Marty Spade Jr. & Bob Nelson Sc ore Top Honors in Charger and Street Stock Specials; Everhart & Meglaye Collect Roaring Knob Season First Wins

Date: 8/23/2009 2:28:51 PM

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August 23, 2009
Marty Spade Jr. & Bob Nelson Sc ore Top Honors in Charger and Street Stock Specials; Everhart & Meglaye Collect Roaring Knob Season First Wins

MARKLEYSBURG, PA (Aug. 22) - An action packed night of racing saw four of the five main events go right down to the wire Saturday at Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex. The Ft. Necessity Garage Chargers and Dick Rugh’s Auto Parts Street Stocks were the spotlighted features with Marty Spade Jr. and Bob Nelson taking the big wins. First time winners were Steve Everhart (Commonwealth Marketing Group Super Late Models) and Ricky Meglaye (Brooks Auto Group FASTRAK Late Models) while Vic Vandergrift scored his third main in the So. Fayette Nursing Center Modifieds.
The first 20-lap special event of the night belonged to the Ft. Necessity Garage Chargers. Sixth starting=2 0Marty Spade Jr. took the lead on lap three and sailed to his fourth feature win of the season. The “Farmington Flyer” led the final 17 laps to beat out eighth starting Ryan Newman who settled for second at the finish. Shane Wheeler was third over Kenny Burkholder, Brad Jenkins, Kyle Burkholder (from 15th), Justin Howell, Jerry Walters, Jr., Eric Miller and CJ Nicola. Ryan Newman and Kenny Burkholder won the heats.
Steve Wilmoth made his first visit to the Knob and assumed the lead at the start of the 25-lap Super Late Model feature. Wilmoth led the first 12 laps before fifth starting Steve Everhart charged to the front. Everhart, from Hollidaysburg was making his second visit of the season and had his hands full as Jim Kutas was all over the rear of the 15E. Then Doug Horton joined in and it was a three car battle royal. Horton passed Kutas on the last lap and made a bid for the win, but Everhart held on for his first-ever win at the Knob and second of the weekend. Horton was runner-up ahead of Kutas, Mel Minnick Jr. and Tim Senic.  Wilmoth, LC Powers, Bob Gordon, Billy Holbert and Gary Dalton rounded out the top ten.   Minnick and
Dalton won the two heats.
The rescheduled 20-lap Dick Rugh’s Street Stock event was next to the track.  By luck of the fan’s draw,
Dunbar’s Bob Nelson took the point from his pole starting position. Nelson led it from green to checker, but he had plenty of heat on his back bumper throughout the exciting event. First Tom Newman held second before Mike Duritsky passed him on lap five and began to apply pressure to Nelson. Joe Wrona then made his move coming from 11th to take second on lap 17. The final three laps had the fans on their feet as Nelson held off young Wrona for his second win of the season. Wrona settled for a close second with Duritsky third, Todd Dennis fourth and Newman fifth.  Completing the top ten were Josh Bendishaw, John Redshaw, Marshall Coleman, Jim Byers and Chris Lucy. Duritsky, Newman and Nelson won the heats.
An invert six placed Roger Laughlin on the pole for the 20-lap FASTRAK Late Model main.   Laughl in took off like a rocket and led the first eight laps before Youngwood’s Ricky Meglaye shot past for the lead. Meglaye was flying until a caution came out on lap 17. Second place Dave Groves suddenly came to life and challenged Meglaye for the win.
Groves pulled along side, but a determined Meglaye held tough and went on to take his first FASTRAK win since moving into the division. Groves
was second followed by Dan Karalagas, Laughlin, Troy Shields, Mike Howell, Greg Tressler, Tom Sieger, Garry Sisson and Jayme Beck. Taking the heat wins were Meglaye and Howell. 

The Modifieds rounded out the program with Vic Vandergrift jumping out to lead the first four laps of their feature event. On lap five Deana Groves shot by on the outside to take the point. Deana was out front cruising when she suddenly spun in turn four on lap eight giving the lead back to Vandergrift.  Vic led the final circuits for his fourth win this season. Bobby Bennett was second followed by Bruce Dreistadt in third. Groves recovered to finish fourth with newcomer Ken Harris fifth. Be Thorn, Frank Billie, Phil Jeffries, Nick Cramer and Rod Lanham completed the top ten. Heats were won by Jeffries and Bennett. 
Upcoming Events:
August 29:  Five Division Action Racing
September 5:  Five Division Action Racing / Points End / HOLIDAY FIREWORKS by Commonwealth Marketing Group / CMG Night
September 12:  Season Finale – UFo Race Championship SLM  “King of the Knob” 51-Laps, $6000 to Win plus FASTRAK Late Models. Street Stocks & Chargers
Commonwealth Marketing Group Super Late Models
Heat Race Winners:  Mel Minnick Jr., Gary Dalton
Feature (25 Laps):  1) Steve Everhart, 2) Doug Horton, 3) Jim Kutas, 4) Mel Minnick Jr., 5) Tim Senic, 6) Steve Wilmoth, 7) LC Powers, 8) Bob Gordon, 9) Billy Holbert, 10) Gary Dalton, 11) Jeff Ferguson, 12) Tracie Root Sampson, 13) Kris Southern, 14) Jim Pyles, 15) Danny Pugh, 16) Greg Gellner, 17) Mason Zeigler, 18) Ron Delano Jr., 19) Danny Mitchell, 20) Shaun Poling
Brooks Auto Group FASTRAK Late Models
Heat Race Winners:  Ricky Meglaye, Mike Howell
Feature (20 Laps):  1) Ricky Meglaye, 2) Dave Groves, 3) Dan Karalagas, 4) Roger Laughlin, 5) Troy Shields, 6) Mike Howell, 7) Greg Tressler, 8) Tom Sieger, 9) Garry Sisson, 10) Jayme Beck, 11) Bobby Cossell, 12) Joe Zulisky, 13) Wayne Jordan, 14) Cody Hardesty, 15) Stanley Spooner
So. Fayette Nursing Center Modifieds
Heat Race Winners:  Phil Jeffries, Bobby Bennett
Feature (15 Laps):  1) Vic Vandergrift, 2) Bobby Bennett, 3) Bruce Dreistadt, 4) Deana Groves, 5) Ken Harris, 6) Be Thorn, 7) Frank Billie, 8) Phil Jeffries, 9) Nick Cramer, 10) Rod Lanham, 11) Todd Daughenbaugh, 12) DNS Larry Atha
Dick Rugh’s Auto Parts Street Stocks
Heat Race Winners:  Mike Duritsky, Tom Newman, Bob Nelson
Feature (Special 20 Laps):  1) Bob Nelson, 2) Joe Wrona, 3) Mike Duritsky, 4) Todd Dennis, 5) Tom Newman, 6) Josh Bendishaw, 7) John Redshaw, 8) Marshall Coleman, 9) Jim Byers, 10) Chris Lucy, 11) Scott Herring, 12) Randy Bohan, 13) Barry Faris, 14) Matt Rishel, 15) Charlie McClain, 16) Bob Miller, 17) Russell Baird, 18) Lee Mansberry, 19) Chris Henry, 20) Jimmy Bendishaw Jr., 21) DNS Kenny Francy
Fort Necessity Garage Chargers
Heat Race Winners:  Ryan Newman, Kenny Burkholder
Feature (Special 20 Laps):  1) Marty Spade Jr., 2) Ryan Newman, 3) Shane Wheeler, 4) Kenny Burkholder, 5) Brad Jenkins, 6) Kyle Burkholder, 7) Justin Howell, 8) Jerry Walters Jr., 9) Eric Miller, 10) CJ Nicola, 11) JT Baird, 12) Russell Baird Jr., 13) Roscoe Higbee, 14) Bus Matthews, 15) Jimmy Bendishaw III, 16) Andy Vogel, 17) Bob Matthews, 18) Mark Sullivan 19) DNS Joey Tomasek

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