SpeedSTR Blanket Finish to Hendrickson

Date: 6/29/2011 10:05:00 PM

SpeedSTR Blanket Finish to Hendrickson
When Rich Tobias made the call to Wade Hendrickson to fill a SpeedSTR seat for the June 26th Big Kahuna Series,little did they realize that the veteran racer would have 2 up and coming wheeltwisters taking the 25 lap finish right down to the checkers.
The early stages of the STR main saw Montgomery,NY teenager Anthony Perrego take the 4X to a contending spot with a high line around turns 1 and 2 that no one dared to take.
Scott 'Bulldog" Munroe was in charge of bringing the 18 car field to the green and the former street stock racer,turned openwheeler,left little doubt that his choice of class changes was for the better.Making sure that Scott didn't venture off too far was Freddie Rahmer in the 51 as he ran in the shadows of the Munroe 14 on lap 1.
Scott had his Picture Perfect Landscaping # 14 running a picture perfect line for the first 2 circuits as Perrego and Hendrickson were applying pressure to the lead duo in hopes for a slight bobble.As the field was heading under the starter ,the yellow was displayed before lap 3 could be completed and this restart was not what Munroe wanted to see.
Perrego stayed on the throttle and passed Munroe between turns 1 and 2,giving the 4X it's chance to see victory lane.Moving through the pack was the Bulldog Arts # 5 piloted by Richie Pratt,Jr. and as he was making quick work of his competition just as the Rahmer 51 had to go pit side with mechanical issues.
A few midpack yellows kept rebunching the field and a new face was now in the top 5 as Rick Schaffer also saw an outside groove to his liking as he got by Tyler Potts and Kyle Hieber to become one of the high-flying top 3.
Perrego,Hendrickson and Schaffer were almost unseparable and the fans as well as the crew members were being treated to a driving display unseen during daytime racing.Pratt now entered the top 4 and with a lap 8 yellow in the books,the next restart would now find Pratt,Jr. looping the # 5 in turn 2 and taking a strong running Brandon Rahmer along for the ride.Brandon's tumble in the Rahmer Graphics 88 saw the red getting unfurled and the restart would change the complexion of the race.
The lap 9 restart found Hendrickson getting under Perrego in turn 3 and carrying his momentum to the scoring line with a yellow being shown as the field got by.This restart was called back and Perrego was called for jumping the start by promoter and race director Rich Tobias.Perrego was set back to 4th and Rick Schaffer move to 2nd would now put the race in these veterans hands.
The next 7 laps went off without a hitch as Schaffer and Hendrickson ran side by side as Perrego and Kyle Hieber were having their own private battle.A lap 17 caution now saw the "Flying Farmer take the field to the cone with reckless abandon and another challenge in the works from Perrego.Anthony got by Schaffer for 2nd and now becoming players in the fold were the 56 of Gary Hieber and the 3 of Mark Janisch who had restarted in the rear only 8 laps earlier.
On lap 22 Perrego used the high side to pass Wade in turn 2 but could not keep the grip in turn 3 thus giving the advantage back to the 8.A lap 23 caution would set up a green,white and checker that many race tracks dream about.Hendrickson slowed the pace to the cone starting spot ,but Perrego waited it out and used the high line 1 last time to hopefully get the win.Perrego was ahead of Hendrickson but not cleared of him to change his lane choice and as the pair headed down the backstretch,Wade ever so slightly moved his groove just a few feet higher putting Perrego into the loose clay in turn 3.Heading out of turn 4 with the checkered in sight,Perrego lost all traction and Kyle Hieber had one last shot at Wade with Perrego dead even along side of him.
Hendrickson was the winner with Hieber just nosing out Perrego for 2nd.Gary Hieber and Mark Janisch also had a last lap battle for 4th with the nod to Hieber.Darrell DelNero who has taken on the 'where did he come from" label got the 93 D to a 6th place paycheck.Tyler Potts who was among the top 6 most of the race faded with 3 laps to go but still getting the Heston Potts prepared # 12 home in 7th.
Doug Sherwood who received some major rear bumper and body damage soldiered on for 8th in the 33 as Don Zrinski is getting the 75 under the checkered in 9th.Rounding out the top 10 was "Big Al" Arrisher who was quietly biding his time for the first 20 laps but executed some great moves in turns 3 & 4 in the late stages of the race to go from 13 to 10th.
Rick Schaffer saw hard luck strike him for the 2nd straight time as steering woes sent the 77 to the infield with 1 lap to go while running 5th.Brittany Wixon is making the adjustment in her driving style from a tacky track to a hard smooth track,starting to work as she finished 12th.
With his 2nd place run,Kyle Hieber sits atop the SpeedSTR Regional Points race with brother Gary within striking distance.
Friday July 1st will see the SpeedSTR's heading to hallowed ground as Williams Grove Speedway will find the SpeedSTR stars and cars sharing the pit area and big 1/2 mile with the PA Speedweek 410 sprinters.
1. 8  Wade Hendrickson
2. 6  Kyle Hieber
3. 4X Anthony Perrego
4. 56 Gary Hieber
5. 3 Mark Janisch
6. 93D Darrell DelNero
7. 12 Tyler Potts
8. 33 Doug Sherwood
9. 75 Don Zrinski
10.99 Al Arrisher
11.77 Rick Schaffer
12.15 Brittany Wixon
13.5 Richie Pratt,Jr.
14.88 Brandon Rahmer
15.22 Jim Spellmon
16.14 Scott Munroe
17.11 Gary Huber
18.51 Freddy Rahmer
Next Big Kahuna Series event is slated for July 24th at New Egypt Speedway.Support classes to be named at a later date.

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