RICK @ the RACES (27/28 Feb)

Date: 3/3/2010 7:15:54 PM

RICK @ the RACES (27/28 Feb)

27 Feb           TOP KARTING     Gatineau , Que

I didn't have to stand out in the cold this past weekend to get my racing fix, because it all happened in-doors. On Saturday I joined in the fun at Gatineau , Quebec for 'DIRT Does TOP KARTING 2010'.

The event was the brain child of DIRT SPORTSMAN driver Joey Evans, who put the show together. The idea was for a Karting night and get together for local DIRT racers and fans in the Capital City district . He put out invitations on the social networking site 'Face Book' and got a good response. I hadn't driven a Kart since I was a teenager but the idea of a bit of winter fun got my interest.

I arrived early and already a large group of familiar faces had assembled, some to compete and some to watch. My friends Ted Lasage , his daughter Chantal and her son Tyrek were there. Chantal had offered to take pictures with my camera while I was on track .

I was surprised when I entered and saw the speed the karts were going. They were very quick and not the 'put put' type things I was expecting. Oh Dear ! What had I let myself in for !

The roster was split in to the following two groups, of 'lightweights' and 'heavyweight


Ryan Foley,                        358 Mod

Cole Dingwall                    SPORTSMAN

Kyle Dingwall                    358 Mod

Tabatha Murphy               SPORTSMAN

Jordan Hall                       Wilgosh Crew

Jean Marc Larose            4 Cylinder Street stocks

Jason Cummings              Murphy Motorsports Crew

Johnathan Ferguson            Son of Todd

Paul Kirkland                 Brockville Speedway Promoter



Jamie Laroque                         4 Cylinder Street Stock

Joey Evans                              SPORTSMAN

Sheldon Hoowerf                    SPORTSMAN

Dave Wilgosh                          SPORTSMAN

Todd Ferguson                        SPORTSMAN

Steve Gagne                             8 cylinder Street Stock

Jason Lamothe                       8 Cylinder Street Stock

Ralph Murphy                          Tabatha's Dad

Rick Young                                'a crazy Brit'

Both groups had a ten lap qualifying race , followed by a 70 lap Grand Prix.

First to go were the Lightweights and at the end of the race it was Ryan Foley who took the win, Cole and Kyle Dingwall second and third with Tabatha Murphy fourth.

It was then the turn of my group to take to the track.

The Karts were allocated by the management and I was designated # 23 and positioned at the rear of the grid. As we were flagged forward the guys in front instantly shot away, with me in hot pursuit. I didn't want to get left behind so once we got going I 'floored' the right foot. This was OK until about half way around the course when the karts in front began to slow up. I went for my brake pedal and couldn't find it !

A big wreck was imminent. With the kart going at full speed and no brakes, I shot by Joey who was directly in front of me, then grazed the side of Dave Wilgosh before piling into the safety barrier. Not a good start ! But it gave the spectators a laugh. I was pulled out the wall by the safety guys and continued on my merry way.

It was quite grueling for the oldest guy out there and by the end of the ten lap qualifier I knew I wouldn't last the full Grand Prix. As the 70 lapper got under way and I did a few laps before pulling off to watch the others race.

Check out my wreck, (about 25 seconds from the start)


Winner was Jamie Laroque, from Joey Evans and Sheldon Hoogwerf.

The two winners from each group then went into the Feature event. This was led from the start by Cole Dingwall until a last lap spin out gave the checkers to Ryan.

Check Out More film clips from the Karting






With the racing over, the party crossed the provincial bridge in to Ottawa for a late night supper at Local Hero's on St Laurent Boulevard.

My original plans for Sunday were to attend the Can Am Speedway ( Lafargeville NY) where two 50 lap Enduro races were being held., but two things changed my mind.

Firstly, I figured the warmer temperatures this past week would turn the races into a mud bath and ruin any chance of getting decent photos.

Secondly there was something happening that afternoon which was important to all Canadians. Ice Hockey is Canada's game and following Friday nights win over the Slovaks it put us in to the Olympic Finals against the USA. It's also one of my favorite sports and before crossing the Atlantic from the UK in 1994, I was a follower of the Milton Keynes Kings. The live TV broadcast of the Final from Vancouver was scheduled for Sunday afternoon. It was a 'must' for all Canadians, and the only way I can compare it for my English friends, is the similarity when England are in a World Cup Football game. It was great game full of drama, and after going into over time Canada's Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal. You can imagine the big celebrations that took place afterwards and the showing of national pride.

PIC  1    Ryan Foley

PIC 2     'A Crazy Brit'

PIC 3    Ted Lasage and Tyrek

PIC 4    Kyle and Cole Dingwall

PIC 5   Jean Marc Larose and Ryan Foley

PIC 6  Tabatha and Ralph Murphy

PIC 7  Cheryl and Paul Kirkland

PIC  8   Chantal Lasage

PIC  9   Joey Evans

PIC 10  Tabatha Murphy

PIC  11   Group Photo

PIC  12   After the races Supper at Local Hero's


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