Date: 8/11/2009 12:41:51 AM


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By Terry Whetstone


For immediate release                                                                           August 9, 2009


CLEARFIELD, PA - Tim Bainey's Central PA Speedway presented a "regular show" Sunday night with a severe storm that spawned a tornado just eight miles away, but the weather at the track was hot and clear. That didn't stop Erin Statler of Carlisle from making history by becoming the first female driver to ever win a race at the Mountain Top oval by taking the PASS 305 sprint main.

 Matt Gaston of Punxsutawney won the steel block late model portion of the show while Rusty Martz of Brookville copped the street stock portion and it was Cody Robbins of Bellefonte winning the four cylinder feature event.

The PASS 305 Sprints took to the oval first with Erin Statler and Rodney Peters on the front row with Statler taking the lead and setting sail. As she was leading and leading more each lap, Peter was in second with Joe Zap in third. Statler was setting a torrid pace and was now entering lapped traffic as Mike Wagner II and Roger Irvine were now second and third and fighting each other for second as Statler began to work the lapps traffic with perfection as she went on to take the win and become the only female driver to win at the speeding in its entire 39-year history. Wagner, Irvina, Joey Hershey and Peters completed the top five. "Cowboy" Jim Kennedy and Tyler Bear won the heat races.

Rodney Phillips and John "Buddy" Brady let the late models to the start with Phillips darting into the lead and building up a sizable one at that. He was followed by Brady for the first lap, before Bob McMillen moved into second on lap two. He was there until lap eight when Chuck Kennedy took second and Tim Smith moved into third.

Smith then pulled along side of Phillips on lap 14 and the duo ran side-by-side for two laps before Smith emerged off the fourth turn as the leader on lap 16.  Phillps began to fall off the pace on lap 17 as Matt Gaston came from 12th to second on the 19th lap. As the race continued Gaston began to close in on the leader and he was on Smith's tailed with just laps to go then on the final lap Gaston went to the outside of Smith in turn two and took the win by only feet over Smith. DuaneBrooks, Kennedy and Phillips completed the top five. Heat wins went to Tim Smith Jr. and Matt Gaston.

Alan Dellinger and Joe Kott brought the street stocks to the green with two-time winner Dellinger taking the lead and Kott sitting second. A rash of cautions on the third lap saw Dellinger pit with mechanical problems, giving the lead to Kott who lost the top spot on lap five to Rusty Martz.

On lap 11 Kott dropped to third as Gary Little took second and set his sights on the leader. The front two pulled award from Kott and ran side-by-side numerous times throughout the event, but Little just could not find that extra spurt of power he needed to get the lead as Martz won his second straight main event. Little was second with Bill Henney, Kott and Bob Connor completing the top five. Heat wins went to Joe Kott, Dom Surra and Bob Connor while Rick Hemphill won the B main.

The four cylinders made their first ever appearance at CPS under the Tim Bainey ownership with AJ Hoffner and Sterling Kepner leading the field to the start but it was fourth place starter Cody Robbins who led the opening lap, with Kepner in second and Hoffner third. As Robbins set the pace, Hoffner decided he wanted to lead, so he moved to the front on lap four for two laps, before Doug Surra took the lead on lap six, by by the seventh laps, Robbins had managed to work back to the lead after falling as far back as fourth. Once out font Robbins had first Jason Joiner in second pressuring him then it was Chris Hickok in the runner up spot. Hickok gave Robbins as much pressure as he could handle but Robbins held on for the win. Hickok was second with Joiner coming from 22nd to third, Lee Lehnerd was fourth and Matt Krape was fifth. Cody Robbins and Chris Hickok won the heats.

BEAR TRAX: 102 cars filled the pits including 20 steel block late models, 20 PASS 305 sprints, 32 street stocks and 30 four cylinders...Both Matt Gaston and Tim Smith Jr. have secured spots in the season ending Steel Block Nationals, paying $4009 to win. The event, being held on Sept. 6 is also the Shawn "Sheetz" McGarvey Memorial Race. McGarvey won the event last season, marking his final feature win. He was tragically killed in a work related incident in April...For details on the Season finally go to



PASS 305 Sprints: 1. Erin Statler, Carlisle; 2. Mike Wagner II, 3. Roger Irvine, 4. Joey Hershey, 5. Rod Peters, 6. Ryan Lynn, 7. Dave Wilson, 8. George Riden, 9. Joe Zap, 10. Mark Watkins, 11. Tyler Bear, 12. Nathan Gramley, 13. Brian Walker, 14. Rod Farrar, 15. Rodney Westhafer, 16. Jim Marquette, 17. Nicole Bittner, 18. Jim Kennedy, 19. Richard Leonard, Jr., 20. Reed Thompson.


Steel Block Late Models: 1. Matt Gaston, Punxsutawney, 2. Tim Smith Jr., 3. Duane Brooks, 4. Chuck Kennedy, 5. Rodney Phillips, 6. Bobby McMillen, 7. Ed Connor, 8. Derek Rodkey, 9. Mark Booth, 10. Ted Gallaher, 11. Chad Maney, 12. John Brady, 13. Jim Parson Jr., 14. Jason Witherite, 15. John Oaks, 16. Tom Shaffer, 17. Chris Farrell, 18. Ryan Christoff, 19. Denny Fenton, 20. Kenny Schrader.


Street Stocks:  1. Rusty Martz, Brookville, 2. Gary Little, 3. Bill Henney, 4. Joe Kott, 5. Bob Connor, 6. Eric Baun, 7. Tim Bish, 8. Brian Whitling, 9. Jamie Barber, 10. Denny Crawford.


Four Cylinders: 1. Cody Robbins, Bellefonte, 2. Chris Hickok, 3. Jason Joiner, 4. Lee Lehnerd, 5. Matt Krape, 6. AJ Hoffner, 7. Joe Huffman, 8. Mike Lucas, 9. Bryan Warren, 10. Sterling Kepner.

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