. Trevor Lewis, Upper Black Eddy; 16. Greg Hodnett, Thomasville; 17. Dale Blaney, Hartford, OH; 18. Andy McKisson, Strattonville; 19. Stevie Smith, Broken Arrow, OK; 20. Roddy Bellbowen, New South Wales, Aus.; 21.Ryan Bunton, Morton, IL; 22. Craig Folmer, Philipsburg; 23. Dan Shetler, Johnstown; 24. Danny Holtgraver, Pittsburgh.

Did Not Qualify: Jack Helget, Steven Lines, Daryl Stimeling, George Suprick III, , Jeremy Ohl, Dave Delisle, Jeff taylor, Brent Mattus, Gale Ruth Sr., Bud Watt, Bret marks.


PASS 2305 Sprints: 1. Ryan Lynn, Hollidaysburg; 2. Mark Watkins, 3. Cliff Conner, 4. Rodney Peters, 5. Roger Irvine, 6. Jake Waters, 7. Nathan Gramley, 8. Jim Kennedy, 9. George Riden, 10. Ben Naugle, 11. Joey Hershey, 12. Mike Wagner, II; 13. Tyler Bear; 14. Joe Zap, 15. Erin Stattler, 16. Reed Thompson, 17. Tom Worrick, 18. Jim Marquette.


Street Stock Showdown: 1. Alan Dellinger, Hermitage; 2. Gary Little, 3. Tim Krape, 4. Rusty Martz, 5. Bill Henney, 6. Rick Hemphill, 7. Dom Surra, 8. Eric Baun, 9. Joe Kott; 10. Bob Connor, 11. Jason Walker, 12. Denny Crawford, 13. Mike Hummel, 14. Jamie Barber, 15. Tim Bish, 16. Fuzzy Fields, 17. Scott "Snuffy" Smith, 18. Craig bainey, 19. Richard Homan, 20. Rod Laskey, 21. Emory Rinehart Jr., 22. Gary Luzier, 23. Dan Smeal, 24. Bob Rosman, 25. Ray Billott, 26. Benny Gordon.

Chad Bender DID NOT START.

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