Date: 7/20/2008 4:18:52 PM

Hesston Speedway
P.O. Box 77
Hesston, Pa 16647
By Terry Whetstone
Public Relations
For immediate release July 19, 2008
HESSTON, PA - Goshorn Racing Supplies presented the Mark Goshorn/Jamie Peterson Memorial on Saturday night at Hesston Speedway with Derek Byler taking the win in the limited late models, Bill Henney in the street stocks, Joe Dearmitt in the hobby stocks, Dave Leidy in the four cylinders and Brian Deihl in the American Outlaws.
The late models saw a side-by-side battle for that lead at the start with Derek Byler on the inside and Tim Smith on the outside, with Byler leading at the line. Byler then held on with Smith getting a shot the lead on restarts, but then by the 12th lap it was Brad Kling who moved into second after dropped Smith out in a crash.
While in second, Kling didn’t run the same groove as Byler, he used all the other grooves trying to get past the leader and into the top spot, but Byler was tough and held off all the challenges that he was handed and he took the victory over Kling, Matt Parks, Mike Shoemaker and Rick Singleton. Heat wins went to Tim Smith, Derek Byler and Mike Shoemaker.
The street stock feature it was all Bill Henney but he far from d ominated like he did in the past. Henney took the lead at the start from Cris Edwards Jr., and Jesse Snyder followed Henney to second, then Snyder tried to get past Henney, but he eventually used up his tires and began to fall backwards. Edwards and Khi Swanger then battled for the runner up spot, with Henney taking the win, Edwards winning the battle for second and Swanger third. Snyder and Tim Brindle completed the top five. Khi Swanger and Bill Henney split the heat wins.
The hobby stocks were led to the line with Josh Berrier beating Mike Grubb into the first turn with Joe Dearmitt a close second. Berrier was strong and held off all of the challenges that Dearmitt could throw at him. Several cautions slowed the race, with Berrier holding off the attempts by Dearmitt every restart and slowly opening an advantage, but as the race was slowed on lap 14, Berrier became the next caution, when he lost a right rear wheel and ended up out of the race. At the line it was Dearmitt getting his first win of the season over Gary Morder, Curtis Guyer, Grubb and Joe Hammers. Heat wins went to Gary Morder, Curtis Guyer and Joe Hammers
The four cylinder division returned for a visit for the first time in about two years with Ronnie Garlock and Shawn Moore leading the field to the start with Garlock taking the lead Matt Williamson falling into second. The top two kept changing as Steve Hanes took second on lap four before losing it one lap later to Dave Leidy. Wit h just two laps remaining it was Leidy who took the lead when Garlock pitted. Leidy then held off Moore for the win. The top five were Leidy, Moore, Gary Hendershot, Sonny Williamson and Matt Williamson. There were no heats.
For the first time ever the American Outlaws made an appearance with Glenn Elliott and Brooks Coleman leading the field to the start with Coleman spinning in turn two and being collected by Randy Smith. The complete restart saw Brian Deihl take the lead and never get a serious threat from anyone, but second kept changing, as Elliott was second for a while before Bill Brown Jr. took second, but then he dropped out giving second back to Elliott. At the line it was Deihl taking the win over Elliott, Kevin Palmer, Al Daniels and Allen Daniels. Heat wins were split between Brian Deihl and Kevin Palmer.
PIT NOTES: 89 cars filled the pits including 26 limited late models, 12 street stocks, 22 hobby stocks, 13 four cylinders and 16 American Outlaws…Jessie Morrison was driving an AO car and the 1M limited late model of Mike Mort. She also has a limited sprint that she ran the night before at Trailways….Coming up this SUNDAY is the Fifth Annual Thunder By The Lake for the Super Late Models paying $5,000.00 to win. The Hobby stocks are also in action with race time scheduled for 4 p.m. The racing is sponsored by Sheffield’s Auto Sales of Hesston. For more information check out the website at
Limited Late Models: 1. #5* Derek Byler, 2. #11 Brad Kling, 3. #15 Matt Parks, 4. #8" Mike Shoemaker, 5. #99* Rick Singleton, 6. #86 Scott Palmer, 7. #71 Mike Altobelli Jr., 8. #34 Kyle Wiser, 9. #6 Allen Lemin, 10. #73 Mike Duck, 11. #80E Donnie Hedge, 12. #7 Travis Fleegle, 13. #5z Brian Lessley, 14. #12 Maurice Thompson, 15. #88 Barry Welch, 16. #2 Levi Eller, 17. #99 Tim Snare Jr., 18. #50 Jake Griffith, 19. #66C Matt Cosner, 20. #19 Rance Garlock, 21. #25s Steve Bailor, 22. #77 George Dixon Jr., 23. #39 Tim Smith Jr., 24. #11x Mike Altobelli Sr., 25. #1m Jessie Morrison, 26. #66 Justin Kann
Street Stocks: 1. #50 Bill Henney, 2. #66 Cris Edwards, 3. #88 Khi Swanger, 4. #22s Jessie Snyder, 5. #45 Tim Brindle, 6. #9 Randy Wible, 7. #34 Kris Leonard, 8. #110 Dave Brown, 9. #8 Tom Williams, 10. #3 Chad Parks, 11. #32 Dale Claycomb, 12. #87 Eric Irvin
Hobby Stocks: 1. #21 Joe Dearmitt, 2. #1 Gary Morder, 3. #8C Curtis Guyer, 4. #88jr Mike Grubb, 5. #29 Joe Hammers, 6. #17c Chris Chaney, 7. #73 Terry Norris, 8. #66 Carl Snare, 9. #18B Tom Dearmitt, 10. #35 Dallas Runk, 11. #13 Chad Gambol, 12. #15 Josh Berrier, 13. #D16 Darrin Desch, 14. #4S Shawn Waite, 15. #84 Damion Miller, 16. #30 Russell Lightner, 17. #10 Jake Gongloff, 18. #8" Jeff Shoemaker, 19. #77 Lou Wannyn, 20. #01 Dereck20Graybil, 21. #14 Bobby Witters
Four Cylinders: 1. #21 Dave Leidy, 2. #48 Greg Moore, 3. #8 Gary Hendershot, 4. #31G Sonny Williamson, 5. #17W Matt Williamson, 6. #64 Rusty Garlock, 7. #46 Tim Williamson,
8. #87 Steve Hanes Sr., 9. #40 Ronnie Garlock, 10. #85 Jeremy Truax, 11. #97 Shawn Moore, 12. #24 Ed Williamson
# 99 Steve Hanes Jr. DNS
American Outlaws: 1. #9 Brian Deihl; 2. #44 Glenn Elliott, 3. #99 Kevin Palmer, 4. #11 Al Daniels, 5. #22x Allen Daniels, 6. #01 Jessie Morrison, 7. #1 Hunter Nester, 8. #5 Tommy Crummitt, 9. #07 Dylan Keim, 10. #00 Dave Jackson, 11. #8 Bill Brown Jr.. 12. #38 Randy Smith, 13. #39 Brooks Coleman.
Gabby Balassone and Daryl Winkler

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