RICK @ the RACES (10 April)

Date: 4/15/2010 7:49:26 PM

RICK @ the RACES (10 April)

10 April                    Fulton Speedway NY (SUPER DIRT SERIES)

At last the racing season has got under way here in the North East and this past week end I traveled down to the Fulton Speedway , New York for the Big Block Modified SUPER DIRT SERIES. The weather was favorable and I was joined on the trip by my friends, Roger Aubin, www.rickattheraces.com web master Craig Revelle and Can Am Speedway Photographer Rebecca Eisele.

We made an early start and after stopping for lunch at The Ponderosa in Watertown NY we were at the track around 3-00pm. Racing wasn't scheduled to start until the evening, but with the weather being so nice and it being the season opener, we had plenty of time to socialize with the other early arrivals. Prior to the start I chatted, with drivers Pat Ward, Mario Clair and Lance Willix.

Lance is one of our local drivers ( Theresa NY.) who is following the SUPER DIRT SERIES tour for the first time in 2010. As well as Big Block Modifieds , the program also consisted of DIRT SPORTSMAN and making his appearance was another of our locals, Steve Barber. Steve from Landsdown, Ont has been winning many 4 cylinder Street Stocks races at Brockville over the past few years and has recently moved up to SPORTSMAN with an ex Pat O'Brien car.

Once the racing got under way I stationed myself on the center between turn three and four with the other photographers. It was good to see all my buddies again, and catch up on the news.

The big race wasn't a disappointment and race fans were treated to a great battle between Dale Planck and Billy Decker. Earlier in the evening, during the 're draw' I noticed Dale was limping badly, and asked him what he'd done. He told me that on arrival at the track he'd twisted his ankle. Anyway, this didn't prevent him from driving well, and was in excellent form as he fended off Deckers challenge to take the checkers. It's always good to see Dale win as I always think of him as one of 'our locals', even if he isn't ! He lives in Homer , New York which is south of Syracuse, but much of his racing in the recent past has taken place at my near by tracks of Cornwall, Brockville and Mohawk.

I have to compliment the staff at Fulton Speedway for the slick running of the show. Although the weather had been sunny and dry, it got a bit chilly during the evening and it was nice to be on our way home soon after 10-00pm.

PIC 1   Yours Truly at Fulton

PIC  2   Wallace Stacey # 66W

PIC 3  Mario Clair and Wallace Stacey

PIC 4  Vic Coffey

PIC 5  Brett Hearn

PIC 6  Dale Planck and Carey Terrance

PIC 7  Danny Johnson

PIC 8  Jimmy Phelps

PIC 9    SDS action

PIC 10   Tommy Scheetz and Tim Currier

PIC 11    Lance Willix and Rick Scagliotta

PIC  12  Mike Bowman and Chuck Bower

PIC  13  SDS action

PIC 14   SDS action

PIC 15    SPORTSMAN, Steve Barber and Katelyn Kane

PIC  16   SPORTSMAN action

PIC  17   SPORTSMAN feature winner Tom Juhl

PIC 18    Fulton boss, John Wight at work during the SDS show

PIC  19     Dale Planck wins the Fulton SDS race

PIC 20     Dale Planck post race interview


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