Date: 6/2/2008 11:41:31 AM

Hesston Speedway
P.O. Box 77
Hesston, Pa 16647
By Terry Whetstone
Public Relations
For immediate release                                                                          June 1, 2008
HESSTON, PA – Jason Covert and Dave Brown split feature wins on Sunday evening at Hesston Speedway as the track was finally able to get a late model special in the books this season.
It was Jack Pencil and Bo Feathers who led the 24 car late model field to the start, with Feathers taking the lead and setting the pace as three and four wide racing took place throughout the field.
As Feathers was leading, Jason Covert was coming from his sixth place starting spot towards the front, but in the meantime Feathers had Rance Garlock and Pencil in second and third, respectively, challenging him. Covert was still headed to the front and on the 11th lap he managed to pull into second when the yellow wave for a slowing Alan Sagi.
When the race resumed Covert began to work over the #D1 of Feathers, but Feathers held on a few more laps, losing the lead at the half way point.
Once out front, Covert was opening up a slight lead, but late in the race seventh place starter Jeremy Miller was starting to pour on the power and was reeling in Covert but he ran out of time at the finish as the top five were Covert, Miller, Feathers, D.J. Myers and Chris Harr. Heat wins went to Bo Feathers, Jack Pencil, Jim Yoder and Devin Friese. The B-main was won by Tom Decker.
The hobby feature saw a number of cautions with the last being for Gary Morder, who went off the speedway and into the woods. While he wasn’t injured, officials said it was going to take 15 to 20 minutes to get the car out of the area it was in. With that and the fact that it was a Sunday, the Sunday evening curfew was going to make things difficult and the race was checkered flagged with two laps to go.
Carl Snare took the lead at the start and relinquished it to Dave Brown on the third lap. He then led the race to the finish with challenges for the top spot coming from Lou Wannyn and Terry Norris. At the finish it was Brown getting the win over Wannyn, Norris, Joe Dearmitt and Jeff Shoemaker. Heat wins went to Brian Weyandt Jr., Carl Snare and Josh Berrier.
Hesston will return to action this week with a regular show for the limited late models, PA 305 Sprints, street stocks and hobby stocks. For more information check out the website at
Late Models: 1. #43A Jason Covert; 2. #24 Jeremy Miller; 3. #D1 Bo Feathers; 4. #70J DJ Myers; 5. #W1 Chris Harr; 6. #27Y Jim Yoder; 7. #15E Steve Everhart; 8. #14 Jack Pencil; 9. #19 Rance Garlock; 10. #8" Mike Shoemaker; 11. #44 Jason Miller; 12. #79 Mike Atobelli Jr. 13. #12 Devin Frieze; 14. #74 Tyler Hershey; 15. #17 Nick Dickson; 16. #13D Johnathon Dehaven; 17. #15 Luke Hoffner; 18. #43 Tom Decker Jr.; 19. #27S Bobby Stakes; 20. #11 Lincoln Ritchey; 2. #77 George Dixon Jr.; 22. #43D Khi Swanger; 23. #01 Matt Hardy; 24. #8A Alan Sagi
Did not Qualify: Kyle Wiser, Bob Dunn, Chuck Clise, Scott Richwine, Dwayne Taneyhill, Ron Delano Jr., Tim Smith Jr., Waylon Wagner and Scott Lebarron.
Hobby Stocks: 1. #95 Dave Brown; 2. #77 Lou Wannyn; 3. #73 Terry Norris; 4. #21 Joe Dearmitt; 5. #8" Jeff Shoemaker; 6. #13 Chad Gambol; 7. #15 Josh Berrier; 8. #D16 Daren Desch; 9. #66 Carl Snare; 10. #4S Shawn Waite; 11. #14 Bobby Witters; 12. #35 Dallas Runk; 13. #22S Jesse Snyder; 14. #1 Gary Morder; 15. #Tom Dearmitt; 16. #43 Melvin Smith; 17. #88JR Brian Weyandt Jr; 18. #10 Jake Gongloff; 19. #88 Kyle Grove; 20. #8C Curtis Guyer; 21. #17C Chris Chaney

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