RICK @ the RACES (1 May)

Date: 5/7/2010 2:00:00 AM

RICK @ the RACES (1 May)

1 May              Mohawk International Raceway, Hogansburg, NY

1 May             Airborne Speedway Plattsburgh , NY

Like most people involved in auto racing, my day job determines when and where I get to see my favorite sport. For the past six years I've been fortunate enough to have a good four day shift pattern that was compatible with most of my racing needs. Due to an increase in work load everything has changed for me this week. Wednesday's had always been my regular day off, but not any more ! This means my weekly trips to Ottawa's Capital City Speedway, will be out of the question this year. That will be a great shame and I'll miss all the good friends I've made there over the past few years.

The other downer about working an extra day is finding the time to do my website work. On many occasions Wednesday mornings have been devoted to preparing my weekly report. I now have to find another gap in my schedule to get things done. Hopefully the new measures at my work place won't be permanent.

It wasn't only my work shifts that changed this week, my means of transport did too. I reluctantly said goodbye to my trusty Chevy Cavalier and replaced it with a Chevy HHR. There were over 315,000 km's on the clock, so to avoid any possible failures, I thought it prudent to trade it in.

The first road trip for the HHR was on Saturday 1 May when I attended two local events.

My first port of call was the Mohawk International Raceway in Hogansburg NY just across the Seaway bridge from my home in Cornwall (Ont) . During the afternoon they were hosting their pre season practice day which attracted a good selection of cars from various divisions. While walking around the pits , I had a nice surprise when I met up with veteran Modified driver Billy Cook. “Hey Rick take a look at this” he said, as he pointed to his car. Displayed on the front window pillar was a plug for rickattheraces.com . Thanks Billy, It's very much appreciated.

I stayed long enough at the MIR to get a few photo's before heading off to my second event of the day, which was about an hour and a half away in Plattsburgh NY.

It was the opening night at Plattsburgh's  Airborne Speedway. I got there just ten minutes before the 5-00pm start time and joined my buddy, track photographer , Mike Watts on the center.

The program consisted of the headline divisions of 358 Modifieds and the SPORTSMAN (Late Models) plus Renegades, Mini Mods and Bombers.

The evening started off warm and dry but as the night went on, a brief rain shower delayed things for a short time.

The SPORTSMAN feature was a very close fought race between Robin Wood and Bucko Branham. They crossed the line so close, the result needed to be decided after their transponder positions had been checked. Branham was initially given the flag but later Wood was announced as winner.

The 358 Modified feature was a totally different affair with Quebec's Martin Roy continuing where he left off last year, dominating the race and taking the checkers. This was a Syracuse Qualifier , so Roy became one of the first Modified drivers to claim his spot for SUPER DIRT WEEK in October.

Finally, before signing off for this week, I must mention Web Master Craig Revelle. His services have been in great demand of late since the exposure from www.rickattheraces.com and the other sites he's been involved with. His own new website is now under construction. For more info on the services he offers check out www.finishlinewebdesign.ca 


PIC 1                   My newly acquired Chevy HHR on it's first trip to the races

PIC  2                 Billy Cook beside his car at the MIR practice

PIC  3                     MIR Track Champion Roy Tarbell in practice

PIC  4                   Laurent Ladouceur's new Bicknell in the MIR pits

PIC  5               2009 SPORTSMAN driver Luke Whitteker  moves up to Modifieds for 2010 (MIR)

PIC  6              Claudia Tarbell moves up into Dirt Prostox for 2010  (MIR)

PIC  7 & 8         SPORTSMAN(Late Models) in action at Airborne

PIC  9               Mini Mods in action at Airborne

PIC 10             Martin Roy # 90 on his way to another Airborne Victory

PIC  11          Airborne Modified action

PIC  12          Martin Roy in the Airborne Victory Lane


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