Date: 6/22/2008 2:40:58 PM

Hesston Speedway
P.O. Box 77
Hesston, Pa 16647
By Terry Whetstone
Public Relations
For immediate release June 21, 2008
HESSTON, PA - George’s Used Cars presented a special for the limited late models on Saturday night at Hesston Speedway, with Rick Singleton of Hesston taking the win in the special while it was Chris Chaney winning the hobby feature before the rain fell.
The limited late models hit the track with Rick Singleton and Matt Cosner on the front row. At the waving of the green it was Singleton who took the lead. Cosner was second with Brad Kling and Mike Duck in the top four. Derek Byler and Mike Shoemaker were fighting each other for that spot as the race wore on.
As the continued it was still Singleton with Cosner holding his own in second, but the battle was heating up with Shoemaker making the best strides towards the front coming from sixth. He took fifth from Byler on lap 12 and set his sights higher to the front. As the race was nearing a conclusion, Cosner began to fade fast as Shoemaker and Kling both got past him. At the checkered it was Singleton taking the win over Shoemaker, Kling, Cosner and Byler. Heat wins went to Mike Shoemaker, Derek Byler and Mike Duck.
The hobby feature made it to the half way point before the skies opened up. Jake Griffith and Chris Chaney led the field to the start with Chaney taking the lead and heading to victory lane. Gary Morder was second but lost a wheel early on. This gave second over the Curtis Guyer who had first Josh Berrier to content with then Griffith before Damion Miller came up to battle for the win but when the checked and the rain fell it was Chaney taking his first win of the season. Guyer, Miller, Griffith and Lou Waynn completed the top five. Heat wins went to Chris Chaney, Jake Griffith and Gary Morder.
PIT NOTES: 84 cars filled the pits including 23 limited late models, 26 PA 305 Sprints, 13 street stocks and 21 hobby stocks…Coming up this week is a regular show for the limited late models, street stocks and hobby stocks…Coming up on July 5 is the $500 to win street stock special and on July 27 is the annual Thunder by the Lake Special for the super late models paying $5000 to win…more details are at www.hesstonspeedway.com.
Limited Late Models: 1. #99* Rick Singleton; 2. #11 Brad Kling; 3. #8" Mike Shoemaker; 4. #66C Matt Casner; 5. #5* Derek Byler; 6. #19 Rance Garlock; 7. #73 Mike Duck; 8. #88 Robby Garlock; 9. #5z Brian Lessley; 10. #50 Jake Griffith; 11. #55 Tom Barron; 12. #7 Travis Fleegle; 13. #71 Curtis Heath; 14. #2 Levi Eller; 15. #22 Chase Billet; 16. #39J Jeff Geake; 17. #6 Allan Lemin; 18. #RE3 Ronnie Evans; 19. #15 Matt Parks; 20. #12 Maurice Thompson
DQ: 80E Donnie Hedge
Hobby Stocks: 1. #17C Chris Chaney; 2. #8C Curtis Guyer; 3. #84 Damion Miller; 4. #10 Jake Gongloff; 5. #77 Lou Wyann; 6. #21 Joe Dearmitt; 7. #8" Jeff Shoemaker; 8. #88 Kyle Grove; 9. #14 Bobby Witters; 10. #66 Carl Snare; 11. #D16 Daren Desch; 12. #13 Chad Gambol; 13. #4S Shawn Waite; 14. #22s Mark Snyder; 15. #88JR Mike Grubb; 16. #15 Josh Berrier; 17. #73 Terry Norris; 18. #54 Preston Imler; 19. #35 Dallas Runk; 20. #18B Tom Dearmitt; 21. #1 Gary Morder

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