Dave Groves & Nolan Dalton Get Season First Wins On Final Points Night at Roaring Knob

Date: 9/6/2009 9:48:53 PM

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September 6, 2009
Dave Groves & Nolan Dalton Get Season First Wins On Final Points Night at Roaring Knob

MARKLEYSBURG, PA (Sept. 5) - The final night of points at Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex  was highlighted by a huge fireworks display courtesy of Commonwealth Marketing Group while the heated on-track racing action determined the 2009 track champions in three of the five divisions. Taking their first feature wins this season were Dave Groves (Brooks Auto Group FASTRAK Late Models) and Nolan Dalton (So. Fayette Nursing Center Modifieds). Earning repeat wins were Tim Senic (Commonwealth Marketing Group Super Late Models), Tom Newman (Dick Rugh’s Auto Par ts Street Stocks) and Kenny Burkholder (Ft. Necessity Garage Chargers).  

The 15-lap Street Stock feature got the night started with the division championship on the line between Bob Nelson, Todd Dennis and Jimmy Bendishaw Jr.  At the drop of the green Charlie McClain took off looking for his second career win. McClain led the first seven laps before Bendishaw, Jr. made an outside pass to take the lead on lap eight. Bendishaw looked to be sailing to his second straight win when something appeared to break on the #69. Tom Newman, from ninth, took advantage of the misfortune to grab the lead. Newman, of Lemont Furnace, then held off a fierce McClain to lay claim to his second win of the season. McClain, John Redshaw, Bob Nelson and Matt Rischel were the top five. Six through ten were Scott Herring, Russell Baird Sr., Bob Miller, Chris Lucy and Chris Henry. Newman and Redshaw won the heats. Bob Nelson’s fourth place finish with Todd Dennis’ 12th (DNF) earned Nelson his second straight point title. 

Kenny Burkholder entered the night three points behind Marty Spade, Jr. in the points battle for the Chargers.  When the green flag dropped Shane Wheeler, Sr. took the initial lead. Burkholder wasted no time as he shot from his seventh starting spot to take the lpoint on lap four. Tenth starting Spade made it to second on lap 11, but that was as far as he got and Burkholder kept him behind to the checker for his third win this season and won the division championship, his first,  by a mere two points. Spade held second over Wheeler, Brad Jenkins was fourth and Russell Baird Jr. finished fifth. Ryan Newman, Justin Howell, Rosco Higbee, Andy Vogel and Jimmy Bendishaw, III completed the top ten.  Jenkins, Kyle Burkholder and Kenny Burkholder were the heat winners.

Kirby Tucker made the long tow from Loretto Saturday night and looked to be on his way to a career first win in the FASTRAK Late Models. Tucker led the first 13 laps of the 20 lap affair only to break a spindle ending his fine run. This handed the lead over to veteran Dave Groves, of
Morgantown, WV. Groves< /st1:City> drove off the final seven laps to earn his first win in the division. Mike Cuthbert was second followed by Mike Howell, Troy Shields, Cody Hardesty, Chris Angelicchio, Greg Tressler, Jonathan Sines, Tom Sieger and Bobby Cossell. Heat wins went to Shields and Tressler. Shields fourth place finish coupled with Garry Sisson’s DNF earned Shields his first point title.
Sarver’s John Garvin drove an outstanding race for the first 22 laps of the Super Late Model feature. As he came up to lap Danny Mitchell he got caught up behind him and
Elkins, WV’s Tim Senic was right there to take advantage and stole the lead. Garvin then got spun and the resulting damage from the contact ended his great run.  Senic, the 2009 point champion, then held off Jim Kutas for his second win this year. Kutas, Ron Delano, Jr., Robbie Scott, Bob Gordon, Mike Steck, Bob Hershman, LC Powers, Mel Minnick, Jr. and Billy Holbert filled out the top ten. Holbert and Scott won the two heats.
Once the outstanding fireworks display concluded, the Modifieds came out for their 15-lap feature. Nolan Dalton started third but had the lead by the time they hit turn one. From that point on it was all
Dalton as he pulled away to a half lap lead to take his first win in a year at the track. Deana Groves drove a steady race for second with Todd Daughenbaugh third, Vic Vandergrift fourth and Bruce Dreistadt fifth.  Nick Cramer, Josh Cramer, Ken Harris, Larry Atha and Rod Lanham completed the top ten. Taking the heat wins were Dalton and Vandergrift, who had clinched the division title the previous week.
The season finale takes place on Saturday, September 12 when the UFo Race Championship Tour lands at Roaring Knob for the “King of the Knob” a 51-lap Super Late Model event paying $6000 to win.  Also on the card are the FASTRAK Late Models, Street Stocks and Chargers.  Pit Gates open at 3:00 pm, Grandstands at 4:30, hot laps start at 5:30 with racing at 6:30.  For more information regarding the “King of the Knob” event, visit the web site at www.roaringknob.com or call the business office during the week at 724-853-7223.  

Commonwealth Marketing Group Super Late Models

Track Champion:  Tim Senic

Heat Race Winners:  Billy Holbert, Robbie Scott
Feature (25 Laps):  1) Tim Senic, 2) Jim Kutas, 3) Ron Delano Jr., 4) Robbie Scott, 5) Bob Gordon, 6) Mike Steck, 7) Bob Hershman, 8) LC Powers, 9) Mel Minnick Jr., 10) Billy Holbert, 11) Chad Todd, 12) Jim Pyles, 13) Bobby Marietta, 14) Danny Mitchell, 15) John Garvin, 16) Mason Zeigler, 17) Jeff Ferguson, 18) Greg Hauger
Brooks Auto Group FASTRAK Late Models
Track Champion:  Troy Shields
Heat Race Winners:  Troy Shields, Greg Tressler
Feature (20 Laps):  1) Dave Groves, 2) Mike Cuthbert, 3) Mike Howell, 4) Troy Shields, 5) Cody Hardesty, 6) Chris Angelicch io, 7) Greg Tressler, 8) Jonathan Sines, 9) Tom Sieger, 10) Bobby Cossell Jr., 11) Garry Sisson, 12) Kirby Tucker, 13) Derek Doll, 14) Roger Laughlin

So. Fayette Nursing Center Modifieds

Track Champion:  Vic Vandergrift
Heat Race Winners:  Nolann Dalton, Vic Vandergrift
Feature (15 Laps):  1) Nolan Dalton, 2) Deana Groves, 3) Todd Daughenbaugh, 4) Vic Vandergrift, 5) Bruce Dreistadt, 6) Nick Cramer, 7) Josh Cramer, 8) Ken Harris, 9) Larry Atha, 10) Rod Lanham, 11) Bobby Bennett
Dick Rugh's Auto Parts Street Stocks
Track Champion:  Bob Nelson
Heat Race Winners:  Tom Newman, Jimmy Bendishaw Jr.
Feature (15 Laps):  1) Tom Newman, 2) Charlie McClain, 3) John Redshaw, 4) Bob Nelson, 5) Matt Rishel, 6) Scott Herring, 7) Russell Baird Sr., 8) Bob Miller, 9) Chris Lucy, 10) Chris Henry, 11) J.R. Swiger, 12) Todd Dennis, 13) Josh Bendishaw, 14) Jimmy Bendishaw Jr., 15) Vince Kaider, 16) Barry Faris
Ft. Necessity Garage Chargers
Track Champion:  Kenny Burkholder

Heat Race Winners:  Brad Jenkins, Kenny Burkholder
Feature (12 Laps):  1) Kenny Burkholder, 2) Marty Spade Jr., 3) Shane Wheele r, 4) Brad Jenkins, 5) Russell Baird Jr., 6) Ryan Newman, 7) Justin Howell, 8) Roscoe Higbee, 9) Andy Vogel, 10) Jimmy Bendishaw III, 11) Ed Leonard, 12) Mark Sullivan, 13) Jim Crossland, 14) JT Baird, 15) Jerry Walters Jr., 16) Joey Tomasek, 17) Kyle Burkholder, 18) CJ Nicola, 19) Dylan Higbee, 20)  DNS Bob Matthews, 21) DNS Eric Miller

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