Date: 9/1/2008 11:58:55 AM

Hesston Speedway
P.O. Box 77
Hesston, Pa 16647

By Terry Whetstone

Public Relations


For immediate release                                                                      August 30, 2008


HESSTON, PA – Lias Tire and the American Racer was the sponsor of the racing action on Saturday night at Hesston Speedway with Derek Byler winning the George’s Used Cars Limited Late Model feature, Khi Swanger picked up the street stock feature and Darin Desch won the Walters Auto Wrecking and Salvage Hobby Stocks. The American Outlaws and four cylinders were both added attractions on the schedule Bill Brown Jr. winner the America Outlaw feature and Dave Leidy winner the four cylinder main.

The limited late models hit the speedway with Rance Garlock and Derek Byler on the front row. Byler took the lead and set the pace with Garlock in second and Tim Smith Jr. in third. The top three were pulling away from the field while Jack Pencil in the Mike Duck #73 pulled into the fourth position and made it a four car race.

The battle was tight at the front of the field, with Byler continuing to set the pace and Garlock trying to hold off Smith, but Smith managed to get the runner up spot on lap eight and he never relinquished that position. At the finish it was Byler getting the win over Smith, Garlock, Pencil and Brad Kling.  Rance Garlock, Derek Byler and Barry Welch won the heats.

            The street stock feature was a barn burner from the initial waving of the green

 flag until the waving of the checkered. The front row saw Cris Edwards Jr. and Jesse

 Snyder with Edwards taking the lead and setting the pace for three laps, but he had Khi

Swanger in second for those three laps when Swanger took the lead and Bill Henney

went to the outside and moved to second, dropping Edwards to third. Henney then took

the lead on lap nine and Swanger fought back, as the duo ran side-by-side basically for

the remainder of the feature. A caution on lap 12 regrouped the field, with Henney still

setting the pace, bun on lap 13 Swanger got the lead back, but Henney was determined to

win the race, and he too regained the lead a lap later on lap 14, but once again Swanger

took the lead exiting the fourth turn and took the win. Henney, Edwards, Chad Parks and

Dave Brown completed the top five. Heat wins went to Wayne Irvin and Bill Henney.

            Kyle Grove and Darin Desch led the hobby field to the start with Desch taking the

lead and setting the pace for the first two laps before Gary Morder snapped an axle and

barrel rolled violently in the third turn. Morder was not hurt, but he was out of action for

the night.   As he led Tyler Ritchey moved into second and then to the lead with the field

getting the half-way flags. Ritchey went on to cross the line first, but was running an

illegal engine and was disqualified giving Desch the win. The top five were: Desch, Joe

Dearmitt, Travis Waite, Lou Wayann and Chad Gambol. Lopu Wayann, Joe Dearmitt

and Carl Snare won the heat races.

            The American Outlaws were making their second appearance of the season with

Tommy Crummitt and Kevin Palmer on the front row. Palmer took the lead and with Bill

Brown Jr. moving into second early on. As the race continued the Brown took the lead

from Palmer on the sixth lap and went on to win uncontested. The top five were: Brown,

Palmer, Brooks Coleman, Crummitt and Hunter Nester. Heat wins went to Brian Diehl

and Brooks Coleman won the heats.

            Steve Haines Jr. and Chris Semple brought the four cylinders to the start with 

Dave Leidy coming from fourth and leading the race the rest of the way. As he led first it

was Semple in second and the Haines, but he spun to slow the race on lap five.  This gave

Ed Williamson the runner up spot and he dropped out on lap nine giving second Matt

Williamson and he maintained that position the rest of the way. The top five were: Leidy,

Matt Williamson, Haines, Phil Boden and Ron Beam. The heats were won by Dave Leidy

and Ed Williamson.

PIT NOTES: 74 teams filled the pits including 17 limited late models, 14 street stock, 17

hobby stocks, 15 American Outlaws and 11 four cylinders…coming up this Saturday is

part of the extended season with a regular show for the limited late models, PA 305

sprints, street stocks and hobby stocks. It will be a point race as a make up for an earlier

rain-out event…The season has been extended through the end of September for more

details check out the website at


Limited Late Models: Derek Byler; 2. Tim Smith Jr.; 3. Rance Garlock; 4. Jack Pencil;

5. Brad Kling; 6. Lincoln Richey; 7. Matt Parks; 8. Matt Cosner; 9. Rick Singleton; 10.

Barry Welch


Street Stocks: 1. Khi Swanger; 2. Bill Henney; 3. Cris Edwards; 4. Chad Parks; 5. Dave

 Brown; 6. Wayne Irvine; 7. Jesse Snyder; 8. Josh Berrier; 9. Eric Irvin; 10. Dale



Hobby Stocks: 1. Daren Desch; 2. Joe Dearmitt; 3. Travis Waite; 4. Lou Wayann; 5.

Chad Gambol; 6. Mike Gubb; 7. Kevin Hunbinker; 8. Brad McGinnis; 9. Dallas Runk; 10.

Jake Gangloff


All American Outlaws: 1. Bill Brown Jr,.; 2. Kevin Palmer; 3. Brooks Coleman; 4.

Tommy Crummitt; 5. Hunter Nester; 6. Dylan Keim; 7. Jessie Morrison; 8. Allen Daniels;

9. Denny Goss; 10. Charlie French


Four Cylinders: 1. Dave Leidy; 2. Matt Williamson; 3. Steve Hanes Jr.; 4. Phil Boden;

5. Ron Beam; 6. Ed Williamson; 7. Tim Williamson; 8. Steve Hanse Sr.; 9. Chris Semple


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