Date: 8/4/2008 12:41:52 AM

Hesston Speedway
P.O. Box 77
Hesston, Pa 16647
By Terry Whetstone
Public Relations
For immediate release August 2, 2008
HESSTON, PA - Lou Wannyn finished third in the hobby stock special at Hesston Speedway Saturday night, but when the teching was done, he was the winner. Jarrett Walker picked up his first street stock feature win of the season while Derek Byler picked up his second straight. The PA 305 Sprints were also added to the schedule with Andy Haus taking that win and Paul Bacchus won the PennMar Vintage Tour race.
The limited late models hit the speedway with Rick Singleton taking the lead from his third place start by passing both front row starters Brad Kling and Rance Garlock. While Singleton set the pace Kling held on behind him, hounding him for the lead, but fans were watching Derek Byler, who stated 10th.
Singleton was holding off Kling until the 12th lap when Mike Altobelli Jr. moved into second and was reeling in the race leader. As he drew closer to the leader, Altobelli spun, and that allowed the field to regroup and it allowed Byler to get closer to the leader than he was. He restarted the final three laps third, who continued to set a torrid pace, but Byler went to the outsi de and exiting the final lap on the final Turn Byler got the lead from Singleton and took the win. Singleton, Kling, Garlock and Tim Smith Jr. completed the top five. Heat wins went to Brad Kling, Rance Garlock and Rick Singleton.
The PA 305 Sprints were added to the schedule at the last minute with Andy Haus and “Cowboy” Jim Kennedy leading the field to the start, with Haus taking the green flag and never received a serious threat. Second was a tussle but Kennedy held on to it with Rod Peters, Joe Zap and Cliff Conner completing the top five. Reed Thompson and Roger Irvine won the heats.
Cris Edwards Jr. and Chad Parks brought the street stocks to the green flag with Edwards taking the lead for the opening three laps before Jarrett Walker was able to make the outside groove work and he took the lead. As he led Jesse Snyder then took second and tried desperately to reel in the leader, but he could not find the power to get the position. As the checkered flag waved it was Walker getting his first win of the season, over Snyder, Tim Brindle, Tom Williams and Bill Henney. The heats were won by Khi Swanger and Jesse Snyder.
In the hobby feature they were going for extra money with Justin Barrier and Carl Snare on the front row. They swapped the lead several times between themselves with Lou Wannyn in third trying to hold off Chad Gambol. As the race continued Barrier and Snare pulled away and Wannyn couldn’t pull them in, as the checkered flew it was Barrier over Snare, with Wannyn third.
When the teching was finished it was Wannyn who picked up the win after both Barrier and Snare were found to be illegal. The revised top five were: Wannyn, Chad Gambol, Gary Morder, Tom Eriksen and Mike Grubb. Heat wins went to Terry Norris, Darin Desch and Joe Dearmitt.
The PennMar Vintage Tour visited with only four cars in the pits. Rick Pastor took the lead at the start with Paul Bacchus reeling him in and taking the lead on lap seven and holding one for the win. Pastor was second with Fred Thompson third. Ed Cutshall was unable to start.
PIT NOTES: 76 teams filled the pits including 19 limited late models, 17 sprints, 15 street stocks, 22 hobby stocks and three PennMar cars…Coming Saturday August 9 there will be a 30 lapLimited Late Model Special that’s going to pay $1,500 to the winner. The race will see an additional $600 added to the purse from Wayne's Water Conditioning and $200 Heath's Funeral Home. The PA 305 Sprints, street stocks and hobby stocks will be in action for a regular show…Coming up on Aug. 30 is Mid Atlantic Championship Series
MAC ATTACK 4 for the super late models paying $5,000 to the winner. More details are on the web at

Limited Late Models: 1. #5* Dere k Byler;
2. #99* Rick Singleton, 3. #11 Brad Kling, 4. #19 Rance Garlock , 5. #39 Tim Smith Jr. , 6. #55 Matt Parks, 7. #11L Lincoln Ritchey, 8. #80E Donnie Hedge, 9. #25s Steve Bailor, 10. #77 George Dixon Jr., 11. #38 Chad Walters, 12. #50 Jake Griffith, 13. #1M Jessie Morrison, 14. #71 Mike Altobelli Jr., 15. #2 Levi Eller, 16. #12 Maurice Thompson, 17. #8" Mike Shoemaker, 18. #73 Mike Duck,
DNS: #2T Terry O'Donnell and #6 Shawn Bilger
PA 305 Sprints: 1. #76 Andy Haus, 2. #7 Jim Kennedy, 3. #4 Rodney Peters, 4. #33Z Joe Zap, 5. #84 Cliff Conner, 6. #2 Erin Statler, 7. #71 Nicole Bittner, 8. #8H Mike Heckman, 9. #12 Roger Irvine, 10. #25 Tyler Bear, 11. #R6 Reed Thompson, 12. #21C Justin Zap, 13. #22 Jim Marquette, 14. #30 Jonathan Henne, 15. #27K Alan kumpf, 16. #79 Mel Light, 17. #68M Jim Moffett
Street Stocks: 1. #65 Jarrett Walker, 2. #22 Jesse Snyder, 3. #45 Tim Brindle, 4. #8 Tom Williams, 5. #50 Bill Henney, 6. #59 Mike Desch, 7. #38 Brian Duffy, 8. #87 Eric Irvin, 9. #9 Randy Wible, 10. #34 Kris Leonard, 11. #W8 Wayne Irvin, 12. #3 Chad Parks, 13. #88 Khi Swanger, 14. #66 Cris Edwards, 15. #32 Dale Claycomb
Hobby Stocks: 1. #77 Lou Wannyn, 2. #13 Chad Gambol, 3. #1 Gary Morder, 4. #01 Tom Eriksen, 5. #88Jr Mike Grubb, 6. #35 Dallas Runk, 7. #73 Terry Norris, 8. #30 Russell Lightner, 9. #8C Curtis Guyer, 10. #14 Bobby Witters, 11. #4S Shawn Waite, 12. #21 Joe Dearmi tt, 13. #18B Tom Dearmitt, 14. #17C Chris Chaney, 15. #D16 Daren Desch, 16. #84 Damion Miller, 17. #88 Kyle Grove, 18. #8" Jeff Shoemaker, 19. #68 Bill Dearmitt, 20. #10 Jake Gongloff
Disqualified: #15 Josh Berrier and #66 Carl Snare
PennMar Vintage Tour: 1. Paul Bacchus, 2. Rick Pastor, 3. Fred Thompson.
Ed Cutshall did not start.

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