Date: 6/28/2009 11:07:18 AM

Dog Hollow Speedway

3072 Route 403 Highway North

Northern Cambria, PA 15714


For immediate release                                                                                       June 27, 2009


STRONGSTOWN, PA - Brian Force of Indiana won his career first Stoystown Auto Wreckers Fastrak Late Model feature Friday night at Dog Hollow Speedway on Ingram Racing Engines night. While Force was celebrating his career first ever win, Jim Boyer of Indiana won his 20th career feature in the Valenti’s Excavating Street Stock feature, but his first of the season. Adam Pletcher of Tire Hill also won his first Texas Auto Ranch Four cylinder feature of the season.

            Repeat winners include Sam Stile of Charleroi continued his dominance in the Townsend Gas and Oil Late Models while Ray Hickok Jr. of Commodore won the Brush Valley Tire Pure Stock feature and his brother, Chris Hickok of Commodore won the Modified Texas Auto Ranch Four Cylinder main.

            The Southern Gentleman Bobby Stokes and “Hot Rod” Rodney Phillips led the late models to the start with Stokes taking the lead, but a multi car crash relined the field and Stokes again took the lead at the start and pulled slightly ahead of the field with second being held down by first Dane Laraway then Clate Copeman and the Sammy Stile.

            As Stokes continued to lead a long green period allowed Stile to move into the second spot, then a caution waved for a spinning Billy Dickson, allowing Stile to line up and restart behind Stokes and as the field entered the first turn, Stile went to the outside and powered into the lead. Stokes was able to hold off Copeman for second Laraway was fourth and John Britsky was fifth. Heat wins went to Bobby Stokes, Clate Copeman and Rick Strong.

            Tommy Snyder and Brian Force led he Fastrak late models to the green with Force taking the lead and Snyder falling through the field. Joel Prosser was in second with Joe Martin in third. As the top three ran the same, Snyder was finally starting to work his way back towards the front after falling to 10th.

            On the 19th lap Snyder was back to second and working on the leader, but Force was a force to be reckoned with as he held tough and Snyder spun trying to hard in the fourth turn. Force held off a valiant effort by Kirby Tucker Sr. to get the first win of his young career. Tucker, Martin, Prosser and Chris Force completed the top five. Heat wins went to Brian Force and Bernie Whiteford.

            It was another wire-to-wire win for Jim Boyer in the street stocks, but like Force in the Fastraks it wasn’t easy. Boyer beat Bob Egley into the first turn at the start and led the distance but Nick Goss was there from lap four to the end as he pressured Boyer lap-after-lap trying the inside and the outside, but Boyer had the right set-up and took the win aver Goss, Egley, Denny Keener and Tim Laughard. Heat wins went to Jim Boyer and Nick Goss.

            The pure stock feature saw John Mazey and Adam Laughard on the front row with Mazey taking the lead and Matt Summers in second with Laughard third. As the second lap was completed Jeremy Shaffer looped the 16 in turn two, bringing out the first caution of the event. On the restart it was still Mazey and Summers first and second with Davey Lee now third and Laughard and Ray Hickok Jr.

            As the front five were battling for position, Shaffer was working his way back to the fight and by lap nine he’d caught them and was working towards the front, in the mean time there was a new leader as Summers took the lead on lap 11 but on lap 13 Hickok just went to the outside and drove into the lead and eventual win. Summers was second with Mazey, Shaffer and Lee completing the top five. Ray Hickok Jr. and Jeremy Shaffer won the heats.

            In four cylinder action it was Ryan Claycomb who led most of the race, getting to the line before David Rocker. On the eight lap, Paul Little took the lead, but he had a ton of smoke behind him and he eventually pitted on lap 11, giving the lead to Adam Pletcher who took the win over Claycomb, Matt Weakland, Rocker and Adam Oldfield. Heat wins went to Adam Pletcher, Ryan Claycomb and Marc Kepple.

            Chirs Hickok lead the modified four cylinder feature from green to checkered as well beating Mark Maglet off the line and holding him off the whole way for the victory. The top four were: Hickok, Maglet, Tom Pavelko and Dan Luzier. Chris Hickok won the heat.

DOG TRAX: 110 teams were in the pits, including 25 late models, 19 Fastrak late models, 18 street stocks, 13 pure stocks, 30 four cylinder sidewinders and 5 modified four cylinders…Coming up this weekend it is Scanlon Chiropractic trophy night for the late models, Fastrak late models, street stocks, pure stocks and both four cylinder classes and there will be kids bike races-helmets are required, and so are bicycles. Only bicycles and the riders CAN NOT HAVE HELP!....Coming up on July 17 is the Fastrak Northeast Racing Series show plus the Shawn “Sheetz” McGarvey memorial Top Dog Shoot-out featuring a king of the hill type competition with the winner taking home $700 and second will receive $300. That pot is still growing…For more details check the website at


Townsend Gas and Oil Late Models: 1. Sammy Stile, Charleroi;
2. Bobby Stokes, 3. Clate Copeman, 4. Dane Laraway, 5. John Britsky, 6. Rick Strong, 7. Denton Boyer, 8. Rodney Phillips, 9. Randy Smithley, 10. Ron Delano Jr., 11. Dwayne Taneyhill, 12. Dan Swartzlander, 13. Doug Glessner, 14. Paul Dominick, 15. Jim Kerpakas, 16. Chad McClellan, 17. Bill Burns, 18. Shane McMeans, 19. Ron Marsh, 20. Dan Lee, 21. Billy Dickson, 22. Chad Helman, 23. Mike Steck, 24. Rick Davis.

Jeff Weakland Did not start.


Stoystown Auto Wreckers Fastrak Late Models: 1. Bryan Force, Indiana; 2. Kirby Tucker, 3. Joe Martin, 4. Joel Prosser, 5. Chris Force, 6. Ron Smithley, 7. Mike Laughard, 8. Tommy Snyder, 9. Troy Shields, 10. Quinton Wyandt, 11. Bernie Whiteford, 12. John Eckenrod, 13. Steve Huey, 14. Roger Laughlin, 15. Matt Bassaro, 16. Andrew Wyle, 17. Andrew Satterlee, 18. Joe Zulisky.

Tyler Dietz Did not start.


Valenti’s Excavating Street Stocks: 1. Jim Boyer, Indiana; 2. Nick Goss, 3. Bob Egley, 4. Denny Keener, 5. Tim Laughard, 6. Dave Baker, 7. Charlie Trice, 8. John McCann, 9. Corey McPherson, 10. Bill Huntington.


Brush Valley Tire Pure Stocks: 1. Ray Hickok Jr., Commodore, 2. Matt Summers, 3. John Mazey, 4. Jeremy Shaffer, 5. Davey Lee, 6. Adam Laughard, 7. Mike Silk, 8. Fred Casagni, 9. Gary Shaffer, 10. Kylie Hamilton.


Texas Auto Ranch Four Cylinder Sidewinders: 1. Adam Pletcher, Tire Hill, 2. Ryan Claycomb, 3. Matt weakland, 4. David Rocker, 5. Adam Oldfield, 6. Wes McKeel, 7. Mike Phillipson, 8. Marc Kepple, 9. John Lamer, 10. Rick Lamer.


Texas Auto Ranch Four Cylinder Modifieds: 1. Chris Hickok, Commodore, 2. Mark Maglet, 3. Tom Pavelko, 4. Dan Luzier.

Jason Bialowas did not start.


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