Troutman, Byers and Jenkins New Winners Saturday Night at Roaring Knob

Date: 7/19/2009 4:43:22 PM

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July 19, 2009
Troutman, Byers and Jenkins New Winners Saturday Night at Roaring Knob

MARKLEYSBURG, PA (July 18) –  As she has so many times this season, Moth er Nature did not prevail Saturday night allowing three new winners to visit victory lane at Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex.   Brad Jenkins of Lemont Furnace collected a career first win in the Ft. Necessity Garage Chargers, while DJ Troutman (Hyndman PA) won his first-ever Knob feature in the Commonwealth Marketing Group Super Late Models. Jim Byers from McClellandtown scored his first Dick Rugh’s Auto Parts Street Stock feature of the season while
Greensburg’s Danny Angelicchio (Brooks Automotive Group FASTRAK Late Models) and Fairmont WV’s Vic Vandergrift (So. Fayette Nursing Center Modifieds) were repeat winners. 

Making his first visit of the season, Scott Rhodes took the early command of the 25-lap Super Late Model Feature event while a torrid battle was ongoing behind as the front runners sorted themselves out in their pursuit of
Rhodes.  The whole complexion of the race changed in an instant on the 15th circuit when a lapped car spun in front of the leaders collecting Rhodes and Doug Horton.  This handed the lead over to DJ Troutman with Chad McClellan now on his tail. Just as McClellan got by Troutman, the caution waved nullifying the pass, and on the restart McClellan again took up chase as the two battled it out. On the final lap McClellan made a last ditch effort, but ran out of room and tagged the back stretch wall ending his bid, while Troutman went on to collect his first-ever win at Roaring Knob. Current points leader Tim Senic was second followed by Jim Kutas, Bob Gordon (from 10th) and Chuck Clise (from 19th) to fill the top five.  Billy Holbert, Robbie Scott, LC Powers, Horton and Greg Gellner completed the top ten. Senic, Kutas and Rhodes won the heats for the 25 cars on hand. 
Ricky Meglaye jumped into the lead at the start of the FASTRAK Late Model feature. Meglaye was untouchable until a spin occurred right in front of the leader, and Meglaye20had nowhere to go.  The new realignment put second running Dan Angelicchio on the point for the restart with Roger Laughlin taking chase.  Angelicchio hung on for the win, his second, in a new car that hours earlier was a bare chassis just back from the frame shop.  Laughlin claimed second followed by Troy Shields and Garry Sisson. Meglaye, who charged back from the rear of the field, finished fifth.   Dave Gump, Mike Cuthbert, Mike Howell, Quinton Wyandt and Greg Tressler filled out the top ten. Angelicchio and Cuthbert were the heat winners. 
The Street Stocks had a rough time getting underway, but a patient Jimmy Bendishaw, Jr. held the point from his front row starting spot through the first six circuits.  With Bendishaw seeking his third win, Jim Byers, who was hungry for his first, pestered him relentlessly and finally got around Bendishaw on the outside the next lap to assume the point.   Byers held tough the remainder of the way and went on to claim his first win since May 2008. Bendishaw held on for second over Bob Nelson (from 10th), Josh Bendishaw (from 16th) and Charlie McClain to make up the top five. Six through ten were Joe Wrona, Sam King Chris Lucy, Matt Rishel and Fred Spiker. Charlie McClain, Barry Faris and Mike Duritsky were the heat winners.
The lead was sure not the place to be in the Charger feature. Kyle Burkholder took the point at the drop of the green and led the race until a tangle with a lapped car on lap seven. This handed the lead over to his big brother Kenny. Kenny only led one lap before he spun in turn four to give the lead to Brad Jenkins. On the start Ryan Newman passed Jenkins, but gave the lead back when he slid high in turn four. A determined Jenkins then raced on home to his career first feature win. Jerry Walters, Jr., Marty Spade, Jr., Newman, Justin Howell, Bob Matthews, Ed Vogel, Kyle Burkholder, Bus Matthews and Rosco Higbee rounded out the top ten. Heat wins went to Jenkins and Kenny Burkholder.
A small field of South Fayette Nursing Center Modifieds saw Vic Vandergrift take his third feature win after leader Deana Groves went up in smoke on lap eight of the 15 lap feature. Phil Jeffries led three laps before Vandergrift passed him to control the final three circuits. Jeffries, Be Thorn,
Groves, Lou Krushansky and Frank Billie filled out the field. Vandergrift won the lone heat. 
Upcoming Events: 
July 25:  Dick Rugh’s Auto Parts Street Stock Special (no increase in Gen. Adm.) & other 4 Divisions / Kenworth of PA Night
Aug. 1:   Commonwealth Marketing Super Late Model Special – Ufo Series Mega-Blitz 2009 (King of the Knob Point Series Qualifier, Race #3) 41 Laps, $3000 to win plus other 4 Divisions / Glotfelty Tire Services Night
Aug. 8:  No Racing
Aug. 15:  AUTOGRAPH NIGHT / So. Fayette Nursing Center Modified Special (no increase in Gen. Adm) plus other 4 Divisions.

Heat Race Winners:  ; Tim Senic, Jim Kutas, Scott Rhodes
Feature (25 Laps):  1) DJ Troutman, 2) Tim Senic, 3) Jim Kutas, 4) Bob Gordon, 5) Chuck Clise, 6) Billy Holbert, 7) Robbie Scott, 8) LC Powers, 9) Doug Horton, 10) Greg Gellner, 11) Scott Rhodes, 12) Chad McClellan, 13) John Garvin, 14) Brian Tavenner, 15) Matt Cosner, 16) Mason Zeigler, 17) Jeff Ferguson, 18) Stanley Spooner, 19) Danny Pugh, 20) John Over, 21) Bob Hershman, 22) Jim Pyles, 23) Ron Delano, 24) Don Woodruff, 25) DNS Kenny Mitchell 
Heat Race Winners:  Danny Angelicchio, Mike Cuthbert
Feature (20 Laps):  1) Danny Angelicchio, 2) Roger Laughlin, 3) Troy Shields, 4) Garry Sisson, 5) Ricky Meglaye, 6) Dave Gump, 7) Mike Cuthbert, 8)  Mike Howell, 9) Quinton Weyandt, 10) Greg Tressler, 11) Bobby Cossell, 12) Tom Sieger, 13) Jayme Beck, 14) Cody Hardesty, 15) DNS Gary Dalton
Heat Race Winners:  Charlie McClain, Barry Faris, Mike Duritsky
Feature (15 Laps):  1) Jim Byers, 2) Jimmy Bendishaw Jr., 3) Bob Nelson, 4) Josh Bendishaw, 5) Charlie McClain, 6) Joe Wrona, 7) Sam King, 8) Chris Lucy, 9) Matt Rishel, 10) Fred Spiker, 11) Chad McLean, 12) Russell Baird, 13) Marshall Coleman, 14) Mike Duritsky, 15) Bob Miller, 16) Barry Faris, 17) Chris Henry, 18) Vince Kaider, 19) Todd Dennis, 20) Scott Herring, 21) Tom Newman, 22) Kevin Collins, 23) DNS Brian McFadden
Heat Race Winner:  Vic Vandergrift
Feature:  (15 Laps):  1) Vic Vandergrift, 2) Phil Jeffries, 3) Be Thorn, 4) Deana Groves, 5) Louie Krushansky,  6) Frank Billie
Heat Race Winners:  Brad Jenkins, Kyle Burkholder
Feature (12 Laps):  1) Brad Jenkins, 2) Jerry Walters, 3) Marty Spade Jr., 4) Ryan Newman, 5) Justin Howell, 6) Bob Matthews, 7) Ed Vogel, 8) Kyle Burkholder, 9) Bus Matthews, 10) Rosco Higbee, 11) Shane Wheeler, 12) CJ Nicola, 13) Mark Sullivan, 14) Kenny Burkholder, 15) DNS Joey Tomasek.

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